Lasko 48" Xtra Air Tower Fan with Air Ionizer Reviews
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Lasko 48" Xtra Air Tower Fan with Air Ionizer

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Why Does a Fan Need to Pivot in the First Place?

Jun 9, 2006 (Updated Jul 1, 2006)
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Pros:Reasonably priced

Cons:Requires planning to adjust properly

The Bottom Line: An loud fan that is difficult to adjust.

My husband and I do not agree on the climate in our bedroom. I want the windows open (or the air conditioning down to 60) and the ceiling fan on. My husband wants the room so warm it is stuffy. Unwilling to suffer any longer I purchased a Duracraft Pivot Fan model DT700U.

The Basics
This is a standard table style fan with three speeds. The 6 1/2” diameter blade path is covered by a mesh-like grille. The three leg base is about 12” square. This is a non oscillating and the head does not adjust, but the fan body pivots within the base. The handle on the back makes this fan very portable and the 3’ cord gives you some flexibility with placement. Assembly only requires snapping the stalk of the fan into the base.

My Experience
I have my fan at the foot of the bed, just high enough so the fan clears our footboard. The fan is small enough that most of the moving air stays on my side of the king sized bed. It is a good size for this task despite the problems with putting any fan there.

As far as fans go, this one seems louder than average. Now, since I normally sleep with a white noise machine, this doesn’t bother me, but my husband is not thrilled. On low the noise level isn’t too bad, but I don’t feel like the fan moves enough air for me. High really moves a lot of air around for such a small fan, but it is even a little too loud for me. So I have settled on medium which moves enough air without being obnoxiously loud.

I personally think the pivot adjustment is just a gimmick. Instead of being able to rotate or move the fan head up and down to adjust the air flow direction I have to rotate the whole stalk around the base. The cutout in the base in clover shaped so to aim the fan down I have to rotate the whole base so one of the cutouts faces me and move the fan into that slot so it comes forward and down. If I want the fan pointed up I have to rotate the a slot so it is opposite me and then slide the fan back into the cut out. Why you would want the fan to tilt sideways is beyond me, but I suppose if your house is on some sort of terrible tilt you can adjust this fan to make it level! It isn’t that difficult to figure out but it does see far more complicated than any table fan adjustment needs to be. There is an awful lot of planning involved to get the fan to blow the right way. You can't just move the head a little bit to change the air flow direction, which make it difficult to adjust in the middle of the night unless you turn on the light, not a very popular thing in our bedroom at 2 AM! I wonder how durable this adjustment method will be long term with a heavy fan head moving around a (presumably) plastic ball joint.

As fans run they tend to get dirty and you have to remove 3 screws to take off the protective grille. I can imagine how often my desire to clean the fan will occur at the very same time I happen to have a screwdriver sitting in the bedroom. I much prefer a clip on cover.

Final Thoughts
My choices for fans was limited and this seemed like the most durable small fan Wal-Mart had to offer. It was on sale for $15 so the Duracraft Pivot Fan was within my cheap fan budget. I generally get 2-3 years out of this type of fan and I expect this fan will last that long. Still, I wouldn't recommend this fan because of pivot "feature" makes it difficult to adjust.

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