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Logitech diNovo Edge Wireless Keyboard (920-000924)

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The mightiest keyboard of them all finally available for Mac!

Jan 19, 2009
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Pros:Beautiful, elegant, sexy without compromising quality.

Cons:No numeric keypadHad problems getting volume slider to work with Mac Pro

The Bottom Line: This is the filet mignon of keyboards. Fully functional with Mac OS X and sure to please all who purchase it.

Owning a Logitech DiNovo Edge keyboard is nothing new for me.  Years ago, when I was still a PC user, I had purchased one of the original DiNovo keyboards. At the time, the wireless keyboard and mouse combo cost nearly $300, but it didn't take me long to appreciate what I had purchased.   The keyboard was above and beyond anything that was available on the market. 

When I finally made the decision two years ago to go Mac, the only regret I had was the use of the Dinovo keyboard.  I should point out that the keyboard was actually compatible, but lacked a command key, and access to my favorite Mac programs.   In the end, I ditched it because it was no longer practical to use a Windows based keyboard on a Macintosh.

Within the last few months I discovered Logitech had done something wonderful.  They made a Dinovo keyboard for Mac users.  Without hesitation I placed an order and now I am here to tell you a little about it.

This fully bluetooth keyboard is a marvel to behold. This solid, stylish plexiglass keyboard  (prone to fingerprints and dust) this looks like more like an art piece than an input device. It's a mere 3/4 inches thick and sits flat on your desktop with the option of being propped up with fold-out tabs on the rear.

Out of the box, I installed the setup CD, plugged in the recharger cradle, and tested the keyboard to make certain it worked.  The keyboard was immediately recognized by the bluetooth discovery tool where it paired the device.   I placed the keyboard on the charging cradle overnight.  Logitech claims that with a mere 4-hour charge of the keyboard's lithium-ion batteries, you can get two months worth of usage.  I have been using the keyboard for over a month now without the need to recharge, so I am likely to believe the claims.

Though the keyboard is not backlit (which I find to be a huge omission) it does have pretty orange amber lighting on the power, slide volume and Touchdisc controls.  One of my favorite features of this keyboard is the visual and audible notification of the caplock button which most individuals accidentally press while typing.  

The "F" keys provide a wealth of instant access to all your favorite Mac applications including Mail, Safari, Spaces, Front Row, iTunes and Search.  And, yes, there is a COMMAND KEY and even a button to put your Mac to sleep (and awaken it).

Out of the box, the keyboard is automatically programmed for instant access, but a simple visit to your SYSTEM PREFERENCES enables you to customize those buttons for any application you wish through the Logitech Control Center.  I should mention here that the control center also shows battery life and remaining days until you need to recharge it.  Very nice!

The keyboard itself is highly responsive.  I find my fingers flowing across it without any hindrance.  The Apple wireless keyboard I owned before this was okay, but I found the keys to feel flat and unresponsive.  This DiNovo feels just right, firm, with perfect resistance.  The Apple keyboard made me feel like I was typing on a solid surface.  The Dinovo gives a more "airy" response.

The two features I really cannot comment on here is the Touchpad and slide volume controller.  The touchpad is a neat idea, but I think most users would prefer a mouse which does a much better job of pointer movement and scrolling.  I find it to be an absolute waste of space on this keyboard.   The slide volume controller is beautiful (LED lights accompany your volume slide) but unfortunately it does not work with my Mac Pro as my audio output is routed through an external digital speaker system. I think on the iMac models this feature would definitely work out of the box.

The lack of a numeric keyboard may be an issue for some but I am certain that in order for Logitech to have included it here would have compromised the design of the keyboard.

Personally, I would recommend the Logitech DiNovo paired with the MX REVOLUTION mouse (which is why I am not a fan of the trackpad).  However, if you only go with the keyboard, the trackpad does feel as solid as those found on laptops except that it is very limited in size.

The expense of buying this keyboard is rewarded with quality workmanship you will not see in those costing less.  You may have to baby this keyboard a little more than you would with others, but Logitech was thoughtful enough to include a cloth to wipe the fingerprints off.

Thanks to Logitech for making such a beautiful, functional keyboard for Mac users and the environment they work in.  You would be foolish not to consider purchasing this before any other wireless product.

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