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Logitech Y-UY95 920-000914 Wired Keyboard

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Sweet keyboard that is a pleasure to type on...and its backlit!

Mar 11, 2009 (Updated Mar 12, 2009)
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Pros:Good backlighting. Laptop-style keys. Backlighting adjustable and doesn't light the whole room. Scroll lock gone.

Cons:F1-F12 keys get the shaft. Support legs look flimsy. CAPS/NUM indicator very indiscrete.

The Bottom Line: I would recommend this keyboard to anyone looking for a keyboard with laptop-style keys and backlighting. It is the cheapest of its style and a pleasure to use.

I needed a keyboard to replace my 6 year old Logitech Desktop Ultra-X keyboard (slim keyboard with gray body and black laptop-like keys with ultra fast response) because of failing keys.  I also really wanted a back-lit keyboard.  Even though I am a very good typer (who doesn't need to look) I do find myself looking for keys all too often, and it is a pain when using a computer in pitch black.  I chose the Logitech Illuminated Keyboard (I dont think it has any sort of descriptive name like normal computer components) because 1) it has a standard layout, 2) its the cheapest backlit keyboard with a standard layout, 3) its the cheapest backlit keyboard with a standard layout and laptop-style keys, 4) logitech build quality is great, and 5) from the videos I watched the back lighting isn't overly bright (causing it to be a light source for an entire room).

Remark on those 5 points:
Most back-lit/illuminated keyboards out there either have a non-standard layout (mimicking laptop style 80-90 key layouts), have the big box keys (which are worse in regard to typing speed), or are really expensive.
Deck illuminated keyboards have standard layout, but use the box keys and are wildly expensive (~$150).
Saitek illuminated keyboards have standard layouts, and use moderate sized keys, and are moderately priced (~$60), but from the videos I saw back lighting looked like it could be a light source for a room.
Logisys keyboards have standard layouts, moderate sized keys, but at $18 it makes me question the build quality, and the illumination is not the kind that I would prefer.  Rather than illuminating the opaque letter on a black key, the Logisys keyboards illuminates opaque keys with letter decals on them.

I paid $65 for the keyboard...it was $80 marked down to $65.  I couldnt pass up $65 considering everywhere else had it for $80.

In the box:
*The keyboard, all one piece
*A cd-sized box containing some manuals and a driver cd (not sure you need it)

A breeze.  I just pulled out the PS2 keyboard that I wanted to replace, plugged in the USB plug from the Logitech Illuminated Keyboard and was on my way.

Unlike computers or laptops, keyboards are rather simplistic so there isn't all that much to say about the unit...

Build quality is great.  It is sleek, it types well, it feels well, and there is a palm rest connected to the keyboard which is certainly a boon.  I think the palm rest it good as it keeps you more level with the typing plane than without it.
The only real concern with the build quality are the support legs.  This was someone I read in a few reviews as a conern.  The support legs (you know, the ones you fold down to prop the keyboard up a bit) are not your standard ones which fold down towards the back of the unit.  Rather, they fold outwards, laterally.  Id prefer metal support anyday over plastic, but then again, what keyboard has such a feature?  Whether the legs are more likely to fail than standard ones remains to be seen (simply because this would require fatigue testing which is something I am not doing, nor should I), it just looks like they are more likely, thats all.

The backlighting is nice.  As alluded to with the Logisys keyboard, this keyboard (like the Deck and Saitek) illuminate opaque letters on black keys.  And fortunely instead of having a mass light below the entire keyboard (which it seems the Saitek has), each key has an LED below it (or so Logitech says).  Assuming that this is the case, it certainly makes it so the keyboard doesn't become a light source for the whole room as with Saitek units (as I saw in youtube videos).  There is a button in the upper right that lets you adjust the backlighting between four levels, 0% (or off), 25%, 75%, and 100%.  No explanation required for 0%.  Changing between 100 and 75 does not seem to reduce the light illuminating the letters, rather the aurora around the keys seems to reduce.  It is as if the 100 setting is "illuminate letters and crevaces between keys", and the 75 setting is "illuminate the letters only".  The 25 setting seems to be the 75 setting at lower light.  So there are some nice options.  I always leave it on the 100.

Some other notes:
Logitech did away with "Scroll Lock", moving "Insert" to where "Scroll Lock" once was (to the right of "F12") and making the "Delete" key two buttons tall.  It is a very nice change.  Who uses Scroll Lock?  No one. Who hates accidentally hitting Insert? Everyone.  Good decision Logitech.
Logitech also did away with the context menu button (between right CTRL and ALT) as well as the right Windows key.  Another good move.  No one I know uses the right Windows key, and no one I know uses the context menu button.  Logitech has placed an FN button which controls specific functions on the F1-F12 keys.
They als moved the CAPS / NUM lock indicators to below the num pad, instead of above it.  I think this was done to make room for the volume keys and the light control key which appear above the num pad.
You might see some pictures around the web showing non-standard Enter keys (the two button tall style) with a shrunken right Shift making room for the back slash key, and sme other extra buttons.  I think this is the asian layout or something, because I got a standard keyboard, with standard right Shift, standard Enter, etc.

There are some cons:
*The aforementioned support legs.  Whether they are more likely to fail than standard ones is not known, they just look that way.
*The CAPS / NUM lock lights are rather indiscrete.  It will take some time getting used to the fact that 1) they are beneath my right arm, and 2) I can barely see them.  I think it would have behooved Logitech to put a secondary indicator light below CAPS and NUM locks.
*The F1-F12 keys, which no generic computer user uses, have their FN counterparts on the top of the keys while the F1-F12 labels are placed on the front downward ledge.  The problem I have is that the F1-F12 keys are getting the shaft.  1) the F1-F12 labels are on the front ledge, and 2) the FN counterparts are the ones lit up, while the F1-F12 labels are not.  I still use some of the F1-F12 keys (F1 = help, F4 = become active in browser address bar, F5 = browser refresh, F6 = become active in browser address bar with URL bar pop down).  I am more likely to use the F1-F12 keys rather than their FN counterparts, so I would prefer the lighting to be the other way around.
*The palm rest is not detachable.  I dont mind it because I like it, but I think there are people who will.  So be aware.
*No ergonomics.  Again, I dont mind because I dont like those style keyboards, but those who do will not enjoy this keyboard.
*The bottom row of keys, while flush with the other keys to follow the downward slope well, are not flat laptop-style keys.  In the interest in making a nice slope the bottom row keys were made a bit bigger.  They are still fine to type on, I just would have preferred them to all be flat, especially considering all the numpad keys are flat, even the bottom row.

Most of the cons really don't affect me, and those that do I can live with especially considering the huge upside of getting a backlit keyboard.  Overall an excellent keyboard which is probably one of the more affordable aesthetically pleasing keyboards on the market.

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Amount Paid (US$): 65

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