Lego Egyptian Mummy 1183

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Egyptian Mummy - King Tut Struts His Stuff

Feb 6, 2003 (Updated Apr 9, 2007)
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Pros:Breathtaking Egyptian mummy, treasure map, stunning headdress.

Cons:Limited uses for the elements that are provided.

The Bottom Line: The perfect accessory for any Egyptian Lego scene. The mummy is highly detailed and the red scepter is a great accent.

The Adventurers series was a bold step forward for Lego designers. There were tons of new elements introduced, new characters and animals and several mini series. One of my all time favorites was the Egypt sub-set that was introduced in 1998. Some of the sets that were available were part of promotional packs and others were only available overseas. The Egyptian Mummy set was released in the second installment of the series in 1999 and disappeared off the shelves quickly when Lego killed off the series. Next to the Lego Castle and Ninja themes, the Egypt line is one of my all time favorites. Almost all of the sets had unique pieces, Egyptian themes and could be combined with the larger sets to make a huge scene. When I had the chance to purchase these from an online vendor I knew that I was getting a great deal since these retailed for $2.99 when released and I was quoted $1.00 a set.

The Mummy

When I say that this is one of the most impressive Lego figures I have ever seen – I am not exaggerating in the least about the amount of detail that has been put into it. The slip over head piece is yellow with light blue and gray stripes on the side. In the top of the head piece there is a small section into which a jewel or gem could be placed. If you don’t have any extra gems you can substitute a round flat orb instead. This encases the face and drapes down to the shoulders. The face of the mummy is truly unique – the gray color looks almost ghost-like and the scar on the forehead is a great asset. The torso has some of the nicest detailing I’ve seen in a long time. The blue simulated jewel tiling is a great accent to the yellow / gold neck band. The gold accenting on the right foot is a great way to top off this figure and is something that is rarely seen on Lego figures. Bridging the gap between the torso and leg design is a nice green overlay that makes the overall design a little busy but extremely attractive.

The only real accessory provided with this set is the red scepter that stands as tall as the mummy himself. This can be used as a torch, attached to the cart or held by the mummy. The yellow solid orb that pops into the top of the scepter adds a nice touch to it and can also be used in a variety of ways.

Mummy Cart

The cart itself isn’t anything all that impressive but the individual pieces that comprise it are really cool. The nicest piece is the highly detailed map that is exclusive to this series. The map features a sphinx, obelisk, a set of pyramids, a red jewel and details on how to get to the treasure. This tile has only been available in a handful of sets and is one of my prized possessions. The cart can be used for a variety of purposes and can be pulled or pushed by the mummy or other Lego figures [available in other sets].


The single sheet of instructions shows you how to build the cart as well as how to construct the mummy. This is an extremely easy set to build and the step by step illustrations walk you thought the construction process without the possibility of error. I was a little disappointed that there weren’t any other photos of the cart and mummy on the sheet but for the price I paid for the set [$1.00] I can’t argue with it. This is about as easy as it gets when it comes to building Lego sets and should take no more than five minutes to assemble.

Things To Know

Since this is a small set that is no longer on the Lego production line it may be a little hard to find. Online auctions, small toy stores and brick brokers are usually the best placed to start looking for these sets. Be sure to deal with a reputable source to avoid getting incomplete or incorrectly labeled sets. As with all Lego sets, this one contains smaller pieces that could present a possible choking hazard. Make sure that construction play areas are double checked for smaller pieces to avoid a potentially dangerous situation.

This set has a twin called King Pharaoh III and is set number 3021. This version of the set was released as an overseas item in a poly bag, boxed an attached the Japanese candy [Kabaya]. All of the pieces are identical and the only differences between the two sets are the languages used on the packaging and the number of the set. I was fortunate to be able to purchase several of these sets [1183] from an online broker that recently acquired a large lot of older Lego sets. I’m now kicking myself for not purchasing more of these when I had the chance because for the price – it was a complete steal for a set that is no longer in production [but still available at auctions and from smaller toy stores].

The Bottom Line

This is a “must have” set for anyone that is trying to build any type of authentic Egyptian play scene. Recently the boys and I embarked on a very challenging project to recreate the time travel gate, pyramids and scenes from the film Stargate. Having this set to add to the scene will help to accent the interior of the main pyramid as well as using the additional pieces as background elements. If you know someone that is into Egyptian culture, hieroglyphics or pyramids, this would make a great small gift. Fans of the Adventurers series should check this set out for the outstanding detail to the mummy as well as the map tile element and various jewels.

The Stats

Set Name: Egyptian Mummy
Family Set: Adventurers – Egypt Series
Lego Set: 1183
Number of Pieces: 16
Age Recommendation: 6 - 12
Ease Of Assembly: Easy
Time Of Assembly: 5 minutes
Cost: $1.00
Suggested Retail Price: $ 2.99

As always, thanks for the read!

^V^ Freak ^V^

© 2003 Freak369

Treasure Raiders – 5909
Scorpion Tracker – 5918
Treasure Tomb – 5919
Bi-Wing Baron – 5928
Oasis Ambush – 5938
Mummy's Tomb - 5958
Sphinx Secret Surprise – 5978
Pharaoh's Forbidden Ruins– 5988
The Lost Tomb - 2996
Egyptian Mummy - 1183
Adventurer's Accessories - 5381

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): See Review
Type of Toy: Blocks
Age Range of Child: Whole Family

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