Lean Pocket Spinach and Three Cheese

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Lean Pocket Spinach and Cheese - With Pretzel?

Jul 23, 2012
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Pros:Tasty crust, tasy filling, quick and easy to make

Cons:The flavors don't quite mesh well

The Bottom Line: Although separately the product's components hit the mark, they don't work great together.

I have always enjoyed Lean Pockets Four Cheese Pizza for what it is – quick inexpensive hot sandwich meal that travels great and is easy to eat.  It was the almost only ‘flavor’ of the food line however which was vegetarian, with the exception of the broccoli cheddar pocket, which I tried once and immediately discarded –and actually have never seen since. Despite that experience, when I came across the Lean Pocket Spinach and Three Cheese in their new Pretzel Bread, I knew I had to give it a try – I love spinach, love cheese, and love pretzels!

Two sandwiches come in this 9oz box, regularly for $2.50 but with sale and coupon I paid just $1.05. The picture on the box is pretty appealing – it looks like a gourmet filled pretzel. One sandwich has 250 calories, 7g fat, 9g protein, 36g carbs (2g fiber, 2 g sugar) and 600mg sodium. There’s 30% daily Vit A, and 20% Calcium. So this is not your best meal choice, but it’s far from your worst. To prepare you remove the sandwich from the plastic wrap (keep frozen until use) and slip it into the provided crisping microwave sleeve. Cook for about 2 minutes and let sit for a minute to cool. You can smell the salty pretzel as it finishes its time in the microwave. About 6 inches long, just under 2 across, under 1 high. As with all of these microwave pocket sandwiches, be careful on that first bite-the filling is always hot!!

Biting into the Lean Pocket Spinach and Three Cheese I immediately got creamy filling-mild cheese flavor, a good amount of spinach- you can actually taste it! The cheese reminds me of an alfredo, or even melted American. It’s not too pungent but not sour or bland either. The crust however is almost two strong, the dominant flavor. Tasty pretzel bread, but not quite right for the filling. Perhaps with more of a bold cheese filling this crust choice would have worked better, but the flavors don’t all seem to mesh well.  You can taste the salt and seasoning in the filing-I wish I could taste cheese and spinach even more than I do because the filling is yummy.

It can satisfy a hunger pain, but by no means fills me up. I always need something substantial with it, usually a big salad, and then I am good to go. It’s cheap, could be more fattening, and easy to bring/make, that’s by far the strong points. It’s too easy to eat as a snack, but should be the bulk of a meal. I’ll eat what I bought but likely stick to the four cheese pizza from here on out.

For more information on this brand and its products visit www.leanpockets.com

Contains: Wheat, Milk, Egg And Soy Ingredients.

**Thanks so much to Christal for adding this to the database for me!**

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