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Lasko 5367 Heater

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Lasko Ceramic Portable Oscillating Tower Electric Heater 5367 - Saves on Electricity Bills

Feb 19, 2006 (Updated Feb 13, 2011)
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Pros:Powerful, oscillating, sturdy, reliable, saves on energy

Cons:No tip over switch

The Bottom Line: I highly recommend the Lasko line of heater products for their lastly reliability and heating power.

Lasko is one of those few brands that you can trust for longevity. This is a brand that is powerful, sturdy, reliable, and saves on power bills. We not only own Lasko fans, but this is the one of three Lasko heaters that we own. This is a mini-tower ceramic oscillating portable electric heater. It is compact, lightweight, and powerful.

After using the brands that we have such as Delonghi Fan Heater, Honeywell Ceramic, Lakewood Quartz, and Lasko Oscillating Digital, I have found my favorite brand to be the Lasko while my husband's favorite is the Lakewood Quartz Heater QTV-22. We own 3 models of the Lasko brand and all are of the styles are "ceramic". This review is on the Lasko Model 5367.

Types of Electrical Portable Heaters

I always like to let the consumer know a little bit about the types of heaters that are out there on the market to choose from. There are radiant, quartz, ceramic, fan, and oil-filled.

Radiant Heater: Has a flat "ribbon" element to emit heat and glows red.

Quartz Heater: Has a coiled wire-heating element in a glass tube to emit radiated heat

Ceramic Heater: Non-glow nichrome ribbon, stays cool to the touch

Fan Forced: A fan used to force the air over the element for rapid heat distribution

Oil-Filled: Tubular steel element heats factory-sealed mineral oil, which warms the exterior of the heater and emits heat by natural convection.

The maximum wattage of heat allowed by the Underwriters Laboratories is 1500.

Having tried many makes and models and types, I have found to definitely get a "fan-type" which is offered in the ceramic, quartz and fan heaters. The fan will force the heat around the area thus making it warmer quicker.

The Lasko 5367 Product

• Ceramic stay cool to the touch

• Oscillating

• 2 Heat Settings: High (1500 watt or 5118 BTU; Low (900 watt or 3070 BTU)

• Fan only setting

• Non digital temperature control

• Carry handle

• Automatic overheat protection

• Dimensions: 16.5 inches in height; 6.1 inches in depth; 7.2 inches wide

• Weight: 5 pounds


This is perfect for a work area or a bedroom or a family room. I move this one around to either sit behind my desk or in our bedroom or downstairs where 2 bedrooms, a small living room and a bathroom is located compactly. If the area is on the colder side, I generally will start it out on high and then turn it down to low. I have found if I use it in my bedroom on low that it will get too warm if you set it on the highest temperature setting, so I will turn it on about a hour before bed and then set it between the 1/2 and 3/4 mark on the low heat setting.

My desk sits next to a big picture window, which the cold air seems to seep thru the baseboards making it drafty cold when temps dip below 20 in the winter like they are right now. This heater really takes away that drafty shivering chill and makes it toasty warm just by using it on the low setting.

I really like the oscillating feature that keeps the chilled air coming at me in different directions away. If you don’t have the oscillation, you generally need to keep moving it to warm other areas or you just need to use it in a small area.

Ceramic heaters do not glow. They blow heat and stay cool to the touch. I would find these to be the safest around children and if one should tip over.

The controls are located on the top of the heater and are simple. One control is a choice of "fan", "low", or "high". The other control is the temperature, which just shows as lines and not digital or numbers of any sorts.

Since we started using portable heaters, we have been saving on our electric bill. Our bills before the portable heaters were running close to $300 a month in the dead of winter. Now, they are running less than $200 a month. Now with energy costs at an all time high, these heaters will really pay off to have.

As far as noise level is concerned, you can hear it but it is not very loud. It is soothing if you are trying to sleep since it will block out some unwanted noises.


This heater does offer an over heat cutoff switch but does not have a safety switch to shut off if it tipped over. Consumers need to keep this in mind to your own living situation if this would be a problem to you.

Final Thoughts

Ceramic heaters seem to be the most wanted heaters by consumers and I have tried several brands now. The Lasko brand is the most reliable one that I have bought and the best heating. If your household can go without the safety shutoff tip over feature, I would recommend the Lasko heater lineup.

Lasko makes a great smaller oscillating version of this powerful heater Lasko MaxEndurance Model 5435 which also offers a digital temperature reading or if you just want a powerful Lasko model, this one Lasko 5400 Compact Heater has been great to us as well. I am sure with any of the Lasko models, you will be very happy with their heating performance, sturdiness and reliability.

This offers a 3-year warranty, so be sure and check out the Lasko line-up when shopping for a portable electrical heater.

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