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Lasko 5800 Heater

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Lasko 5800 Cyclonic Heater

Dec 21, 2006 (Updated Feb 14, 2007)
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Pros:Very reliable and readily available at a decent price.

Cons:Low intensity heat

The Bottom Line: I would recommend this heater for an office or spare room. It's a reliable electric heater with safety features.

Lasko 5800 Heater


Once the heater runs off and on for a few days the element will get hot. Once it gets hot and shuts off, it become almost worthless. It will continue to shut off and not work. Some Lasko models seem to work much better than others. I DO NOT recommend this model!

I have used the ceramic Lasko heaters to heat my house for the past two years. It takes one heater per room and two for a larger room. These heaters are very inexpensive. They can be purchased for less than $100.00 Eventually, I will buy another kerosene monitor. The kerosene monitors are cheaper to run and heat the house much faster. However a couple of Lasko ceramic heaters would get you by in a pinch. I also use these heaters when we have puppies. It keeps a 20’ X 20’room at 70 degrees easily. The temperature has been running from 10 to 30 degrees for the last week and I run three Lasko heaters to keep the house warm.


♦ Space saving design, can be placed against a wall
♦ Circulates cool air from the floor and releases warm air at the top
♦ Glide vent allows user to direct warm air where needed
♦ Precision electronic controls with remote controller
♦ Adjustable thermostat with seven hour timer
♦ Auto overheat protection
♦ Three year Warranty


I wouldn’t advise these Lasko electric heaters as your main source of heat but they will get you by if need be. They also work great for bedrooms, spare rooms or offices. There’s also a large variety of models to choose from. I like this Lasko 5800 model because it can be placed against the wall. I also like the safety features. If the ceramic heating element gets too hot it will shut off. My main concern with using electric heaters is fires. So the Auto overheat protection makes me feel more comfortable. This heater is very user friendly and easy to use. You can set the desired temperature and the heater will run on auto mode and maintain the desired temperature. You can also choose one of two additional modes; low setting which uses 750 watts and generates 2559 BTU. You can also set the heater to the high mode which uses 1500 watts and generates 5118 BTU’s. You can also adjust the settings with the remote control (auto, low or High).

This model also looks pretty sharp. It resembles the look of a small monitor heater. It also has a nice looking digital read out panel which displays the current temperature. This heater would be ideal for a small office, pet room (birds or dog whelping) or spare room. The timer can be set to run for one, two or four hour intervals. The best thing about the Lasko heaters is there reliability. I have had no problems with any of my Lasko heaters over the past two years. I keep the temperature set at 70 degrees and sometimes they run for several hours steady. So far I have had no problems with the heating element overheating and shutting down. I find the Lasko model 5800 to be a very reliable heater for such an inexpensive price. I give the Lasko model 5800 four of five stars for its reliability and value.

~This electric heater should never be used in a bathroom or near water.

Thanks for the read,
© 2006 Joe McMaster

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