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Logitech C260 Web Cam

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Jan 2, 2011
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Good Quality Video and Stills
Good Quality Mic
Long Cable

Cons:Not the Best Video Available
Barely HD
Slightly Odd Color in Low Light

The Bottom Line: The Logitech C260 is a great buy for anyone looking into getting their first webcam. It is great for video chatting, and will not disappoint.

     These days, webcams are almost a must for anyone who likes high speed Internet and social networking. Video calls are simple and free, and they are a great way to keep in touch with friends and family, but in order for each party to interact, they need a decent, responsive webcam that they can use without a hitch.

     I had wanted a different webcam since I had purchased my first: a slow, cheap, low quality, off brand webcam that didn't always even stay on all the time. I decided to look for a new one some time ago, not as cheap as the last, but still within a reasonable price range. I narrowed down to logitech's webcams, and watched various video reviews on youtube using the webcam itself to record the video. The HD webcams were nice, but going into the cheaper models did not result in much degradation in quality. I finally settled on the Logitech C260 Webcam, and, being an eBay surfer, landed a nearly new piece for under $20.(It had actually come from the Best Buy Outlet Store on eBay)

     After the webcam arrived in the mail, I eagerly tore the packaging open and promptly set it up. The Logitech webcam is simple in appearance; matte black all around, with mine coming in a shiny gray faceplate. The cable is more than five feet long, making it relatively easy to place anywhere on the desktop. The hinge is flexible and strong enough to support the lightweight body of the webcam. if you wrap the cable up to carry along with your laptop, there is a small Velcro strap to hold it tightly-bound up together.

     Performance-wise this webcam is adequate for all your basic video chat or blogging needs. Compared to my previous webcam, this one is a champion in low light (seeing as my computer is set up in the basement). It is not super fast in low light, but it's fast enough to not be very blurry at all, and the frames per second should improve as lighting increases. the quality of the video and still images is decent, but nothing to write home about. It will not capture fine detail or anything, but a simple snapshot or video clip will be worth keeping. Maximum video resolution (using the Logitech Webcam Software) is either 800x600 standard or 1280x720 widescreen. Maximum photo capture is 1.2mp or 3.0mp interpolated (widescreen values are identical to video values). If you use widescreen, the top and bottom of the picture are cropped, shrinking your field of view slightly. Width of the view does not increase in widescreen. Having a fixed focus, the sharpness is decent and should also improve in better lighting. The microphone is great; not too weak and and having a good dynamic range.

      I find a small gimmick in the color: it seems to be more saturated in the center of the screen than on the edges, so I would look more pale if I moved to the edge of the webcam's viewing area than if I were in the center. The color contrast is also a bit lacking in low light, but that is to be expected with Logitech's Right Light Technology trying to keep the brighness optimal.

     I like the included Logitech software for the C260 Webcam. It makes recording videos and taking pictures a snap, and simply organizes each in their respective windows folders under "Logitech Webcam." I cannot comment on Logitech's video calling software, but this webcam is completely compatible with Skype video calling, and will have no problems being picked up under windows 7 64-bit.

     Overall, the Logitech C260 Webcam is a great buy for those looking to get started with video calling friends and family, or to have fun video blogging. Light-weight and portable, the C260 is easy to take with you on the go, and simple to set on your desktop or laptop flat screen. The  resolution or color aren't the highest or the best of the bunch, but you won't be disappointed for only 30 dollars (or less).

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