Light it up with this Rovner "Light" Ligature

Oct 19, 2008
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Pros:Good Price, Good Quality, Very Nice Sound


Not Really a Specialty Ligature if You're Looking for Specific Sound

The Bottom Line: I recommend this ligature to any beginning or intermediate musician for it's price, quality, and sound production.

Hello Everyone! I have been playing the Alto Saxophone since the 8th grade and I've had a lot of experience trying different ligatures. I keep going through different set ups for my my mouthpiece and ligature combination but this is the ligature I keep coming back to.


I've seen ligatures that go for an easy $100 and I just cannot justify any student or intermediate player purchasing such a ligature. This one is between $15 and $25 depending on where you go and it is just as efficient and durable, if not more, than most other ligatures.


My Rovner ligature has been used for about five years now. The screw is made very well and has never bent. The actual material that holds the reed in place is still going strong and has not stretched or warped at all as far as I can see.

Easy to Use:

This is a quick and simple ligature. There is only one tightening screw so you don't have to mess with making sure the tension is the same in multiple screws. Not only that but threads on the screw have never stripped or been cross threaded. Talk about nice.

Tone Quality:

The ligatures you want to watch out for are usually the ones that come with student horns. Sometimes you find one that is decent but most of them are cheap metal that doesn't allow the reed to vibrate properly. This can deaden the sound dramatically.

This Rovner ligature allows the reed to vibrate freely and the sound to maintain a full beautiful quality. For me, the ligature is all about sound and response.


The response with this ligature suits me so well that I actually use it for classical and jazz playing. I've been looking to upgrade but this is just a good solid ligature that works for both styles. Until I find something top of the line that just "sings" for me, I'm going to stick with something that works. This ligature really does work so why mess with a good thing?

Overall, this ligature is a great deal for the amount of money you spend, the sound you get, and the versatility and durability of the equipment. I recommend it to any saxophone player.

Hope this helps,

Woodwind Specialist

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