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Leapfrog Leapster Explorer Tangled: Play Games With Rapunzel

Jan 18, 2011
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Pros:fun and engaging games


The Bottom Line: This learning game features Rapunzel, and it is one of my daughter's favorites. 

My oldest daughter is almost four years old, and she loves playing with her Leapster Explorer.  One of the first games that we gave to her was Tangled, which features Rapunzel.  I thought this would be a good choice for a first game because my daughter had just seen the movie, and she was just enchanted by the princess with the long hair.

In this game, children will work on their reading/phonics skills.    I really like the format of this game; story mode includes an actual story to read/listen to.   In between scenes, children will have an opportunity to play a game- painting a picture, filling in the missing letter on a sign, labeling the correct word, unscrambling the letters to make a word, and a couple of more games as well. 

Once children have completed story mode, they can play the games independently without having to play through the entire story mode again. 

The games have multiple levels of difficulty.  As a child demonstrates proficiency, the game becomes more challenging.   As long as your child selects his/her name when the Explorer is turned on, their game information/skill level will be saved. 

My daughter likes playing Tangled.  She will ask me for help occasionally, but as I played through the game on the guest profile while preparing to write this review, I was surprised to see how much she was able to do on her own.   She will play Tangled in the car or in her room during rest time.  The game keeps her occupied, and it keeps her engaged in the learning process. 

The graphics are bright and colorful.   Are they groundbreaking and cutting edge?  Of course not, but it is easy to see the screen and to see what has to be done next in the game.  The voices sound similar to the voices of the characters, so playing the Tangled game is almost like being in the movie itself!

Although it might seem obvious, I do want to point out that this game is very Rapunzel-centric.  The movie appealed equally to boys and girls because it featured action-packed scenes, and the hero Flynn Rider in a starring role.  The game has action-packed scenes- children will shoot arrows at letters to change them into other letters, and children will guide Rapunzel to pick the right letter so that she can use her hair to swing over chasms, but then there are the hair braiding scenes.  Also, Flynn Rider plays a very minor role in the game.  So, unless your son's favorite character in the movie is Rapunzel, this game is likely to have more appeal for little girls than little boys. 

I highly recommend Tangled for the Leapfrog Explorer.  The full price of this game is $24.95, and it can be found at places like Target and WalMart.   All of these stores put the Explorer games on sale about once a month, and places like Amazon.com will also have the game for less than full price. 

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 14.99

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