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Disease Resistant and Great Taste -- Legend Tomato

Aug 25, 2012
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Pros:prolific, great color and shape, texture and flavor, small seeds, determinate

Cons:not completely disease resistant, tomatoes smaller than advertised

The Bottom Line: While these Legend Tomatoes are not perfect, they are great in my garden.  It’s good to have a flourishing tomato crop.

The last few years have been tough tomato growing.  Our area was hit by tomato blight, and ever since, it has been a struggle to grow and maintain plants through harvest.  This Legend Tomato is our best tomato plant this year.


These tomatoes are advertised as producing tomatoes four to five inches round.  They are also disease resistant, and while not completely impervious to late blight, they are highly tolerant.  Another plus is that they do not require pollination to set fruit.  These determinate plants mature in 60 days.

My Experiences

I start my vegetable seeds indoors under lights.  In mid-April, I planted one tomato seed per pot.  (I save yogurt cups, punch drainage holes in the bottom, and fill them with soil for indoor seed starting.  The soil-filled yogurt cups are then placed in Perma-Nest plant trays.  I keep the plants upstairs until they have germinated, then move the trays downstairs where the plants grow under lights until it is warm enough outside for planting.)  These Legend tomatoes had a great germination rate, and the plants looked healthy all through their indoor growing cycle.

After my last few years of disappointing tomato crops, this year I tried something different.  I chose only tomato seed that is highly disease resistant, and I also used Red Tomato Mulch (a red plastic material that sits atop the soil).  After laying the Red Tomato Mulch, I cut planting holes through the plastic, mixed tomato fertilizer into the soil, and then planted each tomato plant.  After planting, I inserted tomato cages.

Starting the plants indoors in April, I picked the first ripe tomatoes in early August.  The good news is that between the disease resistance of the plant, and the Red Tomato Mulch, these tomato plants are healthier than those I’ve grown in the past several years.  However, the plants are beginning to show signs of disease with spotted, yellowing leaves.  Despite this, though, the tomatoes are gorgeous.  They have a nice uniform round shape and good red color.  These tomatoes are smaller than advertised.  The promised four to five inches round is more like three inches.

My father loves tomatoes picked fresh from the plants.  I place the tomatoes for twenty seconds in boiling water to loosen the skin.  Then I peel the skin off and thinly slice the tomatoes onto a dinner plate.  The plate of tomatoes goes into the refrigerator for a minimum of twenty minutes.  My father enjoys sprinkling vinegar over the tomatoes.  He either uses apple cider vinegar or malt vinegar (malt being his favorite).

These tomatoes are meaty inside.  The seeds are very small, and the tomato texture is excellent. With great flavor, these tomatoes go down easy.  We don’t have a problem with acid in them either.  They taste great.


Jung Seeds sells 30 seeds for $2.45, and Totally Tomatoes is $2.35 a packet for 30 seeds.


It’s already decided that I’ll buy more Legend Tomato seed next year.  The crop is plentiful, and the tomatoes taste great.  While not completely disease resistant, these plants are performing well.

I hope you found this review useful.

Enjoy the day,

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Copyright 2012 Dawn L. Stewart

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