Ahoy Matey! PlayTown Pirate Ship

Oct 28, 2007
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Pros:made well, lots of fun pieces, cute, easy for young kids to play with

Cons:sails fall off constantly, not a lot of room to move the characters

The Bottom Line: A fun pirate ship for toddlers and preschoolers.

With pirates being quite popular since The Pirates of the Carribean movie, it only makes sense that the toy market wants to capitalize on this growing trend. Learning Curve has come out with a fun toy for toddlers- the Play Town Pirate Ship.

I was not aware of Play Town products before receiving the Pirate Ship, but apparently there are several toys in this line including a doll house, pet care center, a school bus, and a fire truck. All of the Play Town toys are made with real wood and colorful plastic. They are designed to encourage imaginative play and to help develop social skills.

We own the Play Town Pirate Ship and my 3 year old son has really enjoying playing with it. He was immediately interested when he saw me taking it out of the box. It's very kid friendly and would appeal to most toddlers, both boys and girls. The ship is made of brown, red, orange, and yellow plastic. There are wooden posts connecting the upper and lower levels of the ship. The ship comes with 2 white sails decorated with smiling pirate skulls. The floor of the ship has various colorful stickers such as a map and gold coins. The ship is captained by 2 little pirates: Peg Leg Pete and Captain Curt. Their bodies are made of wood, but their hair, arms, and feet are made of plastic.

There is a lot to do on the ship. On the bottom level you can make the pirates walk the plank. A small red plank can be pulled in and out in the side of the ship. There is also a gray cannon. The cannon has a black cannonball loaded inside, but it can not be removed. On the top level,there is a wheel that turns to lower and raise a black anchor down the side of the ship. A brown steering wheel allows your child to steer the ship. There is black flag that can turn as if it is blowing in the wind. At the very top is a look out with a telescope. Also included with the ship is a treasure chest that opens and a ladder. Finally the ship has small wheels on the bottom. When the ship is pushed on a flat surface, it will rock back and forth very slightly. I guess this is to imitate the way a ship moves in the ocean.

Included with the ship was a short board book that had 3 buttons that make noises to go along with the story.

This toy is recommended for children aged 1 year and up. It sells for around $25.

Noah was very eager to play with the ship. It took me quite a while to get the ship out of the packaging with those millions of twist ties so I gave Noah the book. He flipped through it and declared it a "baby book". He did enjoy pushing the buttons over and over again, but the book is very short and simple and didn't interest my 3 year old.

Noah had fun exploring all of the details of the ship. He was immediately drawn to the treasure chest and loved to open and close it. He still enjoys the chest, but he does not play with it with the ship. It has become it's own toy to be played with separately for some reason.

The little people were easy for Noah to grip. He is able to place them in their spots on the ship. He plays with them on the ship as well as off the ship. The ship is fairly small and there is not a lot of room for the characters to move around.

One of Noah's favorite things to do is to turn on the pirate episode of "The Backyardigans" (we have it tivo'ed) and play with his ship at the same time. He will steer the ship and push it along the floor. He raises and lowers the anchor. He loves to make the pirates look out the telescope at the top of the ship.

As a parent, I like the pirate ship too. I think it is really cute and like how Noah comes up with different ways to play with it. The only thing I don't like is that the sails come off way too easily. They constantly are falling off and I find them on the floor in random places around the house a lot. Noah is able to put them on himself, but it's irritating because they do not seem to want to stay on the ship. The ladder also comes off easily. It can be attached to the ship, but it seems quite loose and is knocked off easily.

Overall I am very pleased with the Play Town Pirate Ship. Noah has quite a few toys, but nothing like this. He really enjoys playing with it. There are so many parts and things to do on the ship that he doesn't get bored of it too quickly. I absolutely would recommend this toy!

I received this toy for free from Learning Curve in exchange for my honest review.

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