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Logitech Y-UY95 920-000914 Wired Keyboard

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Best Keyboard I've Bought (out of 12)

Mar 23, 2009
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Pros:Keyboard tactile response 
Key layout 
Overall look
Plug & play - no sleep/wake problems

Cons:Keyboard is a little lower that expected 
No wrist wrest
F-key lights icons, not number

The Bottom Line: It's a little more expensive than other keyboards - but well worth it.

I've been through many keyboards over the last 20 years - clickity mechanical behemoths like the old IBM (PC and AT versions) to the soft, understated original Apple Mac II keyboards, to all sorts of Microsoft, Logitech, and Keytronics varieties - curved, straight, bent, mechanical, membrane, wireless, backlit - you name it, I've tried it.

I'm a very fussy typist - I want to feel a click when a key has registered. The old IBM keyboard had that down to a science - but at the cost of a lot of rackety noise. I can't deal with keyboards that are too mushy without any tactile response, but even worse are keyboards that register a "click" to your fingers but don't always register the key-press to the computer. The best "blend" so far have been laptop keyboards - offering firm tactile response and minimal noise. The downside, other than being found primarily on laptops, is that these keyboards have very short travel distances - how far keys are pressed to register. This can be a problem for typing for longer periods.

I eagerly awaited the Logitech Illuminated keyboard because it sounded like it would offer the best of everything I liked - clicks, soft touch, nearly full travel distance – with the added benefit of illumination. My office can be a little dark, so having the keys light up is a plus, but secondary to the overall performance of the keyboard.

This keyboard replaces the Logitech Wave that made my hands & fingers quite happy for nearly a year – and was my “favorite keyboard of all time” … until now. I'm exceptionally pleased with the Logitech Illuminated keyboard after using it for nearly 5 months. I've noticed fewer typing errors, my fingers are very happy with the typing experience.

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 67

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