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Glass is no longer an obstacle!

Aug 17, 2011
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Pros:Works on glass surfaces
Excellent fit and finish
Large pads on bottom
good battery life

not rechargeable
Proprietary Unifying receiver

The Bottom Line: Excellent mouse that finally fixes the glass desk problem. Well built with great features but at a price. Would recommend to users who kill cheaper mice regularly.

Logitech has been hit and miss in the past when it comes to computer products. Some of their items are fantastic, some of them are terrible. When it came time to replace my SECOND Microsoft mouse, I was ready to find something that would work on my glass-topped desk. Enter the Logitech Anywhere MX.
Using what Logitech calls "Dark Field technology," Logitech claims that the mouse can be used on any surface, even glass. I was skeptical and chose to purchase the mouse at a retailer that makes returns very easy as I was sure I would be bringing it back. I couldn't have been more wrong.

The Logitech Anywhere MX wireless mouse feels good in the hand. It's weight is perfect for just about any user and the ambidextrous shape makes it easy to use for both right and left handers. The sides of the mouse are covered with a rubberized coating. This makes keeping a firm grip on the mouse very easy. While I use it on a desktop, I could see this feature being especially important for a laptop user and would recommend this mouse for such use.

The non-rubber coated surfaces are a matte finish black or chrome. I was initially concerned that these finishes would quickly scratch and scuff and look terrible. Again, Logitech surprises and after several months of constant use, the mouse still looks brand new.

The scroll wheel, which has become an icon for PC mice has a sturdy rubberized "grip" in the middle, making it easy to use. Pressing down on the wheel  frees it from it's clicky perch and allows it to "freewheel," which is a great feature. The wheel itself has enough weight to it that a quick flick of the finger will send it spinning for several seconds. Plenty of time to scroll even the longest web pages.

The easiest way to say it is like this: Darkfield Technology works. This mouse is sure-footed (padded?) on my glass-topped desk. It virtually never misses a movement and is always ready to go. The left and right-click buttons feel solid and well-built with a positive "click" for feedback when pressed.  Another nice feature I've discovered is that there's no annoying red or blue light emanating from the bottom of the mouse.

The bottom of the mouse has a sliding door that will conceal the Laser and sensor as well as turn the mouse off to conserve it's batteries, but I've found that I never use it. 2 AA's last me well over a month each.

Unlike the Microsoft Mouse, Battery access is from the bottom with the Anywhere MX. Virtually the entire bottom slides off for replacement of batteries. This is a good design.

The slider feet on the bottom are rugged and well placed. I had problems in the past with the Microsoft mouse  loosing these littlle "slick feet" – not with the Anywhere MX. The pads on this mouse are 3 times the size of the ones on the Microsoft mouse. I don't see them going anywhere any time soon.

It addition to the left and right buttons and the scroll wheel, there are two buttons handily located right above the thumb groove. These two  buttons act as "forward" and "backward" when browsing the web, but I often forget they are there, meaning they don't get much use.

Just behind the thumb wheel is a small button that will allow you to use the entire mouse to scroll the page, it's a great feature, but again, something I virtually never use.


The Anywhere MX Connects to your computer using the Logitech Unifying Receiver. This means that if you already have a wireless Logitech keyboard with this receiver, there's no need to plug the one that came with the mouse. It will connect automatically and just "work" – right out of the box. Pretty neat trick. This receiver is not really that special, but it works well.

The Down-side is that it doesn't use a standard technology like Bluetooth to connect. Why does that matter? Well, you will have to use their receiver even if your computer has Bluetooth connectivity built in. Just one more thing to keep track of.  Luckily, the receiver is quite small and won't protrude too badly from a laptop. I have it plugged into the back of my desktop and usually forget it's even there, until I run out of USB ports. THAT is when it's a real pain.

The other down side is that if the receiver ever fails, you MUST go to Logitech to get a new one.

Battery Life

Using the cheapest batteries I could find (Rayovack's) I can get about a month of use without ever turning the mouse off. Using better quality batteries (Duracells or Enegerzers) I can get almost 2 months out of a single set. I am sure that if I turned the mouse off, this would increase substantially, but I never remember to do so.


Overall, this is an excellent mouse – albeit expensive. For the person that uses their computer to work or study, a good quality mouse is a must have. However the new technologies brought to bear with this mouse cause the price to go up. If you find yourself going through cheap mice on a regular basis, or haven't yet cut the cord – this is your opportunity to get on the cutting edge of mice technology. (an area that has been stagnant for a long time)

If you have a glass or gloss finish desk, this mouse is an absolute must. It works exactly as designed and is an excellent addition to any desk or laptop bag.

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