Logitech G9x (PN910001153) Mouse

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The Versatile Mouse for Gamers and Workers Alike

Jun 8, 2010 (Updated Jun 9, 2010)
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Pros:Super-fast scroll wheel, versatile per-program profiles, customizability, durability, macros, reassignable button functionality

Cons:Cord needs attention to avoid permanent kinks, only right-handed, hard to freeform paint smoothly

The Bottom Line: Highly recommended to gamers, business professionals, and casual users.  Should be standard office equipment as far as I'm concerned due to high productivity potential.

The Logitech G9x Laser Mouse may strike you as overpriced at first glance, usually being around $100 in stores.  However, the amount of features you get with the ergonomics and style of the mouse, and the productivity you gain with the mouse features and software are well worth the price of this piece of hardware.


To start off however, there may be a bit of confusion with this mouse, as Logitech originally came out with the G9 Laser Mouse.  The differences between the two mice are minimal, which could also create some confusion.  Let me start by saying the two mice are virtually the same unless you're a gamer who uses very small mouse strokes to do most movements, which requires higher DPI values.  These differences can be outlined as:

New Laser Precision
200-5700 DPI
150 inch per second tracking speed
30g of acceleration detection

Original Laser
200-3200 DPI
65 inch per second tracking speed
20g of acceleration detection

So for those of you wondering, DPI is basically how many dots, or pixels, the laser is capable of moving the cursor as you move the mouse.  This varies over different surfaces so if you're one to use high DPI values, you'll want to use a quality mousing surface to ensure you're getting the proper DPI from your mouse.  If you have 200 DPI, and a high quality mousing surface, for every inch you move your mouse (with no mouse acceleration) your cursor will theoretically move 200 pixels.  With a 1:1 ratio of DPI to inches traveled, it's easy to see just how fast your cursor will move at 5700 DPI, where one inch moves 5,700 pixels.

Technical discussion aside, this mouse has very valuable assets towards itself.  Let's get the potential downside out of the way first.  If you're right-handed, this mouse feels great.  It is contoured for right-handed operation, and has side buttons that would make for incredibly awkward left-handed operation.  The mouse comes with two shells you can change out as you desire.  The first, and the one it's pre-packaged with is a smooth shell, which feels a bit like the surfaces of antimicrobial-coated electronics.  It is marginally larger than the alternative shell, which is a textured plastic.

Appearance and Ergonomics

It features a scroll wheel that has microgear technology.  Press a button on the underside in, and you have traditional scrolling.  Press it again to release the scroll snapping mechanism, and you have a low-friction scroll wheel that is excellent for zipping through documents, spreadsheets, and other scrolling-intense activities.  When using traditional scroll snapping, the scroll snaps seem to be very accurate.  One snap is one scroll, in other words.  I've used way too many mice that don't seem to use any real correlation between when the wheel snaps to position and when the wheel actually performs a scroll function.  Anyone who's been typing something out while using the Internet with a mouse that doesn't have precise scroll snapping probably knows the pain of loosing a good long paragraph to unfortunate timing of the mouse scrolling on its own while the shift key happens to be pressed.  This scroll wheel was my main reason for getting this mouse, as it was one of the few corded mice that has a low-friction scroll wheel.  This feature has definitely paid off in no time at all, as there were many spreadsheets with 4,000+ rows to scroll through at one of my jobs.  This scroll wheel will strike most as being a bit firm, but it gets easier to press after a few months.

Along with the rest of the styling which is nice, there is one negative with the cord.  It is surrounded by a braided fabric coating, which, by usual standards is perfectly fine, but when they package the mouse up, they bundle the cord so tightly that the twists and turns in the cable are so tight that they become permanent.  Eventually the cord starts poking through the braids, and then you get a nasty looking kink.

The final review item with ergonomics is that it has a little tray for weights you can install into the mouse.  With a total of 4 slots in the tray, and a collector's tin of four 4g weights, and four 7g weights, you should be able to customize the way your mouse moves until it's just right for you.


