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Easy to Setup and Use for FREE Video Phone Calls

Oct 25, 2010 (Updated Oct 25, 2010)
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Pros:Makes for fun ways to connect with family and friends.  Easy setup/good quality video.

Cons:The video quality could be a bit better, but its fantastic for under $40!

The Bottom Line: Buy this $40 webcam and connect with you far off family and friends for free - its fun and easy!

I got everyone in my family (6 of us) this webcam.  We are hundreds of miles apart and this webcam lets us use Skype's video feature for free video phone calls. 

Using Skype with this webcam is seemless and intuitive.  I really enjoy seeing my neices and nephews, brothers and sisters.  The clarity is supposed to be 720p high def, and the picture is fine.  Its not HD like you see on a 1080p TV, but the price is right and the picture is pretty incredible for a plastic lense.

I'm using Windows 97operating system and a low end AT&T DSL line with a 3 year old Dell computer - no rocket science here.  The sound syncs up with the video and because the sound comes through the computer's speakers (mine has a base box too), video calls feel like your callers are in the same room.

It was very easy for me to set up.  My parents (Dad is 85) got frustrated, but I was able to walk them through the Skype setup from 400 miles away.  Although Mom does NOT use a PC, she was so motivated to see her grandkids that she was ON IT and figured it out!  So, for the last 2 weeks, they have been using Skype to see us,as they have been using a regular phone for the audio feed, but we cannot see them as their webcam has not been set up yet.  We'll have someone drop by and install the webcam for them soon, but it is interest to note that the other party doesn't have to have a webcam to see you.

To install the webcam, you simply use the CD (or is it a DVD) that comes with the webcam to install the software (following the simple prompts), plug the webcam into a USB port.  The webcam comes with a built  in microphone so you don't  have to deal with that.  Then you hook up Skype by going to Skype's website and establish your account with them.  The webcam is small and simply parks onto of your flat panel screen or big monitor with a little L shape swing arm.  The webcam has a little green light to let you know when its active.

This is so much fun, we find ourselves visiting for hour long video phone calls, as the kids show off their artwork, talk about what they're doing in school, and horse around to show off to their uncle, while the parents react to it all and pipe in.

No adjustment is needed, but you can get the Logitech software to automatically zoom in on your face, but I prefer to have a wide shot so others can get in the video call.  You can also play with different video effects, like sepia tone for an old fashioned look, or trippy looking coloration.  Using Skype, a small live video of the caller appears on their screen so they know if the camera needs to be moved up or down and who is in the video.  It takes some getting used to looking at the camera, as your normal reaction is to look at the screen instead of the camera.  You can move the tiny video anywhere on the screen, but I prefer it up in the top left or right of the screen so I'm not looking down at it. 

Although you can have multiple audio connections on Skype, right now you are still limited to one on one video connection.

It feels like you're using Tomorrowland technology, but its sooooo cheap, and of course the video calls are FREE!  You have to leave your computer on to get calls, unless you make an advance arrangement to turn it on for a phone call.

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