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Lego Harry Potter Goblet of Fire Graveyard Duel (4766)

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Harry Potter Lego: Graveyard Duel 4766

May 13, 2006
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Pros:Greats set with lots of fun pieces

Cons:Could be a little macabre for some

The Bottom Line: This is probably the best Lego set in the Goblet of Fire series.

Before I begin, I would like to point out that this review contains spoilers for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. So if you have not read the book (or seen the movie) and do not wish to be spoiled, you are probably better off not reading this review

Set Name: Graveyard Duel, Duel au cimtiere, El Duelo en el Cementerio
Set Number: 4766
Number of Pieces: 548
Ages: 7

How does this set fit into the Harry Potter series?
At the end of the Goblet of Fire, Harry Potter finds himself transported to a graveyard. A trophy he touched was really a portkey, a magical item that instantly takes that person to a predetermined location. The problem is that Harry had no idea that the trophy was going to be a portkey, so he is a little taken aback. As it turns out, Harry Potter has been summoned to the graveyard so that his greatest enemy can be re-animated, and they need some of Harry’s blood to do it. Once the dark lord Voldemort has regained his human form, he and Harry will face off in a duel…to the death?

This set includes four minifigs. It is quite a disappointment that they did not include a Cedric Diggory minifig in the set. Cedric plays a pivotal role in this scene, and it really would have been nice if he was included.

Also, it should be noted that when I say a minifig is wearing a particular item of clothing, I am referring to the design on their body parts, unless otherwise indicated- because there are minifig capes and robes- but most of the “clothing” is just a design on their torso and or leg parts.. .

Harry Potter is wearing black pants and a red and black sports jersey with the Hogwarts crest on it. He has black hair and his face has glasses and he has the trademark scar on his forehead.

Peter “Wormtail” Pettigrew is a ratty looking man, but this is not so much of a surprise, since he spent the previous thirteen years living as a rat before being outed, so to speak. Peter has a brown shirt and a light gray cardigan under a gray jacket and a gray pair of pants. In one of the pivotal moments in the book, Peter cuts off his own hand to complete the reanimation of Voldemort. Voldemort rewards Peter by conjuring a fancy silver hand for him. For those of you who are familiar with Legos, you know that minifig hands are basically a two pronged claw. One of Peter’s hands is the normal flesh color, and the other is silver! It’s really nice to see the designers have a familiarity with the story to include such a minute detail.

Lucius Malfoy has a black mask on his face, but I would recognize that blonde mullet anywhere! He is wearing a pinstriped three-piece suit, but you can put an authentic real Death Eater ragged cape over his suit to conceal his identity.

Lord Voldemort doesn’t seem to be wearing much of anything. His torso and legs are black with no designs or marks. He also has a ragged Death Eater cape. His face is a little frightening- he’s got scary eyes and nose slits- just like Ralph Finnes in the movie!

There are also several skeletons that can be placed around the graveyard, and several random skeleton part (i.e. limbs)

Set Details
Most of the other Harry Potter Lego sets that I have encountered usually consist of a couple of large pieces. The Graveyard Duel set was made up of 9 smaller pieces.

The first is a cauldron. It’s perfect for reanimating Lord Voldemort.

The second is a spooky dead tree. It has bats hanging from its branches, and there is a skeleton sitting at its base.

The next three items are small graves. The first has a large skull that is covered up by the grave so that it looks like a normal headstone. The second is a small grave with a parrot on top of it. The third grave has a crank on the side. If you turn it, a skeleton will pop out of the grave. Spooky!

The next item is a large wrought iron fence with a big gate. It even comes with a little Lego chain to loop through the bars. This is ideal for keeping out stinkin’ teenagers and other potential vandals/grave robbers. The gate/fence is large enough that you are able to put one or maybe even two of the smaller graves inside the fence.

After that, there is a very large grave. It is on a raised platform accessible by three stairs. The tombstone is very large. On the top, there is a hooded angel with black wings. The name on the tombstone is Tom Riddle. This is Voldemort’s biological father, who was a Muggle bewitched by Voldemort’s witch mother. Voldemort eventually kills his father as well as his paternal grandparents when he is about seventeen or eighteen. But they need a bone from his father in order to complete the reanimation process, which is why they are in the graveyard in the first place.

You can also construct a hearse wagon and a toolshed. There are skeletons you can put under the “floor” in the toolshed, and there are skeleton limbs you can put in the trash can behind the toolshed. I’m not quite sure why there need to be limbs in the trash can, but that’s what the instructions direct you to do.

Of course, these are the things you can build if you follow the instructions. If you want to be creative, there are definitely a lot of different sized pieces for creating unique structures and designs.

Putting it Together
This was fairly easy to assemble. Since the set consists of many small pieces, no project took more than fifteen or twenty minutes to assemble. With some of the larger sets, if you miss a piece, you risk having to take apart all your work to add the piece you have forgotten. My Blacksmith’s house actually has the windows slightly lower on one side of the house because I missed one piece.

Also, the bags that hold the Lego pieces are now numbered, and the instruction book will actually tell you which bag you need to use in order to construct a particular item.

The instruction manual is one of the things I like most about Lego. It does not have any words in it, so the same manual can be used around the world. It consists of step-by-step picture directions that show the user how to construct the structures. Each step adds a couple more pieces to the design. You might start out with a flat board with a couple of Legos on it. Next, you will add a couple more pieces, then a couple more, and so on until the building is done. The pictures are easy to follow, making it less likely to make a mistake. But even if you do make a mistake, it is easy to go back and fix it without having to take everything apart.

Final Thoughts
Legos are really a wonderful opportunity for kids in so many ways. By following the directions in the manual, children build mathematical and critical thinking skills as well as fine motor skills. Building their own designs also strengthens creativity and acting out scenes from the book (or original scenes) improves language and literacy skills.

This set is definitely a little more macabre than others. I’ve seen Lego skeletons before, but this set is full of them. Add limbs in the trash can, skeletons popping out of graves, and an overall ominous atmosphere—this set is definitely scary! Parents will definitely want to use caution; every family is different, but I’d say a good milestone is that the set is appropriate if you allow your child(ren) to read the book and the movie. This set has many small parts that are a choking hazard, so use extreme caution with this set around babies, toddlers, and pets.

Usually when the new Harry Potter Lego sets come out, there are quite a range. There is usually at least one set in each of the following price ranges: $10, $20, $30, $50 and $80. There is often more than one set in each price range, but for the Goblet of Fire sets, there were only four: this one, the Durmstrang ship, an “underwater” set with the merpeople, and a set where Harry encounters the Hungarian Horntail dragon. It was a little disappointing to not have more to choose from. The Graveyard Duel set had almost the same number of pieces as the ship, but it was $20 less. Plus, this set just looked like it would be more fun to put together.

I highly recommend this Lego set. It is fairly inexpensive for the number of pieces included, and there are a lot of great things that can be constructed by using the manual and/or the imagination.

Happy Building!

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