Linksys WUSB300N-EU (0745883574049) Wireless Adapter Reviews
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Linksys WUSB300N-EU (0745883574049) Wireless Adapter

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Feb 18, 2007 (Updated Mar 28, 2007)
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Pros:It picks up signals from much farther away than expected.

Cons:A little on the expensive side and dainty, but worth it!

The Bottom Line: I highly recommend this unit for people with larger estates, or people who need speed to support their internet habits, such as gaming, chatting, or podcasting!


You know, my Dell laptop has a sub-par internal wireless G card, and it has failed me, connectivity wise, many times. Well, maybe it has something to with the fact that I’m not paying for cable internet, and sneaking onto someone’s unsecured router. After all, I have about 8 of them surrounding my apartment. Anyways, I thought to myself, is there a better way to transmit and receive data from the Internet? I have about had it with wireless G, with it’s connecting to another router behind my back. So, I looked into alternatives, and there is not much out there other than wireless G. However, I sought out the wireless N adaptor, and it works like a charm, even if I am stealing internet bandwidth.

The answer to that question above, undoubtedly, is an astounding HELL YES!! And I don’t mean that in the biblical sense.

There is not much in this world of technology that ever excites me, well, when it comes to accessing the internet. I just bought this Linksys wireless-N adapter on a whim, and to my shocking surprise, an unpredictable thing happened. It beat my expectations. I thought for sure I wasted $100, but not this time. It was a fine investment. This is, without a doubt, the perfect solution for people who have bigger estates, and need a range far greater than that of the average wireless G adaptor.


There is really not much to tell here, but it is a very slim unit that has an attractive presence, especially when it has been placed into to its base stand. Its colors are a basic gloss black, and flat blue. The two blue lights on top are like bright little beacons telling the world, we can get on your router with ease. One light will tell you the unit is on or off. The other tells you if you’re are transmitting or receiving a signal. Also, there are two antennas to move around, just like those old rabbit ears we had for our television sets back in the 70’s. You might want to buy an extension USB cable to extend the possibility of sneaking on the internet of some unsuspecting stranger’s router.

It is a very light wireless N adaptor that can transmit/receive a signal up to 3 times farther than your standard wireless G adaptor. It also can transmit/receive up to 15 times faster as well. It does seem a little fragile, so tuck away those nasty USB cables so you don’t hang your foot on it, and pull the unit down off it’s perch.


I must admit, the installation was a difficult task. The first thing you needed to do, was put the installation CD into the CD drive. Secondly, you had to start the install program. Thirdly, you had to press a bunch a buttons telling the damn thing you agree with it’s policies, thus putting you in an uncomfortable legal agreement with Linksys. Then, you have to wait a few minutes to install the drivers. After all of that, you plug the unit into the most convenient USB port, and search for a signal, or should I say, signals! You might want to move it around a bit to find these signals, but for the most part, the unit I bought, found 8 signals right off the bat. It makes me proud to be an American. By the way, is Linksys an American company? Well, who knows?


I guess that performance means many things. Is it reliable? Does it stay connected when it suppose to. Can it take a beating? Stuff like that! Well, as far as reliability is concerned, I haven’t had the unit long enough to tell you it is good. However, I can tell you that the connectivity is pretty darn good, and it doesn’t drop you when it finds a stronger signal. It does seem to be on the dainty side, so I suspect you need to secure the base down.

You might get this unit confused with a credit card, so don’t go charging for a new computer and flip it out. You might get arrested.


If you don’t secure it, or the base, you might get your foot or arms tangled up, by accident, in the USB cable, and knock it to the ground, thus breaking the $100.00 unit. Yes it is a bit pricey, but considering what you get, most likely, it is worth it!

It doesn’t work very well in toasters, ovens, and microwaves, especially if these things are turned on!


I must admit that wireless N seems a lot more capable than the average wireless G adaptor. Most likely, this adaptor can help with distance problems on larger estates. It’s perfect for sneaking that porn off the net from an unsuspecting stranger who doesn’t know how to secure-enable his/her router, and it’s perfect for those high demand folks who send and receive voice streams. It also may help you people with X-Boxes, simply because of the speed. To maximize the power of this little unit, try buying a wireless N router as well to supplement it in totality, it’s absolute power.

All in all, I believe the unit’s design was well thought out. From the software to the hardware, Linksys has put together a solid alternative to wireless G.

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