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I Hired the Maid!! Now I Have to Buy These??

Jul 9, 2002 (Updated Jul 11, 2002)
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Pros:The idea is great, but that's about it

Cons:Expensive to replace

The Bottom Line: Find out how you can get by with never having to buy another refill of Litter Maid Receptacles again and never getting your hands dirty!

So you hired the Litter Maid to make your life a little easier. Did it? Well, for some it probably did, but for others I'm sure the thought of firing the Maid has crossed your mind.

Either way, you are stuck with this expensive piece of equipment that "cleans up" after your cat(s). Little did you know that you STILL have to come in contact with poochie even though the Litter Maid promises you that you will never have to scoop or come in contact with unhealthy waste again! Secondly, have you ever tried to clean out the litter box or the rake for that matter? Eugh! Nasty! Third, you've run out of those waste containers. It's time to order more...I THINK NOT!

The ABC's

Litter Maid Waste Receptacles are the plastic containers that hold your cat's waste when the Litter Maid is at work cleaning up after your cat. It's actually quite neat the first few times you see the Litter Maid in action because the rake pushes the lid of the receptacle up while at the same time manages to rake the clump or poochie into the receptacle.

My Litter Maid Deluxe came with 12 containers (6 were clear and 6 were white colored plastic). They each come with their own pop in lids that "seal" the container so that odors stay locked in place. When the receptacle is full you just pop on the lid and toss it. When you run out, you just buy more. Sounds great right?

Well, for starters, the receptacles are pretty flimsy and can tear when you let too much waste accumulate in them before you manage to empty them. Secondly, sometimes you have to fiddle with the receptacle to get it to fit right in the Litter Maid. Third, the receptacles are by no means odor locking! If you leave "waste" in there for longer than 3 days, it can get pretty smelly. I could go on and on about my pet peeves with this Maid, but I'll save your eyes!

How Much do I Have to Pay Again?

Now, as for the Litter Maid Waste Receptacles, they are a bunch of crock and not to mention a rip off! At $15 for a pack of 12 flimsy plastic containers, do the math and you'll be down at least a hundred dollars a year just to keep your "Maid" running! By the way the Litter Maid recommends that you change the receptacle once every 5-7 days! Hmmm...who's bright idea, ahem, I mean money making scheme, did that belong to?

Well, being the frugal chick that I am, I certainly could not afford to buy these receptacles on a regular basis so I had to improvise. Read on and find out how I have managed to NEVER EVER buy more receptacles than the box came with in three years! (Litter Maid's going to hate me for this!) *evil grin*

Groverchick's Trick!

Many of you out there are like me and hate the concept of having to spend $15 for something that ends up getting thrown out in the trash. I know a lot of you who have the Litter Maid try to wash out these receptacles and recycle them, but remember, you bought the Litter Maid so you wouldn't have to deal with "waste" again! Spare those rubber gloves and your nose and listen up!

When I bought the Litter Maid, it came with 12 waste receptacles and out of those twelve I still have 9 left. I've managed to get by using only one receptacle a year because, get ready, I simply line the receptacle with a grocery bag! The bag is a little big to line the receptacle with, but trust me it works! Just put the grocery bag in the receptacle and fold the sides down and make sure the handles of the bag are under the receptacle. It takes a few times to get the hang of it, but once you do, dumping litter is a cinch.

When the receptacle lined with the grocery bag is half full (since I have 5 cats I must empty it everyday), never wait until it's full, simply grab the grocery bag, tie it up, and toss it! It's as easy as that. No odor problems. No having to put odor deodorizers in the receptacle! No more rinsing out those nasty receptacles with your rubber gloves. And most importantly you'll never have to buy more refills. I've been using the same receptacle for almost a year and a half now!!

Time to Say Bye!

Well, I hope this helps everyone that decided to hired the Maid. There is absolutely no need to have to keep buying receptacles for your Litter Maid. Please save your money and just think that you're helping out the environment too by saving plastic.

If you really want to know what I think of the Litter Maid check out the review I wrote on it ( I guarantee that you will get a few laughs out of it.

Hope everyone had a great day!

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