Le Velvet Film Makeup Refill

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Physicians Formula Le Velvet Film Makeup

Apr 6, 2003
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Pros:It has sunscreen. Goes on nicely and does not cake.


The Bottom Line: This is a great foundation to powder product. It provides great coverage and is perfect for dryer skin.

I am reviewing my new makeup, Physicians Formula Le Velvet Film. I was a bit apprehensive because this is very different than the foundation I was using, L'oreal Translucide Lasting Luminous Makeup

I tried this because my mom loves this brand and I was in Florida when I bought it. Since I had never had it before I bought the makeup refill for $5.25 and then I needed to buy the Deluxe Compact for $3.50.

About this product and its claims:

Le Velvet Film claims to be hypoallergenic, doesn’t clog pores, and is fragrance and PABA free. The circular foundation is .4 ounces. This is considered a foundation and powder in one. I had always used a separate foundation and loved using a powder so I thought it would be strange to not put on a powder.

It claims to provide great medium to maximum coverage depending on how it is applied. It claims to be
long lasting with a waterproof formula that conceals skin flaws and discolorations. In addition is has a sunscreen of 15!

The product claims to make pores seem to disappear while irregular skin tones are evened out. The PABA free sunscreen helps protect against the damage the sun does. I always wear foundation with sunscreen however my powder has not had it nor has my blush so I feel as if I am defeated the purpose. I was thinking this might accomplish one part of the problem because I wouldn’t be using powder. Since it is non-comedogenic and non-allergenic (won’t clog pores or cause allergies) it won’t cause acne. I am not prone to acne (and many women at 51 are) so I wasn’t worried about that.

It claims to be recommended by dermatologists and plastic surgeons for sun-sensitive skin and for use after any cosmetic surgery. Neither doctor in my life has recommended this.

The makeup comes in a plastic container and technically it can be used without the compact if you have a sponge. It is a bit more than 2 inches round. The compact though is nice and reasonably priced since it can be reused. It is white and attractive, 3 inches by 3 inches with a mirror and a sponge inside. The makeup comes out of the plastic and sits in the round hollowed out part of the compact.

Ingredients and directions:

It is suggested that I apply the foundation with the Deluxe Le Velvet Refill Sponge and blend until desired coverage is achieved. We are also told to replace the sponge frequently.

You should avoid getting this into your eyes, keep it out of the reach of children and discontinue it if there is any irritation.

I always use moisturizer on my skin before I put on my make up. The site recommends this but I have been doing this all along. They say that moisturizing your skin prior to foundation softens the surface and minimizes the appearance of fine lines, making it easier to blend your foundation.

It also provides more coverage and that is what I wanted. She made a point of telling me when I kept going to a darker shade that if I wanted a line on my jaw (like my mother!) then I should not go with a darker shade (She was being sarcastic in a very nice way.) but if I wanted a natural look to go with this color. I was a bit concerned that it wouldn’t offer enough coverage but she assured me it would.

I also had a hard time deciding between this and Le Velvet Powder Finish but when I looked at the website I saw that the young woman who helped me was absolutely right. The Powder Finish is for normal to oily skin and although I have oily spots, my skin is dry – I don’t need anything to dry it any more



I bought the sand beige. My skin is medium tone. I had help from a very knowledgeable clerk when I bought this. She suggested this color for me and Le Velvet Film, which is better for aging, dry skin rather than oily skin as noted above.

It comes in 14 colors including various shades of beige, ivory, porcelain, and buff.

What the product is like:

To begin with there is no smell to this. It is truly fragrance free. When I first started using this foundation to powder product I felt a little strange. I didn’t know if I were applying foundation or powder but I got used to it and love it.

It glides over my skin. It doesn’t leave any streaks and certainly doesn’t cake. In fact I find it smoothing out my skin and eliminating the dry spots that my moisturizer may not have gotten. It even covers the little spots a lot easier than foundation does which I either dabbed on those spots or used a concealer. I just powder over them and they disappear.

It is really easy to use as much or as little as I want. It is much easier to use than foundation and then a separate powder and I have been amazed that it gives the appearance of a foundation and a powder. I don’t have shiny spots which I would use a powder to cover – it truly is a foundation to powder product.

On top of that it has sunscreen so I don’t have to worry that my powder has sunscreen. My blush may not but I do use moisturizer with sunscreen and I am not covering my whole face with blush!

It says it is waterproof. I have found that it doesn't run off in the rain. I ran some water over it just to test this out and it did come off with a tissue so I don't expect this to be a product I'd go swimming with and expect it to be on when I came up! It washes off easily with cleanser.

Customer service:

I am adding this because I did have a minor problem. When I first used it the compact didn’t close. It kept popping open. I thought maybe the sponge was too big but that didn’t make sense. I called the 1800 number on the back of the box which the compact comes in and a very nice representative said she would send me an envelope so I can return the compact and they would send me another one. She assured me it should close and the only reason they wanted the other one was for quality assurance reasons to find out why it didn’t close. My new one is fine and the whole process was simple.

My final thoughts:

I really do like Physician’s Formula. I looked at it many times in CVS but never bought it. I will try more of their line in the future since I am so satisfied with this. I had no reactions to the product at all. It feels light while providing great coverage. It is easy to use because I eliminate a whole step and instead of two products to carry around I only need one and it has sunscreen.

I asked customer service about animal testing. I was told that the product is not tested on animals. When I pressed about the ingredients, she wasn't sure but was very nice about giving me another number. I e-mailed them instead - days ago - and haven't heard. My suspicions are that the finished product is not tested on animals but looking at the ingredients I would guess that they are. If I hear from the company I will add that information here.

Please feel free to leave me a comment or questions.

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