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Lasko 1500-Watt Ceramic Tower Heater UPDATE!

Apr 15, 2010 (Updated Nov 12, 2010)
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Pros:1500-Watts! Automatic Mode! Timer! Oscillation Mode! Backlit LED Display! Remote Control! Heats Room Evenly!

Cons:Could Be A Foot Taller!

The Bottom Line: If you want the best heater you can buy for this price range, this is it! Lasko makes quality products that are made to last!

I live in an older home, which is quite drafty in the winter-time, due to the cracks around the window frames. Back in those days, nobody cared about going green, so these homes were slapped together. They surely wouldn't meet to code now days! We do have an electric furnace, which does an ok job of heating up the house. However, the back rooms tend to get only 50% of the furnace heat, which renders the rooms 40 to 50 degrees.

The bad thing about the furnace, is it uses a blower to direct the heat to all the rooms. The problem with that is, a blower, requires a lot of electricity. This is why we dare not turn that heater up any higher, as it would cause the furnace to be on constantly, and give us a nice $300 dollar power bill! I have had an old Quarts heater from Holmes, it was a great heater, still is today. However, the thermostat went bad on it, and so it no longer is a reliable heater. I decided it was time to buy a new heater, and upgrade as well!

COMPANY INFO: Lasko Products Inc, also known as, Lasko - Innovations In Home Comfort, has been making fans and heaters for 100-years. In all these years, they have been dedicated to improving the atmosphere in ones home, while providing quality products. They also have a good track record with me, because I own 4 of their box fans, and not only do they work great, but are still functioning after 5 years.

FEATURES: Instant on, automatic mode, timer, oscillation mode, 900-watts and 1500-watts power settings. Runs on 120-volt outlet, backlit LED display, with temperature and mode readouts. Displays Fahrenheit and Celsius. Plastic construction, with metal grill, stands 30 inches tall from top of unit to bottom of base. Ability to operate via infrared remote control, batteries included. Remote can be secured with unit when not in use.

ASSEMBLY: The only thing I had to assemble, was the heaters support and base. The unit comes with two plastic halves, which have to be joined together, and then secured with two M4 13mm Phillips screws. After running the power cord through the support column, you then have to take the support column, and secure it to the heater with four M5 13mm Phillips screws. Then you run the power cord through the base plate, and secure to the support column, with another four M5 13mm Phillips screws.

OPERATING: There are several modes to explain here, so bear with me. When you first plug the heater in, you will see an LED indicator to let you know, power is being sent to the unit. When you first turn the unit on, it will automatically be in high power (1500 Watts) mode. To switch to low power, (900 Watts) you have to press the H-L button, on the unit, or remote. If you live in a different country and are using the Celsius scale, instead of Fahrenheit, to switch display modes, press the + and - buttons simultaneously. If you press them again, you will go back to displayed Fahrenheit.

LED DISPLAY: Incase you were not aware, LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, and they have been present in all electronics and equipment, since the 70's. This heater has a LED display, with a beautiful wood finish surrounding it, which gives it that cool retro look. Power indicator, temperature modes, and temperature level, can be seen within the display. When you first turn the heater on, it will display the current room temperature. The mode buttons, are located just above the display, and are laid out really well. The display is backlit, so you can see your settings in the dark, and is easy to see.

OSCILLATION MODE: This heater has an oscillation mode, which when first turned on, will not oscillate. To activate oscillation mode, you have to press the oscillate button on the unit, or remote. To turn the oscillation mode off, just press the button again. When I got this heater, I thought the unit oscillated via baffles inside the heater, when infact, it does not. The whole top of the unit oscillates back and fourth. This means, I had to position the heater, so it was not shoving hot air into my wall, or dresser.

TIMER: This heater has a timer mode, which is useful if you are going to bed, and don't need the heater to run all night long. Or say you have the heater placed in your kitchen, can have it run for a couple hours to heat it up in the morning. The timer can be set between 1-hour to 8-hour run, this gives a lot of flexibility, especially when used in conjunction with the temperature setting.

AUTOMATIC MODE: Though you could turn on this heater, and just let it run constantly, thats not a good power saver. Plus, if installed in a small room, running constantly can overheat the room. To activate automatic mode, all you have to do, is press the + or - buttons. When in automatic mode, it also automatically chooses which power setting to use, based on ambient temperature.

