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Great Rolls, Good food & FREE Peanuts

Mar 21, 2008
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Pros:Nice selection of steaks, good service & fun atmosphere.

Cons:new has worn off, sometimes loud (jukebox), no Swayze.

The Bottom Line: Enjoy Logan's on a Friday night with some friends. Good steak to choose from and the bread & peanuts are a great starter. Have fun at this roadhouse.

I have to be honest right off the bat. When this restaurant first opened it’s doors in our area, this was one of our favorite places to eat. It was different than most places to grab a bite that we had. Free peanuts as soon as you walked in and feel free to throw your shells on the floor. At first you look around and think… are you going to clean that up? Then 5 minutes later after realizing that is how things went at Logan’s Roadhouse – you were throwing them on the floor yourself. This is one of those small things that makes Logan’s seem like a pretty neat place at first glance.

How’s the food?

The menu is rather deep for a place with “Roadhouse” in the name. Of course burgers, steaks & ribs set the tone – but you wouldn’t think of finding a Mesquite-Grilled Salmon Ceasar on a “Roadhouse” menu would you? Add a few items like Tilapia & Southern Fried Catfish for the fish lovers and you can pretty much find something for everyone.

Since my husband & I have eaten at Logan’s Roadhouse several times we have eaten quite a few items on the menu at this point. As far as salads go, the Fried Chicken salad is good – not all that healthy, but better than the other dishes (non-salad). The portion size is SO big, I wish they would cut it in half along with the price. The Kickin’ Chicken salad is good and spicy too if you like something a little more off the wall.

As far as burgers – my husband eats them all the time and loves them. However he loves burgers from everywhere practically, so I don’t know what that really means. I have eaten Roadies (sliders) burgers and they were ok, mine were undercooked and had to be sent back. The fries are above average I would say. I don’t eat a lot of fries, but I usually eat some at Logan’s. I also have eaten the grilled chicken sandwich and it was similar to most grilled chicken sandwiches at Chili’s, Cheddars, Texas Roadhouse or anywhere else for that matter. Smokey flavor was nice, but sometimes it seems to much.

I haven’t tried the fish at all, but friends with us before have eaten catfish and thought it was fine. I am sure depending on the area this is might better in some places than others. The portion size is huge again – as is about everything else on the menu.

The Chicken Fried Steaks are consistent at Logan’s. I have never had a bad one, however it is about as big as the plate and they load it with gravy. I ask for the gravy on the size and put it on myself, they put WAY TO MUCH. Might eat half of it and then take the other half home for leftovers with this one. All the normal steaks are really the best part of the menu. We eat a lot of steaks from all kinds of places and Logan’s (if cooked correctly) is a good steak. Usually juicy, charred just a bit and have a nice mesquite flavor you can’t miss. They do seem to have issues with grilling the steaks to specifications. Many times we have sent steaks back because they were over cooked. You can see them in the kitchen with big flames through the glass and sometimes I think it is more about show than cooking and they forget. That is just me though. If you get it cooked right you will love the steak. Top it with jack cheese or mushrooms & onions or just leave it the way it is, it will be a tasty steak.

What’s for dessert?

The dessert menu is small at Logan’s Roadhouse. They focus mainly on the main dish here and the roadhouse atmosphere doesn’t go well with dessert. There are a few things you should try here though if you are in the mood. Logan’s has these little buckets of desserts like cheesecake or peanut butter crunch. They are different and you will probably only eat every once in a while – it just isn’t a dessert you crave.

Is it expensive?

I would say more expensive than your normal chain restaurant, but they serve mostly steaks. When half your menu is steak it will push the prices up. For a burger or anything like that – you will pay the same as any other place. Steaks are priced fine, 10-20 bucks depending on the steak of course. Ribeye is a good cut and usually 15 dollars at most. Drinks are same price as anywhere, same as appetizers.

How is the restaurant itself?

Like I said in the beginning, this place has a roadhouse feel with peanut shells all over the floor. There is a jukebox to play your favorite Willie Nelson song and murals of crazy cowboys & cowgirls playing pool on the larger walls. The tables are clean, bathrooms are clean as well. The bar area is normally a bit messier, but what bar isn’t for the most part.

How was the service?

We tend to always good above average service at Logan’s. They seem to have a fun atmosphere and so the staff feeds off of that. I have been to Logan’s for birthdays and they come out and sing and it is pretty embarrassing some of the stuff you have to do. They mean well and it is all around a good experience 9 times out of 10. They are usually staffed very well – so that helps out in speed.

Overall, what do you think about Logan’s?

The new has worn off, we now have a Texas Roadhouse as well in our area so either or is fine with us. Love the fact you get bread before the meal (THE ROLLS ARE SO SO SO GOOD!!!). Pair that with the peanuts and who needs appetizers (even though they do have some decent ones – like onion petals). The service is great and atmosphere is fun & friendly. If you want a good steak, you can get it here if it is cooked right. The other food is just normal chain restaurant food. Good family place for a change of pace.

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