Le Creuset Round Food Warmer / Candle Trivet

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Le Creuset Candle Trivet: Pretty, Functional and of course... Overpriced!

Jul 14, 2005 (Updated Jul 14, 2005)
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Pros:Beautiful, solid cast iron, neat candle warmer, matches Le Creuset cookware.

Cons:Are you willing to pay $40 for a trivet?

The Bottom Line: This is a gorgeous trivet, and it works well, but like all Le Creuset cookware, it's far more expensive than what I'm usually willing to pay.

My husband may be the only man in the world for whom Le Creuset cookware is a good gift. I'm not sure he'd want me publicizing that on the Internet, though. Still, we both love Le Creuset, but put off by the exceptionally high prices of the cookware, we'd not purchased any. For his birthday I purchased my husband a Le Creuset oval dutch oven and a Le Creuset candle warming trivet, both in "Flame", our favorite Le Creuset warm reddish-orange color.

About Le Creuset
What could be better than cast iron? Cast iron with an enamel coating that makes it rust-proof! What could be better than even that? Eye catching colors on those coatings to make kitchens look gorgeous and gourmet.

In 1925 a foundry based in northern France began producing cast iron products. The cookware at the Le Creuset factory is hand-casted, and hand-inspected before enamel is applied in two coats, and then heated to 800 Celsius. This results in nearly indestructible cookware that holds heat like no other cookware available.

About this Trivet
Le Creuset's candle warming trivet is 9" in diameter and is also made of enameled cast iron. That makes this piece pretty much unbreakable, and heavy. It is a stunningly heavy trivet, given its relative size. This trivet retails from between $40 and $60 dollars based on Froogle's results. It's expensive to be sure, as all of the Le Creuset line of cast iron cookware seems to be. Nonetheless, I was overcome with the urge to buy one... So what if it cost more than I made in a full day of work back when I was a teenager? "It will last forever," I conveniently justified to myself. "And my husband will love it," I thought, justifying yet again...

A unique feature of this trivet is the very fact that it's a "candle warming" trivet. The center has a hole for a small tea candle and Le Creuset advertises that you can keep food warm over the flame. You might be able to do that in smaller pans, but I highly doubt that the singular flame of a tea candle would keep food in a 6.5 quart Le Creuset oven hot, or even very warm for that matter. To be fair, we have not tried such an experiment yet. On thinner and smaller pans, the candle is a nice touch, and it does act like a miniature fondue flame, keeping cheese sauces warm, for instance.

The first thing that caught my eye was the intricate design of this trivet. Epinions doesn't have a picture of the trivet for this product, which is a shame because as far as looks go, this one's very attractive. It has a starburst-like pattern around the tea candle hole, and a little three-circle design all around the trivet that for all the world looks like a slightly squished "Hidden Mickey" from Disney World.

The trivet has three small squatty legs that keep the rest of it from actually touching the surface beneath. It stores beautifully right on our counter, where the splash of red from both it and the 6.5 quart oven is a bright, eye-catching addition to our kitchen. The way I figure it, if you own cookware this expensive, you should get some decorative mileage out of it as well.

Using the Trivet and How Well It Works
My husband loved both the trivet and the oven that I purchased for him for his birthday. Interestingly enough, the trivet has seen more use than the 6.5 oven. I expect the oven will get the most use in the wintertime when we want to cook up stews and chili. We pull this trivet out all the time to use out on our screened-in back porch where we eat most of our summer evening meals if the weather cooperates.

Usually my husband cooks vegetables or some other side dish in a cast iron skillet over exceptionally high heat when he grills. We don't want to put a searing hot skillet on our glass tabletop, no matter how tempered the glass may allegedly be. The trivet does its job well, which mainly consists of just sitting there and taking the heat.

I was originally concerned that because this was an enameled cast iron piece, it would hold the heat of the item sitting on top of it long enough that it might be hot to the touch after dinner, when it came time to clean the table. Turns out this isn't a problem. Heat dissipates quickly from this intricately designed little trivet.

My husband's still unbelievably pleased with both of the Le Creuset pieces that I purchased for him. We get a lot of use out of this trivet, and I anticipate a lifetime of use to come as well. If you can affort Le Creuset, I can highly recommend their cast iron products as pieces of truly great quality.

Le Creuset Contact Info, Warranty and Support
In the highly unlikely event that your trivet somehow becomes damaged, Le Creuset offers a lifetime limited warranty on all of their enameled cast iron products.

For return authorization and customer support:

Le Creuset of America, Inc.
Phone: 1-877-273-8738
114 Bob Gifford Blvd.
Early Branch, SC. 29916 USA

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