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Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX - Works on any surface and has several unique features.

Sep 28, 2011 (Updated Oct 26, 2011)
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Pros:tiny receiver, works on any surface, case included

Cons:eats batteries

The Bottom Line: The Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX is a great little mouse with neat features that works on any surface.

I have been using the Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX for a few weeks now. It is clearly the best mouse I have ever owns. I especially like the fact that I can use it on any surface.

Why I picked the Anywhere Mouse

I had my last mouse for a couple years at least, and was very happy with it until I broke the end of the receiver off. I have a bad habit of setting my laptop down propped up against my bed at night, and I guess after a couple years of abuse it finally broke. I was going to just replace it with the same thing since I liked it so much, but did a little research, and decided to go with a new one that said I could use it on any surface. If you are interested click here to read my review of my last mouse: Logitech M505

Description of Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX

This is a smaller than full size mouse and about the same size as the one that I had. If you are looking for a big mouse keep looking. The mouse measures 2.5" wide, just under 4" long and at it's tallest point 1.25" The logitech anywhere mouse MX is contoured to fit in your hand. (more details below)

What you get in the box

I ordered my Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX from Amazon where is it available in frustration free packaging. What a joy it was to just open a box and discover what I needed inside without having to break into it with sharp objects. I noticed that it was about $60 retail but was able to get it for $45 on amazon by using the links on the compare prices page

travel Case
two AA batteries
the receiver
a CD
start up guide, and two other small booklets with helpful tips

Set Up and Settings

While the Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX comes with a CD, you do not need to use it in order to start using the mouse. I have Windows 7 and all I had to do was put the batteries in the mouse, plug in the little receiver and then switch the mouse on. Within a minute I was using the mouse

If you want more control over your Mouse settings install the software. I did this and it only took a few minutes. It gave me the ability to move function buttons if I wanted or adjust pointer speeds etc. Each function has a setting when you open the software and they were very easy to understand and set. The only change I made was the pointer speed.

Batteries, Battery Compartment, and Interior Cleaning

I thought it was pretty neat when I read in the instruction manual that the Logitech Anywhere Mouse will work on just one AA battery. Even though there are two batteries in the mouse only one is necessary. This is great if you want to lighten your mouse up a bit or if you are in a pinch and only have one battery. At first I thought maybe the other battery was only being stored in the mouse but I tried it with the battery in either place and it worked just fine.

With software installed you can check and see the status of your batteries.

To install and change batteries slide open the door on the bottom of the mouse. I had to really feel around to find the door as there are no markings to let you know where the door is. The battery door is essentially the bottom back 2/3 of the mouse. When you slide the door off you will see that it is easy to clean out any dust that might collect in the little area where the laser is. This is nice because on my last one, I had to get a q-tip and jam it in the little hole to clean it. With the battery door off it's easy enough to clean this and remove any debris.

Battery life - My first set of batteries that came with the mouse only lasted a month. I am not sure if it was the batteries or if that is standard. I will report back after I use it some more

ON/ OFF Switch

Also located on the bottom of the Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX is an on off switch that slides over the laser opening to turn it off and also to protect this area when not in use. When the mouse is switched on a green light goes on on the top of the mouse but it does not stay on. I think the green light just lets you know the battery is working and it was switched on. I read that the mouse goes into sleep mode if you are not using it but I can not see anything on the mouse that changes so I can only assume it is sleeping and conserving my batteries

Receiver and Range

The Receiver is tiny. It sticks out from the usb port about a quarter inch. This is probably one of the biggest selling features of this mouse. Besides the small size, the receiver is capable of working with other devices like other pointing devices or keyboards. I have not tried this since I do not have any other devices but am guessing that it only works with compatible devices so if this is something you want to use check before purchasing if the devices you have are compatible.

The range for the mouse is very good. Generally I am right next to my laptop with my mouse but if you were using your laptop for a presentation or plugged in to your TV you can use the mouse from quite a distance. I put my laptop on one end of my family room and stood as far away as I could get on the far end of my kitchen and I could still use the mouse without a problem. It even worked when I had it behind a wall.

Travel Case and Storage

The Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX came with a very nice slightly padded zippered case. I thought this was great because when I travel I always worry that my mouse is going to get smashed. The receiver is so small that you can store it right on your laptop, but if needed there is a spot inside the battery compartment to store the receiver.

Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX Buttons and Functions

Left Click and Right Click - There is nothing special about the left click and right click buttons except for the fact that they incorporated them right into the top of the mouse without separate pieces of plastic to cover them. Both buttons are very responsive and I had not problems using them

Scroll Wheel
- The scroll Wheel is pretty cool and better than the last mouse I had. First of all you can click down on it to switch between click type scrolling where you can feel it click as you go down the page. Click it again to have a free spinning scroll wheel which is great if you really are doing some major scrolling.

Besides scrolling up and down you can tilt the whole wheel to the right or left for left right scrolling.

Window Switch Button - Just behind the scroll wheel is a button that can be used to flip between open windows. I really do not use this function much but it's kind of neat if you need that. You can also turn any button off that you do not want to use or give it a different function with the enclosed software.

Page Fwd and Back Thumb buttons - Just by your thumb (if you are right handed) are two buttons that you can press to page forward or back. This is a nice feature and I think it will be something that I will use once I get used to them being there.

How I like using the Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX and Does it really work on Any Surface

I love my new little mouse and thought it was worth the extra money for the extra features. I noticed that it was about $60 retail but was able to get it for $45 on amazon by using the links on the compare prices page

I thought that the mouse was very responsive to all commands and it also felt nice in my hand. The buttons were all placed in such a way that it was easy to use them without having to look down at the mouse to see what I was doing.

One of the main reasons I bought the Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX besides the small receiver was the claim that it would work on any surface. I use my laptop all over the house and my previous mouse had problems working on our granite counter tops and certain fabrics.

I tried the Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX on my granite counter tops and it did a great job. I was really surprised and expected to see some loss of function on the granite but it was perfect. The bottom has four slightly raised spots that I believe come into use when operating it on a hard surface. This keeps it raised slightly above the surface and functioning perfectly!

The other place where I sometimes had trouble was on certain bedding and I tried it on those fabrics and the mouse performed like a champ.

Warranty and Logitech Customer Service
The Logitech M505 has a 3 year warranty. I have had logitech products in the past that have failed and they honored their warranty and sent me out a replacement no questions asked

Thanks for reading my review

If you have questions or comments about the Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX, please leave them in the comments section



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