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Lavender Extract 30 ml. Liquid (Herb Pharm) (090700000837)

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Ladies and their lavandula angustifolia--sorry not for males !

Jul 5, 2011
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Pros:High estrogenic properties for younger women a plus

Cons:Anti-androgenic properties cautions use by males

The Bottom Line: Although its geared ONLY for women, I still recommend. High concentration of estrogen-like property. Applied not ingested. For aromatherapy treatments

Many of the herbs I review from either Herb Pharm, Burts, Nature’s Bounty or other, are directly linked to homeopathic treatments I use now or have in the recent past. I include both medicinal and culinary options for purchasing the said herb in order to offer the most comprehensive findings for my presentation.

I hope to both entertain and educate those of you looking for value, seeking serenity and longevity, and the perfect health delivered through the finest resources naturally made available by [them] to you through me.

Aromatherapy is popular in many cultures across the globe and many herbs contain essential oils when derived from properly to relax, rejuvenate and even resuscitate feelings that were once thought to be deadened by the burdens of stress, marriage, child-rearing, self-neglecting, couple embracing and lack of creative expressionism.

I use Lavender Flower Extract (lavandula angustifolia) to smell great really but when I went to various herb books my mother has, and websites I love to study I found this flower is minty to the touch, taste, smell and when lavished in by adding to bath or oil burners, one is pleasantly engulfed into a field of wildflowers. The scent travels and lingers for hours without being obnoxiously sweet.

Now on with the review . . .


The amber glass bottles hold precious liquids and keep them safely protected from extreme temperatures and light so nothing alters the precious aromatic liquid inside. There is a safety wrapped seal over the glass dropper top of the 30 mL bottle can be removed by an adult but still serves well as ‘tamper-resistant by childrens hands’.


The lavender is a flower of 39 species of the mint family with which cross pollination occurring quickly and frequently offers several sub-species. It is highly contagious to those that are affected by allergens of the mint family.

|| COST ||

This depends on whether you purchase on-line (the See It icon will guide you to NutritionLand.com featuring a list price and suggested price for Lavender Extract 30 ml. Liquid (Herb Pharm). It shows listed as $11.69 for list price with numerous discounts and incentives.

|| Company BIOS ||

As in ALL my other Herb Pharm reviews I speak highly of the cultivation (never irradiated nor fumigated) and the processing from drying to collecting the precious liquid, to selling most of their product line at affordable cost, in fact I insist that Herb Pharm is the best.

There are non-alcohol versions but the company is geared towards selecting the freshest herbs and not exposing them to pesticides (non-fumigated) nor radioactive isotopes (non-irradiated) during the reaping process.

A thirty-year young history of proper cultivation, recognizing the demands of customers being of utmost importance and carefully selecting the richest and freshest grown herbs in America. The idea of an ethical business practice coming from my own country makes me proud to hail this one as the BEST in the industry, for their liquid preps.


Shake Lavender Extract 30 ml. Liquid (Herb Pharm) well before using. Two to five times per day take 30 to 40 drops in a little water.

This oil holds estrogenic and ant- androgenic properties both of which assist females in their difficulties with menses and hormone balancing associated with fluctuations between receptors. However other uses have been noted and statements not supported by the FDA have made their way into this review. If your looking for government approval, consult your politicians . . .

I do not recommend the use of Lavender Extract 30 ml. Liquid (Herb Pharm) for males because of the exposure to this particular anti-androgenic compound that if overexposure happens a condition called gynecomastia (enlargement of mammary glands in males) may become embarrassingly prevalent and affect the quality of life for that male.

This is the controversy over the use of lavender in the homeopathic industry. As it stands there is little documentation on the levels of terpenes, high or low, should be in terms of damaging toxicity or beneficial removal of.

Terpenes are the essential compounds serving as building blocks of development for every living creature and without them our structure would decompose faster than if it were not already dead, so to speak. In this knowledge, I caution the use of this herb oil to get the essential bioactive compounds from other sources and use this sparingly.

The lavender has both antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties so disinfecting is a pleasant odiferous experience rather than a noxious or nauseating one. As a sleep aid, the seeds are slightly crushed and placed in pillows under heads by ancient tribes people who felt insomnia was a curse not a condition of restlessness. Either way this extract according to my research is not meant to be ingested but rather applied like in salves, balms, fusions or added to bath water and extremity-soaks.


Certified organic grain alcohol, distilled water & Lavender extractives. These are found on the bright yellow label that states “Certified Organically Grown in their native habitat of Province, France”, and the website is identical in that information disclosure.

|| SMELL ||

Although this does have alcohol in it this is not as over-powering as I thought, the true hint of mint is in here surrounded by a burnt caramel kind of sniff experience.

|| TASTE ||

Quite the bitter-sweet and not recommended for ingestion anyway.

|| USES ||

The culinary advantage is the nectar in Lavender Extract 30 ml. Liquid (Herb Pharm) used in variations of super-sweet to mild honies for jams, jellies and many delicious desserts. I have only baked with it once and being that it is not inexpensive in some states as others, me and the California coast parted the usage of this in the culinary atmosphere, although tasty.

On the medicinal front it serves as an application of cooling relief from stings to rashes rendered by creepy-crawlies or vines and foliage that don’t mingle well with human flesh. The estrogenic and ant androgenic properties make me insist only the ladies indulge the senses in oil of lavender because for men there is too much negative press, not enough positive and I would not to sway one’s treatment for calm to include this if you’re a guy.


Sorry to the males who want to use Lavender Extract 30 ml. Liquid (Herb Pharm) to smell good, disinfect nasty odors or bathe in its hormonal heightening achievements. To those pregnant or lactating mothers who don’t want to pass this concentrate on to their little bodies of newborn children, please refrain from.

The high photosynthesis and catatonic principles are not documented nor represented in enough studies for me to recommend the use of this as often as some of the other essential oils out here for disinfecting and making one smell great.

Its powerful allergen properties insist that I educate the less fortunate in the myriad of problems using lavender can cause, but all I offer is all I could find. I am thinking here that the camphor is so concentrated and that is what exacerbates a histamine response causing the burning itchy eyes and swelling that come from a severe anaphylactic shock. So be careful and consult with a homeopathic practitioner who is more familiar with the ins and outs of this sweet-smelling danger of the wilds . . .

|| VERDICT (my) ||

I am veering towards less indulgence of this Lavender Extract 30 ml. Liquid (Herb Pharm) even for me and I am past the ‘cycles’ which could be affected by the estrogenic properties; however, as a female gracefully trying to get through chaos, this works effervescently for me in hot bath water and some French vanilla candles surrounding me.

For mood changes and not being to acclimate so well during the day, a soak in this plus a little chamomile and pine, I am good to go . . . To sleep that is and you can too without any jitters the next morning.

I rate this *** ½ stars and not for males . . .

Thank you for reading and

Enjoy !

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