Linksys WUSB54GSC-EU (5051964014638) Wireless Adapter Reviews

Linksys WUSB54GSC-EU (5051964014638) Wireless Adapter

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Linksys Wireless-b/g USB Adapter WUSB54GSC: An inexpensive easy wireless solution.

Jun 13, 2012
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Pros:Easy to install, good range and bandwidth for wireless-G, inexpensive, updated software/firmware available

Cons:Newer wireless-N device adapters aren’t prohibitively more expensive, occasionally may drop a connection 

The Bottom Line: When Wireless-G connectivity is available for under 10 bucks, you have to jump on it.  If you have outlying "legacy" equipment that can benefit from going wireless:  Recommended.

A couple of years ago around Christmas time, being a frequent buyer at, I received a Newegg Shell-Shocker email telling me the Linksys Wireless-G USB Adapter WUSB54GSC was available for just $7 including shipping.   Although I didn’t have a driving need at the time for a Wireless-G adapter I figured for the price it might just come in handy in a pinch.  Knowing a bargain when I see it I ordered two along with a Netgear Wireless N Router for next to nothing.  Now, I’m generally a very lucky guy, but no one is always lucky.  The Netgear Router turned out to be a complete bust.

When my adapters arrived, I spent a little time looking them over and reading through the documentation, but then just put the boxes in the closet waiting for a rainy day.  At the time I had a vague notion of using the Adapter to connect our ancient Sony Vaio Desktop to our wireless network. Several years ago when we used an ADSL broadband service from Bell South our modem was upstairs in my office and the monster (in its time) Sony Vaio was wired into the modem.  By the time we switched to Comcast Cable Broadband it was easier to install the modem on the first floor.  But, by that time we were all using laptops so the Vaio Desktop sat unconnected upstairs.  I never did get around to installing it.

But, when my father-in-law purchased a new desktop he passed his 3 yr-old HP Desktop on to us claiming he was told it had a bad drive.  But, after doing a nothing more than a full clean restore I had it up and running as if it was brand new. Now I had a desktop worth connecting to our wireless network.

But like many desktops it had no built-in wireless card. I had use for the adapter. Installation took all of 5 minutes. I loaded the software, plugged the adapter into a free USB port and entered my SSID and WPA2 password and the computer was instantly recognized by the network.  I went to the Cisco/Linksys website and found some updates for the adapter.

Linksys Wireless-G USB Adapter WUSB54GSC
The Linksys Wireless-G USB Adapter looks like a large USB Flash Drive.  It fits into any available USB 2.0 port and is backward compatible to USB 1.1.  Sticking out of the computer it measures 3”L x 1 1/8”W and is about 3/8” thick.  It’s a bit chunky.  For installations where the Adapter can’t fit or where it needs to be repositioned for better reception a 1 meter USB extension is included.  At the time I installed the adapter, we were still using a Wireless-G Belkin Router.  Since we hadn’t yet gotten into heavy streaming to our new Vizio Internet Connected HDTV or our Roku Boxes, the nominal 54Mbps speed and 100’ range of Wireless-G  seemed up to the ask of taking care of our three laptops and our smartphones.

 Although the desktop and adapter are located at the far end of the second story of our house and our wireless router is on the opposite side of the ground-floor, the connection was maintained flawlessly for more than 3 months.  In all we have had no more than a few hiccups requiring that we re-establish the connection. I suspect downloading the newer software and firmware updates helped in this regard.  Since replacing our Belkin router with a Linksys E1200 2.4Ghz Wireless-N Router, the Linksys Adapters have behaved admirably although the HP Desktop doesn’t see heavy use.

The SpeedBoost feature is supposed to increase speed by up to 35%, I'm not sure whether or not it's effective, but suffice it to say the Linksys Wireless-G USB Adapter WUSB54GSC is fast enough to take what little demand we now put on it.

Bottom Line

When Wireless-G connectivity is available for only 7 bucks, you have to jump on it. The Linksys Wireless-G USB Adapter WUSB54GSC is currently often sold on-line and other sites for about $20 or less. Given its performance, that's not too shabby a buy either. If you have outlying “legacy” hardware that can benefit from connecting to your wireless home network I can recommend it.


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