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Logitech M505 Wireless Laser Mouse

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Another good Logitech mouse

Mar 26, 2011
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Pros:Light for a battery powered mouse.  Responsive.  Good ergonomics. Looks good.

Cons:The batteries add a little weight, but that's about it.

The Bottom Line: Light for a wireless mouse.  Unifying receiver works with other Logitech products.  Looks good and works well.  If it's comfortable in your hand, you won't go wrong.

I've been using computers for a long time, and have used a lot of different mice built by a lot of different manufacturers.  Overall, I would have to say that, to my mind, Logitech has made some of the best.
I purchased the M505 wireless mouse to replace an older Logitech J68 wired mouse.  That one had served admirably for quite a few years, but the little slide pads at the corners had finally peeled off so it was time to replace.  
The Logitech M505 was available at Costco for around $30, which was a bit less expensive than at most other stores, so it came home with me.
Out of the Box:
One thing I'd like to give Logitech for straight away is the packaging.  Like a lot of small electronics, it comes in wrapped in one of those clear plastic packages that's thermally welded around the edges.  Usually, those packages take a knife or scissors to open.  In this case, the pack has a series of perferations and a thumb notch that lets you easily peel the package open to get at the electronic goodness inside.
Inside the package is the mouse, one of Logitech's "universal" USB receivers, two AA batteries, and some minimal documentation.  There is no software CD included, so you'll need to download Logitech's software from their website.
The Good:
Logitech's universal receiver, they call it a "Unifying" receiver, fits into a USB slot and is quite compact.  If you were using it on a laptpop, you could leave it in place more or less permenantly.  It's also designed to work with other Logitech peripherals like keyboards or presentation pointers, so only takes a single USB slot.
The M505's ergonomics are comfortable and, for me at least, fits well in my hand.  It's got the standard three button roller mouse configuration, with right and left "rockers" on the center wheel.  Right and left buttons have good feel, while the center button is a bit firmer.
The mouse slides easily on a mousepad or desktop, and it's not overly heavy even with the two AA batteries installed.  In fact, it's not a lot heavier than the wired mouse it replaced.
Accuracy from the Infrared LED "laser" is quite good and it's very responsive.
Asthetically, it looks pretty good.  They're avilable in Red, Black, and Silver, with the sides made of a black rubbery material with what amount to white pinstripes, which is comfortable to the touch and easy to grip.
The Bad:
There's really not much bad I can say about this mouse.  It would be lighter if it didn't need batteries, though it's not very heavy to start with.
I did have a minor response issue when I first set it up with the receiver on the back of my PC's chassis.  Moving it to a USB port on the front solved it and now it works without a hitch.  
Given that I've got a well shielded full tower chassis, and the receiver was originally on the back about 4 feet from the mouse, it made sense that moving it up front would solve the problem.  My rig's farther from my keyboard and mouse than average, so most people probably won't encounter the minor glitch I did.
The Bottom line:
What can I say?  Mice are inexpensive peripherals and everyone's preferences are a little different.  If you like the feel of the Logitech M505, go ahead and get it.  The performace is good and Logi's always made a quality product.
At $30 to $50 bucks, it's a good product.

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