Levels of Discovery Prince Rocking Horse Nursery Furniture Reviews

Levels of Discovery Prince Rocking Horse Nursery Furniture

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Let's Rock Rock Rock Around The House Tonight.

Mar 26, 2010
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Pros:All your kids will to rock on this for hours.

Cons:This could tip sideways if they get to far out of hand.

The Bottom Line: This will take a little space when in use, but if you want to hand something down to them when they get older then this is for them. 

This beautifully colored rocking horse - rocking chair is just what the doctor ordered for those children between the ages of 2 and 6. I know that one hundred dollars may be a lot to spend on a rocking horse but just think that you can hand this down from generation to generation and they will not realize what they have until you are six feet underground. You can find a lot of these at Toys R Us, there are other colors to choose from, but one hundred dollars may be a little steep for some parents to fit into their budget. The way that I look at it, it is not much to pay for a lifetime of memories.

This rocking horse is made of half wood and the other half is made of particle board. The colors are hand painted to give it that nostalgic look. Back in the days of the knights in shining armor they would dress up their horses and go into battle. This is basically blue and gold in color and has tassels hanging off of the bottom in what appears to be a saddle or skirt. The overall dimensions of this horse is approximately 15"wide  x 28" high x 35" from the front to the back. This is not very heavy to move around, this only weighs about fifteen pounds. You can use this outside but I would highly recommend against leaving this outside, because this would not last through a rainstorm. This rocking horse should only be used if your child is under fifty pounds and can sit still long enough to enjoy it.

The biggest problem with this horse is the fact that it does not weigh very much. By only weighing only fifteen pounds this can easily tip sideways when a 6 year old gets rambunctious. They seem to like to go to town, as it seems. This will work well and the younger kids can enjoy this a lot more. The problem with the real young child is that they need constant surveillance when it comes to letting then rock on their own. There is no seat belt to help hold them in place. If you can find an old baby car seat then you can swipe the belt off of that seat and install that on this.

There is some padding behind the back to help in protecting the head but nothing on the seat area. This cushion can be removed to get it washed from time to time. This rocking horse is very durable and easy to wipe spills off of it, just use a damp cloth. This does not creak in the beginning, but after awhile you will start to hear some noises and it may drive you crazy. The first thing that we noticed that came apart was that the tassels started to disappear, but for the most part this has lasted for quite a while showing little to no wear in the spots that you would expect them to show. Such as the seat and handle hold areas.

Since there are no moving parts then there is not much to worry about it breaking. All I know, is that our grandkids just love to get rocking to music on this horse. This is light enough for them to drag it around from room to room if they get tired of  the company that is in the same room with them. Overall five stars even though the tassels have fallen off.

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Amount Paid (US$): 100.00
Type of Toy: Other
Age Range of Child: 3 to 5 Years

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