Lasko 48" Xtra Air Tower Fan with Air Ionizer Reviews
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Lasko 48" Xtra Air Tower Fan with Air Ionizer

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Great fan and it is quiet!

Mar 25, 2007
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Pros:Air ionizer allows for cleaner air. Quick cooling. Remote is great.

Cons:Short assembly, but easy.

The Bottom Line: Buy it! It will save you money and let you sleep at night.

Have you ever imagined of a quiet fan that would let you sleep at night? Well, the Lasko 48" Xtra Air Tower Fan with Air Ionizer is the one for you. This four foot, quiet fan will cool those hard-to-cool areas that stay warm with regular fans. This ultimate fan has many functions such as the fresh air ionizer, three speed control, timer, widespread oscillation, electronic controls and a multi-function remote control.

The Fresh Air Ionizer

An air ionizer is a relatively new device that is intended to purify the air. As its name implies, instead of using fans and filters, an air ionizer creates ions which remove microscopic particles from the air. Rooms are healthier for those suffering from asthma, allergies, impaired immunity, or respiratory ailments, without as many allergens circulating in the lungs (wisegeek). This is a great new feature that makes living easier for those with respiratory problems as well as everybody else in the room.

Three Quiet Speeds

This is one thing I love about this product that it is very quiet. The fan is so quiet that you will have absolutely no problem sleeping at night. The speeds are high, medium, and low. It really feels nice when the air is blowing. This fan blows great air and it is cold!


Another great thing is the timer. You can just set the timer for half an hour, one hour, three hours, four hours, and more. The great thing about the timer is that you can leave it one and not have to worry about shutting the fan off. If you do not set the timer, the fan will keep on running until you do shut it off. A positive to the timer is that if you do set it, it will save you energy compared to the one that keeps on running.

Widespread Oscillation

The Lasko 48" Xtra Air Tower Fan with Air Ionizer is an oscillating fan that blows air to hard-to-cool places. I am not sure exactly how many degrees the fan rotates, but it is most likely the same as other fans with better air. This fan can cool your room up within minutes. You can also stop the oscillation by pushing the buttons on the fan or on the remote.

Multi-Function Remote Control

This remote is a wireless remote with five functions. You can turn the fan on and off, turn the air ionizer on and off, change the speed, set the timer and make the fan oscillate or not oscillate (rotate). This remote is great because you do not have to get up every time you want to change something, but you can just adjust from the remote. You can use the remote from anywhere in the room because the sensor will catch it. The fan also has a small hook on it so you can hang the remote. This is so you will not lose it. The remote needs two AAA batteries which are included with the fan. This is a great feature the Lasko has added.


Assembly takes about fifteen minutes. It is very easy to assemble because all you have to do is take the fan out of the box and connect the fan to the stand. You will need a phillips head screwdriver. There are six screw and that is it. Assembly is very easy.

My experience with this fan is fantastic. The fan saves money on my air conditioning bill and the room gets cool very quick. I recommend that you buy it if you want to save some money and have the clean air for a healthier family.

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