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Lego Click It Heart Pen: So Pink Your Bottle of Pepto Bismol Will Be Jealous

Jun 29, 2006
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Pros:Pink lovers will flip for it, customizable, you can used with other ClickIt gems.

Cons:Is this really worth $12.95?

The Bottom Line: Are you a ClickIt junkie? Think pink is the coolest color? Collect Lego pens? Then you will want to get your hands on this pen!

The Lego designers are always brainstorming, redesigning themes and adding new products to their building system. When they added SpongeBob SquarePants Lego's to the online catalog I ordered them without even thinking twice ... and that's about the same thing that happened with the Lego ClickIt pen, it was purchased without any type of research being done about it. Annabelle received this for her birthday and was tickled pink [no pun] when she ripped the wrapping paper off of it. I cringed because I knew that the pieces that come with it would be strewn all over the place ... something that has happened with all of the other ClickIt set elements. I do have to hand it to her, she has become a lot more responsible with her Lego sets over the past year or so and it's rare [these days] that I end up stepping on a heart, star or flower. While this looks like some of the other Lego pens, the customizing aspect of it is different. Instead of having cubes or pieces that you slip on to a metal guide rod, this has elements that snap on to the pods. One of the boys saw it and said it looked like a Pepto Bismol totem pole. Yeah, it's that pink.

Lego ClickIt Heart Pen P1802

This shouldn't be confused with the Belville pen that was out a few years ago; that one has the cubes and stenciled elements that can be arranged in different ways on the metal frame of the pen. When her birthday rolled around last year, people wanted to know what to get her; it was a pretty short list. Anything pink or purple, Lego Belville sets, some talking Disney Princess wand and art supplies. Her dad ended up getting her the ClickIt Heart Pen when he was near the Lego Store in California. Along with that he picked up ClickIt watch and something that can only be classified as pure evil, a holiday collection / decoration kit. I was a little disappointed with the selection of gems that were packed inside the plastic pen case, they were all hearts in pink and purple hues. Thankfully there was an extra pack of elements that contained stars and flowers in other colors. Even if it didn't come with the extra pieces, the ones that she has in other ClickIt sets could be used on this.

Make no mistake about it, this is a fully functional pen that writes in black ink; you would have thought that they would have used pink or purple ink to stay with the theme of things. When I mentioned this on one of the Lego message boards someone posted that there were some that did have pink or purple ink but you had to buy those in retail stores and look for the color option on the package. In any event, the ink is nice but it isn't something that is going to knock your socks off. The bottom part of the pen is soft so it is nice to write with but if you have gems snapped into all the pods it is a little distracting to write with. To clear up any confusion about this pen, it doesn't light up or have any blinking elements to it. That was one of the things that online sellers are eBay were stating about it, either they were completely misinformed or they were trying to make it sound a lot more impressive that it is. Don't get me wrong, it's a nice pen but it isn't something that is going to change your life.

To change the appearance of your pen all you have to do is remove the gems that you have in it and snap new ones into it. The pieces do stay securely in place but you will want to keep it away from younger kids that could remove them from the pen and swallow them. If you have other ClickIt sets you can use those elements to change the look of your pen, you might run in to some trouble if you are using different sized pieces but if you stick with the smaller ones you shouldn't have any problems. There are a couple of large heart cut outs that you can use behind the plastic elements but they really make it look tacky ... but that's just my opinion, you might like they way that they look. This comes packaged inside a plastic keep case but getting the gems pieces into it if they aren't stuck into the pods on the pen is a real chore. The tip of the pen retracts into the barrel so there's no cap to lose or misplace and to keep with the 'think pink' theme, the usual metal cone shaped tip has been replaced with a light purple one.


I had to do some digging on this product to get an accurate price; it started out at $12.95 but then they dropped the price to $9.95 so it would be the same as most of the other customizable Lego pens. Her father said that he paid $10.95 for it at the Lego store but it came with an extra pack of gems as a bonus. Is it worth it? If you are a true ClickIt fan then I guess it is. It's pretty distracting to write with if you have gems clipped to all of the pods on the top part of the pen but she doesn't seem to mind it all that much. Seeing as how you can use other ClickIt gems with this, if you do have other sets you can really have a lot of fun making new designs with it so it does increase the replay value. I doubt I would pay $12.95 for this is I saw it but since this was a gift ... I didn't have to fork out that amount on it.

The Bottom Line

When the diva has to do some writing with a pen she doesn't pass up the chance to use her ClickIt pen but she never takes it outside the house. She's afraid that she will lose it or that the gems will pop out of it. I've used it a few times when there weren't any other pens around and it is nice to write with but I can't see someone taking this to school or using it for writing letters. The top section of it is just way too busy for you to be able to concentrate on what you are writing. The designers had a good idea with this pen but I would have opted to have the pieces snap into the pen, not just click on the outside of it. That would reduce the chance of it catching on things inside a backpack or having them accidentally get pulled out of the pods ... but I just write the reviews.

The Stats

Set Name: ClickIt Heart pen
Family Set: : ClickIt
Lego Set: P1802
Number of Pieces: 18
Age Recommendation: 6 and older
Cost: $10.95

As always, thanks for the read!

~^V^~ Freak ~^V^~

© 2006 Freak369

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