To set the temperature, press the + or - buttons, until you have reached your desired temperature level. I like my bedroom set at 70-F and no higher, and the automatic mode does a good job keeping it there. It will run till its 2 degrees above my set setting, and then turn off. Once the temperature is 1 degree bellow the set temperature, it will come back on.

REMOTE: The remote has all the capability's of the unit, except for the changing from Celsius to Fahrenheit display. The heater comes shipped with a couple of AAA batteries to put in the remote. However, the package had been sitting on the warehouse shelves for so long that, my batteries were dead. So I grabbed a couple Alkaline AAA batteries and used those. The remote uses infrared technology, the same as your TV remote, and I find it to be quite handy to have, cause I can operate it from bed!

MY EXPERIENCE: WOW, am I impressed! My old Quarts heater was a noisy heater to begin with, but when the bearings began to go, the heater became much louder. Turning this heater on HIGH, is much quieter then my old heater by miles. And when the heater is in LOW mode, it is so silent, I can't even hear it running! Though having the timer function is nice, I would rarely use it. I bought this heater as a supplement to our furnace, so I like to use automatic mode at all times.

I have a small 15' by 15' bedroom, when in HIGH power mode, it will heat up the room from 40 degrees to 70 degrees in less then 30 minutes! LOW mode, is great for maintaining the temperature. In the past, Ceramic heaters were known to cause horrible fires. Now days, with the overload protection, and tip over protection, fires are the thing of the past. However, a fire can still happen if you obstruct the heater, so please make sure your heater is at least 1 foot away from objects.

SET AND FORGET: Because of the excellent thermostat, I can set it and forget it. When I go to bed, I don't want to have to worry about waking up in the middle of the night, because my heater is overheating the room, that was the problem with my old heater. All I have to do, (after getting into bed) is use the remote to set my desired temperature, and then fall asleep. I can sleep soundly, and comfortably, because the room won't be freezing nor 90-degrees. Lol

CONCLUSION: I have used small simple space heaters, and the larger Quarts heaters from Holmes. However, none of them ever really impressed me as this one has. The ability to have an oscillation mode to direct the heat better in the room, and the LED display, and remote control, make this Lasko heater, the best heater I have ever owned! I just love how I can set it and forget it, no worries about it overheating the room, or not heating it at all! And above all, if you are somebody who is a light sleeper, you will appreciate how quiet this heater is. Lasko still has me hooked, 5 out of 5!

UPDATE NOV, 12 2010

It has been 7-months since I purchased this heater, and I thought this would be a good time to update you guys. Not surprisingly at all, this heater is still performing like the day I bought it!

I have not been having any issues with the features of the heater, such as the auto thermostat mode, heat control, or oscillation mode. I usually only have to run the heater at nights, but as we come increasingly close to the freezing temperatures, I will soon have to run it during the day as well, if I am in the room.

The thermostat has been still operating properly, and has not given me any issues. I love how I can look at the heater's LED screen, and be able to tell the temperature in the room, which takes out the guess work.

Recently I came down with the flu, so I had a chance to really put this heater to the test. You know how it is when you have the cold, and you feel like your body is freezing as if you are in 0 degree weather, but your really not? Well, my feet were freezing, and I was not able to get them warm, no matter what I did. But I had this heater blasting, at full power, and had the room I was in at 83 degrees F, and I was still shivering like a son of a gun.

I had the heater going full blast like that for at least 30-minutes, and it never took a dump on me! Eventually my feet got warm, and the extreme shivers and teeth clanking stopped, and then I was able to turn down the heater to 72 degrees F and go to sleep. Then of course the next day it was the opposite and I was too hot, and had to run a fan, take pills, and put a cold towel over my head. Figures LOL

I did make a modification though, as the heater was not tall enough to blast heat above my bed, I had to put a 1-foot deep flower pot bellow it, which proped the heater obviously up an extra foot. Now the heater is more useful to me. But make sure, if you ever do this, to do it safely, make sure the heater will never be bumped off and fall. Though this heater does have shutoff protection, its best to always take safety precautions of your own.

This is deffinetly without a doubt, the best heater I have ever bought. And as I have not had any problems with it, I still recommend it 5-stars. Lasko is the way to go, so stop griping about your old dying heater, and start buying lol.

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