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Oct 22, 2011
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Pros:Tolerable to palate, thin spread-ability, Dries clear, grease-less

Cons:Heating up may destroy healing properties, freezing may also

The Bottom Line: An effective, inexpensive, all-natural commercially prepared aloe vera gel. Cuts, scrapes, adding to juice for digestion issues. Tolerable taste, smell, promotes absorption

Before I was given a beautiful and simply versatile ‘Aloe Vera’ plant, I had to rely on store-bought as pure as possible in gel and ointment forms. It has been used in my family for decades, alleviating some  minor conditions that occur in my household. A commercially prepared, and not altering its natural healing properties by chemically drying or somehow processing for human consumption, these tend to get expensive over time.

The internal pH balancing is assisting the frequency of elimination after assimilation: what you eat, not used by body, must come out. For this purpose i don't use Aloe much but a burn or a bug bite or even simple contact dermatological episodes can be relived with a simple swipe of this gel onto the affected area.

This product, Lily Of The Desert Aloe Vera Gel- 16oz. is grease-less, non-odiferous, slightly sticky until completely absorbed into the integument, and goes on clear like your favorite antiperspirant should.

Now on with my review . . .


This plants essence the gel is made from is the liquid that nourishes this plant from root to tip of each three-dimensional leaf, and it has not been known to cause allergies so much as relieving some of the soreness from under the nostrils for those that have runny noses due to allergic rhinitis. The plant has some proteins in the amino acids and these can cause mild to moderate integument afflictions like rashes, redness and itching.

If you know of these symptoms in your family history and experience anything unusual, keeping the food/mood journal I talk about at my website, can pinpoint what exacerbates what. Before ingesting any Aloe Vera juice or using this topical gel for bruises and minor scrapes and burns, please have a RAST allergen test done to see if any portion of the plant is contagious to you.

According to the Aloe Vera websites I had visited while researching this stuff, I found this: People who are allergic to both garlic and onions, should NOT ingest or use Aloe Vera because it is part of the Liliaceous family AND anyone allergic to the cacti family of plants should also request an allergen test be performed by their doctor.


It is a thinned out light amber-yellowish kind of liquid that pours semi-quick into dispensing shot glass. The outside housing of this miracle liquid is a plastic bottle in dark brown to refract sunlight if kept somewhere near it (which is not recommended) and a vacuum sealed plastic on top of white cap you twist off to open.

|| Caution NOTES ||

There is a note of caution to anyone who is: Pregnant, Breast feeding, a child or baby, any individual who is suffering from gastroenterological (digestive) problems and of course the senior citizen of the elderly population--to NOT use Lily Of The Desert Aloe Vera Gel- 16oz. without consulting their physician first.

|| COST ||

When I clicked the See It icon, Swanson shows me two prices, one theirs and one retail which as I researched is a fairly standard price for 16 ounces of pure organic aloe vera juice.

|| DOSAGE ||

It is indicated on bottle label, website and confirmed with consultant, that 2ounces may be ingested as needed for regularity of the digestive tract, assistance in body hydration and absorbability AND a lot less applied to a scrape or bruise, topically of course as it occurs.


Ingredients are provided as a convenience for consumers. Accuracy can not be guaranteed by Epinions or the Author. Please be aware that changes to ingredients can be made over time so to get the most accurate and up to date information please contact the manufacturer. (taken from becky2259)

Certified Organic Aloe Vera Fillet Juice at 58ml; Certified Organic Rich Aloesorb is 60mg; while the inactive are Carageenan for thickening; Citric acid to stabilize ones pH balance and Potassium Sorbate to inhibit the growth of any mold.


Since I prefer the actual plant secretion as opposed to using this, when I do use this for cuts and scrapes I also mix it with a little baking soda to make a paste and then apply it otherwise it runs all over everything but the wound in rescue . . .

|| NUTRITION Facts ||

Serving Size= 2 fluid ounces or 59ml Servings per bottle: 8

Calories= 4 Fat Calories= 0; Total Fat 0; Saturated Fat= 0g ; Trans Fat= 0g; Polyunsaturated Fat= not provided; Monounsaturated Fats= not provided; Cholesterol = 0mg ; Sodium= 30g YEP only <1% of entire bottle !

Total carbohydrates= 1g or <1% of entire bottle; Sugars= 0g; Dietary Fiber= 0%. There is also 4g or 1% of Magnesium; 0% of Vitamin A in here; 0% of Vitamin C; 2% or 25mg of Calcium and 0% of Iron.


This Lily Of The Desert Aloe Vera Gel- 16oz. is thinned enough to be made a juice additive so use juice like apple & lemon juice or water, but don't mix with berry or red juices like tomato or pomegranate because it does not taste right.

It is also tolerable enough on its own to go down easy and not make someone scrunch their face up in puckered yuckola ! It is also thick enough to stay somewhat in place over the wound in repair . . .

|| SMELL ||

It offers an earthy and oily but pleasant aroma when opened, and refrigerate after doing so.

|| TASTE ||

I get a mild raw corn and slightly sweet syrup sensation when I describe this area of this product, but you might taste something different.

|| VERDICT (my) ||

I recommend only if you don’t already own an aloe vera plant because Lily Of The Desert Aloe Vera Gel- 16oz. is as close to the real thing as you can get and I trust a number of Swanson products. They are about affordability, 7 leaf guaranteeing and of course quality.

The delicious supplements and many foodstuffs Swanson offers to its hungry public, I can honestly agree that **** ½ stars is fair for a commercially-prepared version of an aloe plants essence.

I thank you so kindly for reading . . . And

Enjoy sharing the light

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