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I owe you how much....? A talking Cash Register.... Did I hear you right?

Jan 28, 2008
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Pros:Teaches the value of money, it scans, weighs and TALKS!

Cons:Drawer opens quickly

The Bottom Line: Its entertaining and educational. Teaches your child how to shop smart, also includes math games and coin identification at an early age while having fun playing.

I went to visit with my brother and his wife yesterday and while I was there, I noticed he had a few toys set up like a store on a table for his Granddaughters. One of the toys that really got my attention was the Talking Cash Register…..

I played with it while I was visiting with them just to make a few mental notes so could come home and write a review on this fabulous toy. I was that impressed with it!

I scanned some of the other toys on the table, weighed my change purse, hit the cash out button and I heard.... That will be $23.78 please, Cash or Charge?

What is a Learning Resources Teaching Cash Register LER2690??

This is an educational toy that will teach your child the value of money, how to use a credit card, to scan items, use coupons, weigh, even has math games such as addition, subtraction for your child to play as they get older. I played with it to see how accurate it was and it was very accurate. For the Coin Identification when I put in the correct coin in the slot a positive phrase was said and the game kept going. If it is the wrong coin it asked me to put in the right one.

I remember buying my daughter a cash register when she was a child and it didn’t have no where near the features this one has. What a change in technology. This Teaching Cash Register even has sound effects. It runs on 3 “C” batteries which are Not included. Has an Automatic Shut Off.

First let me say, it’s a very durable toy made of a hard plastic. The register is 14.5” x 10” x 8” with all working parts. The Drawer opens, scanner scans, scale weighs just like an authentic cash register. With a large LCD to show your child what is being rang up and the total of the sale..

Comes with plastic coins that are the exact size and shape of pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. There are only 3 slots for paper money, but it included 10 each of singles fives, tens and twenties. 1 Pretend credit card and 1 coupon card.

I also discovered you can also use real coins too! If you press Cash, there is a slot in the register that you drop the coins in that will identify the face amount of either the play or real coins.

Pressing the check out button the total is shown on the LCD display then the cash register will ask Cash or Charge.

There is a slot to scan the play credit card then if you scan the play credit card, you hear a realistic sound of a modem before receiving the verbal approval. This is just so cooool.

Its also so cute to hear some of the sayings… The Learning Resources Teaching Cash Register will tell you if the credit card has been approved or declined. Other times it will tell you there is a clean up needed on aisle 3, or you are a preferred customer plus a few other phrases like this item is on close out price. Honestly, this teaching Cash Register is just to adorable and I would say it would give your child hours of educational play.

For Children I can see where the transactions are so similar to actually shopping like Mom and Dad, besides being so much fun for them to play store and using their imginations.

The coupon card gives a random discounted price which I think is a great concept teaching them at such a young age how to save money by using coupons besides the concept of teaching them the values of money. Well…. using the charge card….. that’s a little different in my eyes… maybe they should of included the billing statements too to teach them how to pay the bill when you shop with a credit card. lol

The cash register buttons are large enough to read easy to press the LCD display is easy to read. One thing though, you have to watch the cash drawer it has a strong spring action and it really opens quickly.

My sister-in-law said the girls love playing pretend store, that’s why it is set up on the play table in their home. It keeps them both busy for hours. They told me its pretty durable, his granddaughters are ages 4 and 6, that the girls have had this for quite a few months now and it is played with weekly and it looked brand new to me.

Even at my age I was entertained as I pressed the buttons to check this toy out. My Brother had to ask me if I was going to continue to sit and play store or visit with him for awhile, that the coffee was ready come sit at the adult table....

Would I recommend this Learning Resources Teaching Cash Register LER 2690? Absolutely ! It was loads of fun even for myself as I played with it just to see how it worked. 5 Stars for this Educational Toy from this MississippiMom and Proud Great Aunt!

Thanks For Reading!

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 50. 00
Type of Toy: Educational
Age Range of Child: 3 to 5 Years

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