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Logitech V200 Wireless Optical Mouse

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My favorite mouse!

Dec 16, 2005
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Pros:Works anywhere, very precise, great feel.

Cons:Turns my ears red thinking about how my expensive mouse doesn't work as well.

The Bottom Line: Buy it! It's the best mouse I've used at any price.

We are an IT support company and have been doing this for 20 years. We've seen and used about every mouse known to man. My laptop is both my mobile and main computer. At the office I have a 20" LCD and an MX-1000 Laser Mouse. The cord "croaked" on the mouse in my laptop bag, so I had to buy a new one. I went to Best Buy to look at mice since part of knowing if you are going to like a mouse or not is to hold it. I had it narrowed down to the Microsoft portable mouse and the Logitech. I hate mice with 54 buttons that light up when you get an email, and you click by accident and wonder what you did. Two buttons and a wheel is my idea of a mouse. The Microsoft was prettier, and since we are in the computer consulting business, it makes a statement. However, the Logitech felt better. Both store the receiver in the mouse for transport, but the Logitech one is far smaller, thus doesn't cover up the USB port next to it. The Logitech requires 2-AA batteries while the MS requires one. The Logitech, it comes with 2 Duracell alkaline. It also says that they may last up to a year. (We'll see.) They were both $24.99. I wondered how well it would work for that since my MX-1000 cost about triple that. These don't cost much more than a corded mouse. I figured I'd better just grab the one I think best since my time value already exceeded the cost of the mouse. There isn't much to think about when you get it, slide the cover back, insert batteries, plug USB receiver into the port. It came with a CD, but like all IT Professionals, I plugged it in and read the directions as a last resort. So that's what I did, and it worked. When you store the mouse in your laptop bag, you snap the little USB receiver on the bottom of the mouse which automatically depresses the off-button. Well now I'm curious, so I got out the CD, and started the setup. It wanted to install something called music match, automatic mouse software update, and special app to set the settings on the mouse. (What I was hoping to find is something that says check the battery status, although it says that a little light by the mouse wheel comes on when you have about 10 days left on the batteries it says.) Next it wants me to reboot so it can install something that starts when Windows starts. Oh goodie! Sure enough, another thing on the task bar. I checked it out for value-added functionality. There is none. Start/Control Panel/Add Remove Programs... I think you know where I'm going with this. My advice? Open the package, shake out the batteries, USB receiver, and mouse. Donate everything else to the Waste Management Green Energy Program. After using the mouse for awhile, I find I like it a LOT better than my MX-1000 Laser mouse, it works on just as many surfaces, and works better on my leg and chair. It also feels better, and seems MORE precise. So what about my MX-1000 now? After paying 3 times for it what I paid for this thing, pride compels me to continue using it at the office. Besides, if I don't keep this one in my bag, I might forget to bring it along when I'm on the road. At the moment, we're looking into finding a good deal on these things for customers for Christmas gifts.

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