This mouse comes with Logitech Setpoint software, and I highly recommend that the first thing you do is get the latest update from Logitech.  In addition to some bugs being fixed, they're always improving on their software.

Setpoint allows you to do many things such as customize the color of the LEDs on the mouse practically any color you want. It has an actual color picker that works by letting you choose any red, blue, and green value, so you have practically no limitations.  These LEDs also can be set to change colors based off which Profile you have loaded.  Profiles are a complex term to wrap around, so I'll explain those as well.

A Profile in Logitech Setpoint is a set of behaviors and characteristics the mouse will have at any given time.  Profiles can be set to have you switch them (using a profile button on the bottom of the mouse and the + / - buttons on the top of the mouse), or they can automatically switch based of the programs running.  You can attach multiple programs to one profile, or have profiles set up to be unique to one program.  Just find the .exe of the program and you'll be able to associate it to the mouse profile.  You can use the profile to assign macros, hot-key combinations, and even predefined functions such as undo, redo, zoom in, zoom out, etc. to any button on the top of the mouse.  With Back, Forward, +, -, Left Click, Right Click, Scroll Up, Scroll Down, Scroll Wheel Down, Scroll Wheel Left, and Scroll Wheel Right buttons, you have a total of 12 programmable buttons on the mouse.  Each profile you set up can completely rework what each button does, and from what it seems, the mouse has ample space on it for more profiles.  Yes, you can store profiles to your mouse to use them on other machines.  I haven't tested whether the function remapping stays with on machines without SetPoint installed, so I'm unable to review on that aspect.

SetPoint also allows you to change many other aspects of the mouse.  By default, you have 4 levels of DPI settings, but you can decrease it to 1, or increase to 5, and you can adjust what DPI each level uses.  Furthermore, this DPI setting is kept on a per-profile basis, so each application you make profiles for can have different sensitivity levels associated with it.  Similarly, report rate and acceleration levels are also profile-driven.

Another incredibly useful feature of the mouse is angle snapping.  What this does is it tries to detect if you're attempting a straight line with your mouse, and it goes ahead and makes it perfectly straight for you.  No more having to install extra programs for making sudden but precise straight line movements.

That said, the mouse does tend to snap to directional vectors on its own even without that option.  Not good if you're trying to make lots of free-form selections in photo editing software, but for the majority of the computing I do, I don't notice this.


It's hard to imagine something as simple as a mouse being a productivity enhancer, but even if you use your computer strictly for work, this mouse can actually benefit you substantially.  Everything from formatting cells with a single click of a button to scrolling through incredibly long documents with incredible speed, but with the accuracy and control that seems to elude Office application's auto-scrolling feature ever since Office '97...

And for the gamers, this mouse can be incredible for performance and ease of use.  Each game you play is like getting a new mouse that's been customized specifically for the game.

I would highly recommend this mouse to anyone, whether they're looking for a gaming mouse, or simply tired of cheap mice that wear out.

Usage Statistics (condition of mouse after being used on the job for 10 months and counting)

Frequency : Every weekday, for at least 8 hours per day, many weekends for average 6 hours

Environment : Casual and comfortable, typical computer desk most of the time, every few weeks going into construction locations and working on makeshift laptop tables in rugged and dirty environments

Slider Condition : Great, many fine scratches, but no peeling or tearing (the surfaces the mouse glides with)

Paint and Finish on mouse body : Excellent.  Barely any signs of finish wearing out, and dust/grime collection spots have remain uncorroded.

Paint and Finish on mouse shells (replacable) : Great.  Minor scuff marks from where my thumbnail scrapes against the surface from picking the mouse up, or fidgeting habits.

LEDs : no dimming or burn-outs

Scroll Wheel : Out of 3 owned total, one has a very small amount of increased friction, the rest scroll as though they were new.

Click Quality : Excellent.  Mouse does not process a click until the button physically clicks, and doesn't register multiple clicks while button is far down enough to still be "in" the click (common problem that starts occurring as mice wear out)

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 99.99

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