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Best Image Quality available for PC owners. Mac users stay away!

Jun 3, 2008
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Pros:Outstanding image quality on PC and Mac. Low light conditions no longer a problem.

Cons:Not Mac compliant despite the fact Logitech claims it is.

The Bottom Line: PC owners should absolutely consider this webcam before all others. Mac owners should consider the Logitech Ultravision line instead.

Quickcam Pro 9000 (960-000048)
Leopard OS X 10.5.3
Mac Pro

I have always loved Logitech during my many years as a PC/Windows user.
However, after switching to a Mac well over a year ago I discovered
that Logitech not only wasn't a "mac friendly" company but they had
no aspiration to be one despite the many complaints.

My case in point involves the Quickcam Pro 9000

It took a long time for me to find a Logitech webcam that would work
under Mac OS X. About a year ago I bought the Logitech Ultravision
webcam which, though not at first advertised to do so, was the very
first webcam that could be used with OS X right out of the box with
no drivers.

The Ultravision is a great webcam despite the fact it does poorly in low light.

So, I see that Logitech releases the Quickcam Pro 9000 and by all rights,
it is the same compliant webcam as the Ultravision. After all, right
out of the box it does work with Max OS X with iChat.

No doubt, the Quickcam 9000 is miles ahead of the Logitech Ultravision,
I was amazed by how crisp the image quality was in iChat even under low light.

This camera outperforms any webcam I have ever seen before it.

....but here's the problem....the frame rate is abysmal. I would say
this thing is working on 5fps and doesn't get any better. Stupid me
for buying this webcam without fully checking all the reviews. Now I
find that the problem concerning the frame rate was reported to Logitech
months ago and as usual, there's no fix.

I ask this seriously as a long-time user of Logitech products....

Why does Logitech hate Mac users?

There are very little products the company puts out that are Mac
compliant, including their latest and greatest hardware releases. Only
a few keyboards support mac. You won't find a Mac keyboard in their
diNovo line. Their webcams don't come with OS X drivers.

Tested on a PC, this webcam delivered brilliantly crisp images under low
light conditions, thanks in great part to its Carl Zeiss Optics. The difference
between the Logitech Ultravision (which was the webcam champ two years
ago) is night and day. This webcam outperforms the Ultravision in all respects.

If you are a PC owner I can't recommend this webcam highly enough.

I just want to warn Mac shoppers that the Quickcam 9000 has frame rate
issues under Leopard. Do a GOOGLE search and you will easily find enough
complaints to substantiate this claim.

If you want a webcam that works great under Mac, try their UltraVision
webcams that came out a year or two ago. They work right out of the box
with no drivers. The image quality is terrific, but not nearly as outstanding as
the Quickcam 9000.

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