LEGO City AirPort Fire Truck (7891) Reviews

LEGO City AirPort Fire Truck (7891)

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Lego City Airport Fire Truck: When There's Trouble On The Runway, They'll Be There!

Aug 3, 2008
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Pros:Fun to build, airplane logos, nice figure, good value.

Cons:Life off cover, no doors, only one figure.

The Bottom Line: No Airport, City, Town or Metropolis scene would be complete without one of these!

If you are in to the City or Town themes from Lego then you are going to love the Fire Truck. It is a sort of updated version of the older Fire Engine but it is smaller, has more workable parts to it and the figure that comes with it is slightly generic but you have the option to add him to almost any scene or setting. Technically this falls in the 2006 / 2007 series supplement for the City theme; it was added to the Airport line up to provide ground support in case a rescue is needed. That’s one of the reasons why it doesn't have the typical red coloring or the usual accessories.

Lego city Airport Fire Truck 7891

One thing that I love about this vehicle is that there are actual wheel wells to it; this gives it a lot nicer of a look and makes it more stable when kids are playing with it. Because of the colors used on it [yellow, red, black and a touch of gray] you can add it to almost any of the Lego City or Town sets that have specific rescue vehicles. The small airplane logo that is on the side of it can be replaced or simply reverse so that you don’t see it but personally I think it looks pretty sweet and its always nice to get pieces like this in a set. The wrap around styled windscreen is nice but as usual there's no doors on it so you have to lift off the top hatch piece [also stenciled with the cool airplane logo] to get the figure in or out of it.

Some of the other cool features of the vehicle include a water canon mounted to the top of it, chunky thick tires, fire extinguisher [all red], back hatch that opens, cool front Technic piece, wrap around windscreen and separate side window sections, long blue light pieces, levers on the sides of the truck, nice coloring and gray / red lines in the body. Even though this is relatively small compared to the fire engines and other rescue vehicles it is something that can really add a lot visually to a scene and something that will definitely increase the replay value of a scene.

This is not hard to build but you do have to take your time and know exactly which pieces are used for each section of it. It should take experienced builders no more than fifteen minutes from start to finish but newer builders might need more time. The step by step instructions walk you through the build process but if you rush it you do increase your chance of making a mistake. There are some small pieces to the set and that means that younger kids can get a hold of them and swallow them thus posing a choking hazard. Lego suggests this for kids ages 5 and older but that's just a number. If you are planning on customizing it you should build it according to the directions first so that you can ensure that the base of it is stable and strong enough to handle any pieces that you are going to add to it.

Even though the figure that you get with this vehicle is a little plain and boring, it does come with a nice helmet and face shield. There's a moderate amount of stenciling on it too so there's no need to waste a piece or two on a scuba set up. Since all the accessories in this set can be used by other standard sized Lego figures you do have the ability to swap out pieces and customize it. The figure can work most of the accessory pieces on the vehicle but getting the hand pegs on the wheels inside or on top of the truck can be a problem but that's common for any vehicle that has one of the smaller steering wheels. You can use a larger one on the top of the vehicle but inside, you are stuck with the small one unless you remove pieces.

This set sells for $14.99 at the Lego World Shop but if you have larger toy stores in your area you might be able to find it there for a few dollars less. It is a nice looking vehicle and you do get a fireman with it but if this were priced at $12.99 I am sure it would be a much better seller. Since there are a lot of fire trucks and rescue vehicles that look like this, if you are going to shop for it online you will want to make sure that you double check the set number [7891] so you know you are going to get the correct one. If you want to add a nice looking fire truck to your City or Town scene but don’t want the typical red one with the hook and ladder this is a nice option.

Name: Airport Fire Truck
Set Theme: City
Set Number: 7891
Piece Count: 145
Age Recommendation: 5 and older
Difficulty Level: Easy
Build Time: 10 - 20 minutes
Price: $14.99

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