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Lasko Wind Curve 2554 42" Tower Fan

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Lasko Wind Curve Tower Fan: The good and the ugly.

Apr 28, 2010
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Pros:Great features, slim design, looks better than other fans, and it's quiet.

Cons:It doesn't blow enough air on its highest setting.

The Bottom Line: If you need a fan for an office, this may work well and it certainly looks nice, but for a very hot day at home, you need a higher-velocity fan.

I was in the market for a new fan. In fact I need to buy a couple more new fans, since mine are all getting old. Last summer, we had the highest temperatures we have ever experienced and so I want to be prepared for this summer. Some of my old fans are falling apart and just big and clunky. That's why I was really considering a tower fan. I dug around on the internet and the more research I did, I found that Lasko Tower Fans seemed to have the best reviews, so it seemed like I needed to go ahead and try out the Lasko brand of Tower Fans. I went with this Lasko Wind Curve (2554 version) Tower Fan and I can't say I'm entirely thrilled. It's has it's ups and downs and I'll go over why I'm not enthralled with it as I found other people to be.

First off, I was looking for a space saver. My old round fans that oscillate have huge, bases and take up so much space (and they're quite ugly). I decided a tower fan might be a good choice since it's slim. It kind of reminds me (looks-wise) of those Sharper Image tower-type of air filters. When this came, I just didn't realize how absolutely HUGE it is, I did figure, however the bigger the better (but now I'm not so sure). It's 42 inches and I bought it off because the price was decent at $54.99, although I have to admit that I have never spent that much on a fan before (usually I get $25 fans from Walmart or something). So for a $55 fan, I have high expectations. It comes in its original box with instructions. It's pretty easy to put together, you need a screwdriver to put the bottom plate on (which holds it up). I did see smaller versions of this exact fan at Fred Meyer for about $30 more, so I am glad I went with Overstock.

Some positives about it are that it oscillates and the oscillation part of it is quiet, in fact, the fan is really quiet (which is nice). It is large, but slim, so it can be put in a corner, but I can't say that it takes up that much less space than say a round oscillating fan (with a round base). It is about a foot wide at the base. It has 3 levels on the fan, 1 being the lowest, 3 is the highest. It comes with a little remote and even gives you the generic batteries to put in it. The remote works well. There is an "Ion" feature to the fan, supposedly freshening up the room or releasing negative ions. I don't really use this, a fan is enough for air circulation for me and the air filters I have do that already, so that is not why I bought this.

You can adjust the air to go up, out straight, or down with a little turn of a button. It has the on and off button and an oscillating feature button (if you want it to rotate back and forth). It is also decent-looking. It also has a timer if you like that will let you adjust it from half an hour on up to seven and a half hours (or turn that function off and it'll stay on until you turn it off). I suppose the timer is good for when you use it in a bedroom while sleeping or something. It's a silverish-bronze color and has a faux wood that is shiny on the front part (making it look classy, I suppose). My husband says it looks like a robot.

The MAJOR downside to this is I don't feel it blows enough air and that is the REASON why I bought it. It really isn't worth taking up my space nor wasting my money when the highest setting (3) is like a low or medium setting on another fan. I enjoy that it is a quiet fan, but not enough to give up the amount of air that comes out. It doesn't compare to a high-velocity fan that is for sure. I bought it anticipating a hot summer, and even a cool day here, it doesn't do a good job cooling me off (it seems like the air doesn't reach more than 3 feet out past the fan). I just cannot recommend it because of this and I would not buy another one. I'm not sure if that is just how ALL tower fans are going to be, or just this one. They put more into the "features and look" of this fan, rather than the blowing power.

So it may be good for someone who wants light cooling in a bedroom at night, or especially in an office situation where you want light air, and it quiet so you can work (and not blowing papers around). But I would trade this for a high-velocity floor fan any day since it's not quite doing the job I'd like it to do. It really needs a setting for 4, 5 and even 6 in its blowing power. Overall it's a good idea, but just not cooling enough. On a really hot day this would not cool me or the people in my house. On an average day, this will work fine, but I have to sit pretty close to it to feel the effects.

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