Mar 8, 2007 (Updated Jun 12, 2007)
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Pros:Summer fun, original, durable

Cons:Discontinued, kids feet drag on ground, plastic cracks

The Bottom Line: This is a fun at-the-playground toy to add to your Little Tikes colletion!

Get ready to go for a wet and wild ride!


While we have a ton of outdoor toys, both from when my now 11 and 12 year old boys were toddlers, but recently from having a part time daycare, we look like a mini theme park! My youngest son is on the autism spectrum and is very tiny for his age, so there are still alot of outdoor toys that he enjoys, and can fit on!

The Little Tikes Octopus Merry Go Round is one of a kind! With his impressive detail and humorous face, you can't resist!

MOM ~ Please Buy Me This!!

I found this big guy while scouring local yard and garage sales last summer. He stood out as one of many that a local family had put out to get the highest bidder. It was a neighborhood sale, where alot of neighbors go door to door, but we had a jeep, and an adorable smile that sat on my son's face. He saw it and jumped right on! I was surprised that he fit! He began laughing and twirling himself around on the blue underwater monster, and that was it. We had to have it!! The other mom's husband had to load it in our vehicle, because I was told it weighs about 80 lbs.

Don't We Already Have Enough Toys?

While I try not to go to yard sales and bring alot of useless toys home, I do not mind spending money on nicer, larger multi-use toys that are long winded and durable. The plastic was a little cracked, and the color was faded in parts from the sun. But for the most part, it was clean, and went around in a circle well without it appearing to have any problems.

How Much Did This Cost?

We paid $30.00 for this. I am no certain as to what this originally cost, and since this is a discontinued toy, if you were to buy it on an online auction, it may be cheaper or more expensive, depending.

How Is This Toy Played With?

The kids sit in between the tentacles, that are curled up, with the octopuses face in the middle. As with most Merry go rounds, kids can use their own feet to push, one kid can push and hop back on, or an adult or older child can push. This should be used with adult supervision, in case of a child falling off. It does not go very fast, so there should be little safety worry here. It is fairly large and extremely heavy. Make sure that you place it on the grass, or sand, because bark chips or cement is not safe.

It is heavy plastic and very durable. The plastic on my model was a bit cracked, but on the bottom, where you couldn't really see. Some of the taller kids had to tuck their legs under them, as their feet would drag on the ground when pushed. It can hold about 300 pounds, so my estimate would be no more than 4 to 5 toddlers or school age children. It is easier if the kids are equal (out of 2 children playing, have one on either side). It is alot of fun.

How Much Is This Toy Played With?

We have only had it one summer. I am no longer doing part time day care due to college, and I am not sure if my son will take interest this year, so this may be at our next yard sale! (Any takers?)

Is it at the bottom of the Toy Box yet?

This IS the toybox!!

Space Saver?

If you want to protect this from outdoor elements, and you have a garage, that would be a safe play to store it. It is too heavy to bring in the house or place in a basement. It doesn't take up that much room in the backyard, so it is your typical outdoor Little Tikes!

My son and his friends have so much fun, that I think every child should have a ride!

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