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Logitech Y-UY95 920-000914 Wired Keyboard

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Logitech's Illuminated Keyboard works!

Mar 23, 2009
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Pros:Slim design, quiet keys, White lighted, good tactile feedback

Cons:Somewhat expensive, F1-F12 keys light up secondary function only, average key travel (laptop)

The Bottom Line: If you're not a typist, finding keys in the dark is much easier (and cooler) with this keyboard.

Keyboards have come a long way and while some swear on the traditional boards with more key travel for better feedback, the widespread laptop design (small travel) is increasingly accepted. Logitech tries to strike a balance between the two with this ultra-slim keyboard and throws in lighting as well.


The Illuminated Keyboard is not only named somewhat unspectacular, the design and overall elegance are understated and fit into any adult setting, provided Black is your "color" of choice. The minimalist design works well.

The White lighting is adjustable and overall uniformity reasonably well done. The outmost keys like ESC or "~" are are bit less clear than the ones in the center, but not by much. It works well for most conditions.


Setup: [****-] The Illuminated Keyboard uses USB connectivity and does not come with a PS/2 converter. It plugs right in and basic function is recognized by the system by default. Logitech's SetPoint software add control over the multimedia functions and is both easy to set up and to use.

Design: [****-] Clearly attempting to remain classy and understated, this keyboard fits more the adult taste than necessarily the gamer's. That's a good thing as there are many lighted keyboards out there (i.e. Saitek) which are clearly designed for gamers. The white lighting doesn't distract either. The letters are fairly large and easy to see. The slim design is easy to the eyes and the wrist.

Tactility: [***--] Logitech boasts that the Illuminated Keyboard's PerfectStroke key system gives you more key travel than typical notebook keyboards. However, they fail to give actual numbers and it's not very noticeable. In fact the stroke is about the same or slightly less than my previous keyboard (Logitech S510), and the keys are certainly lower profile too. The keys are very quiet in normal use and the feedback is okay, once again more in line with laptop keyboards. Not necessarily bad, but also not as good as claimed. The "soft" palm rest is not to be taken too seriously as the "soft touch" feature is simply making it less "plasticy" to the touch. It works quite well, but may not be what one might expect.

Lighting: [****-] The main reason to buy the Illuminated Keyboard" is indeed the lighting. That isn't a huge surprise, and the White light is well chosen. Overall uniformity is good with slight fall-off in the extreme corners (i.e. ESC key). Only one function is lighted and the same applies to double printed keys. The main deviation from convention is for the F1-F12 keys which are lighted only for the alternative function which Logitech chose to make the main. ("F1" etc. are printed on the side of the key and not lighted while the Multimedia functions are lighted.)

Extras: [***--] There isn't much that's unusual about the Illuminated Keyboard, and the controls for Volume as well as Lighting. The latter is achieved by a single key and cycling through 0%, 25%, 50% and 100% in brightness. Volume, however is more detailed and not only is there a key for Mute (and unMute), but also for Volume Up and Down. Unfortunately there is no USB hub integrated (either for mouse or Flash drives).

Value: [****-] The Illuminated Keyboard isn't the cheapest offering in this class but also not the most expensive. However, it's a good choice for balance of design and reliability. It's one of the few an adult is willing to put on their desk.

© 2009, theuerkorn

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