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Logitech LS-21 Computer Speakers

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Nice (CHEAP) system...detailed review

Jan 15, 2011
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Pros:Very inexpensive.  Excellent stereo, treble, mids, etc.  Decent bass.  Plays reasonably loud.


The Bottom Line: Easy on your wallet or purse.  Easy set up.  Easy to listen and enjoy.  I like easy.

I am going to write a very detailed review of the Logitech LS21.  Not because it is such a great system.  Rather, it is a very affordable system, to just about anyone's budget.

I will also comment on reviews which I've read elsewhere, regarding the LS21.

I like this little system.  I am using it as the sound system for my living room and it is performing quite well.  I purchased it because it was on sale.  OfficeMax has it for $19.99. That is in-store, not just online.  I had a few bucks remaining on an OfficeMax gift card, so I actually only paid some $13.  Where can one buy a decent sounding speaker system for so cheap? 

Plus, this is Logitech.  Not some crappy off brand name.  Logitech makes very respectable speaker systems.  I would buy Logitech over most other brands within the same price range.  And Logitech is much less expensive than Klipsch or Bose.  Not everyone can afford such equipment.

This is exactly what you will get:
One small powered subwoofer. 
Two small satelite speakers (left and right channel stereo).
One small wired remote control.

The remote control is permanently wired to the subwoofer chasis.  It incorporates a master volume control, a power on/off switch, a LED power 'on' indicator and a headphone jack for private listening.  Another cable ends in a mini-plug which you connect to your computer or other sound source.

The left and right speakers are permanently attached via a 'y' cable which ends in a mini stereo plug (3.5mm).
This plug is connected to the back of the subwoofer.

The subwoofer has the power cord permanently attached.  The remote control attached as mentioned above.  A discrete subwoofer volume control to adjust subwoofer output and a mini stereo jack which outputs the sound to the left and right speakers.

I am immediately impressed at the sub volume control on such an inexpensive system.  This sub volume control gives the user quite a bit of flexibility. 

Also, this tiny sub still features a 4-inch subwoofer speaker which fires towards the floor.  I was pleasantly surprised the woofer driver is this large.  Some small subs use tiny 2-3 inch drivers which may distort when playing heavy bass material.

The subwoofer cabinet is still made of wood.  Not plastic.

The satelite speakers each utilize a 2-inch metal flat diaphram large excursion full-range driver in a sealed acoustic suspension enclosure.

The sub has rubber legs on the bottom.  The satelites have foam rubber strips on the bottom.

Power output is rated 14 watts peak, 7 watts RMS. 

Easy.  Plug power cord into wall outlet.  Connect satelite speakers to sub via its plug.  Connect LS21 to sound source via green 3.5mm plug.  Turn it on and enjoy.  Took longer to unwrap all the components. 

'This sub has no bass'.   Not true.  No, it will not rattle your windows.  But there is bass.  The sound is reasonably full. 
Hint:  Place the sub near a wall, preferably a corner.  If not, aim the sub port(where the air comes out on the front of the sub) towards a nearby corner of the room.  Bass will be enhanced.

'It does not get loud'.  Not true.  I connected this system to my TV in the living room.  I plugged the attached tomini-plug into an adaptor 'y' cable.  One end of the cable has a stereo 3.5mm jack and the other end has a pair of left/right RCA phono plugs, which I use to connect to the LINE-OUT on my TV.  I then set the TV to variable output and use my TV volume control to change the volume settings. 
Doing so, this little system gets quite loud.  I just watched THE MATRIX, and I could hear it from every room in my apartment. 
Hint:  If you're not getting a loud enough volume, it may simply be that your system is not being driven to its full potential.  For instance, my  Blackberry phone will not drive this system nearly as loud if connected directly to the LS21 via its mini-plug.  But if I play the phone through my TV (via aux jacks), the LS21 can get quite loud. 
Every pre-amp is different.  The LS21 just needs a little more input to drive it to full power. 

'one of the channels went out'.  I already saw this happen to mine.  It is the permanently attached cords and plugs.  If this happens, you may just need to move the wires going to the satelite speakers and/or the mini-plug itself. 

'I stuck my fingers through the subwoofer'.  I don't know how to take this quote.  Yes, the subwoofer driver is located on the bottom of the subwoofer cabinet and it is exposed (no grille).  I suppose Logitech could have put something there to protect the sub driver.  I had no problems when I picked up the subwoofer speaker. 

I think this tiny cheap system has amazing sound for its price.  I doubt others would believe I paid under $15 for it after we've watched a movie being played through the LS21.

Midrange and treble response is very good.  Detail is excellent.  Stereo seperation is excellent.  Spatial imaging is very nice. 

I set the MAIN VOLUME CONTROL on the remote to MAXIMUM.  I have yet to hear any distortion from the satelite speakers.

Bass is decent.  Sure, other systems, including higher priced Logitech systems, feature subs with more bass.  But for maybe 3-5 times the price. 

I set the subwoofer volume control to the HALF-WAY POINT.  If I set it higher and play bass heavy music, the deepest bass notes cause the woofer to flutter.  I am not sure if this is the subwoofer amplifier being overdriven, or, the sub speaker simply reaching its physical limitations.  In either case, the half-way point seems to work rather well.

This tiny cheap LS21 still blows away speakers on the TV, and, in my case, for under $15.  Almost everyone can afford to dish out 20 bucks for improved sound. 

The problem with spending more is, how much more?  If you're going to spend a lot more, like $100 or more, then you run into all sorts of choices.  Lower end home theater systems.  Upper end computer sound systems.  More complicated set ups.  More wires.  More cash.

For what I paid, I can listen to my little LS21 everyday, playing my music, watching movies, etc, and never have to wonder if I should have bought a different comparably priced system.  why?  Because there aren't any!  I spent about as little as one can, on a name brand sound system.  The only way to get it cheaper, is to try sticking one under your coat and walking out. 

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