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Better than a playpen-- guiltless containment of your infant/toddler!

Apr 17, 2007 (Updated Apr 17, 2007)
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Pros:Easy to set up and break down. Safe. Expandable with extra walls.

Cons:High price for molded plastic walls. Basic set is too small.

The Bottom Line: Every home with a crawling baby or young toddler should have one. Excellent, practical play area.

The Li'l Playzone offers a large, safe, contained area for your mobile baby and young toddler. It sets up quickly and breaks down quickly with molded plastic walls and corners in primary colors of red, blue, and yellow. The basic set includes a 4-sided area that offers 13 square feet (approx 3.5 feet on each side). You can also purchase additional wall units, to expand the area.

Because there is no floor material, it rests directly on your rug, hardwood, tile, etc. The bottom of each section has rubber pads, to help prevent sliding and protect floors. One of the walls in the basic set also includes a play area full of spinning, turning, pushing activities (including music and lights). Additionally, a child-proof gate rests within one of the other walls. The Li'l Playzone is rated for up to 18 months old. The walls are 24" high, and they don't offer any footholds (much to the disappointment of any climbers).

Even the most bumbling person will have no problem setting this up within 60 seconds. The corners line up with the walls and slide right into locking position. Each piece is very light, with hollow molded plastic construction.

We purchased two additional wall units (at $30 each!) that increased the play area from 13 square feet to a much bigger 30 square feet. We also got foam tiling floor (available in baby superstores or online) for a softer play area.

Because the wall/corner joints can pivot, you're not limited to 90-degree angles. We set up ours in somewhat of a hexagon shape (i.e., six walls) rather than a long rectangle.

This gets set up in our den, and because of the additional walls we got, we easily enter the play area and join our baby in play and interaction. With the two additional wall units, there's plenty of room for an adult to even sit down with extended legs in a relaxed position and have plenty of play area left.

What we most appreciate is that we have the peace of mind of offering our child a large area to explore (with plenty of toys too) without constantly needing to move a crawler away from danger. He's in this safe play area for a couple hours every day, with us entering and exiting frequently to play with him. He loves it, scooting around at his leisure from toy to toy to explore.

Also, this has been such a blessing to monitor a content, self-playing baby who has room to move around as we make meals, clean nearby, etc.

We also have a Pack N Play upstairs, which is fine for very short periods, but our baby gets bored and frustrated quickly in it.

The walls come apart easily, but never accidentally. It will be impossible for a small child to do it. Storage is among the only downsides, if space is limited. Each wall is a couple inches thick (but hollow, so very light). If you have 6 walls (each one is around 32" wide and 24" tall) and six oddly bent corner pieces, you can do the math on storage space needed. It occupies much of the floorspace in a standard coat closet.

This product should be in every home with a mobile baby and young toddler! While a bit costly for what you actually get, the value of daily use and the peace of mind is tremendous.

Plus... you don't need to feel any guilt about keeping a baby in a cage. This is far from that!

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Amount Paid (US$): 120
Type of Toy: Other
Age Range of Child: 0 to 12 Months

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