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Great for small spaces

Jul 13, 2010 (Updated Jul 13, 2010)
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Pros:Compact - impressive portable device to grab and go as long as wi-fi is available.

Cons:None so far

The Bottom Line: Recommended if portability is your main criteria.  Great sound, but consider the "Boom" version if you need even better sound (~$50 more).

Comparison with Squeezebox Boom Radio:
The squeezebox "Radio" is a smaller version of its bigger brother, the squeezebox "Boom" radio.  The differences being that "Radio" has a single speaker and a color LCD display.  The "boom" has stereo speakers and no LCD display (but has an LED display for song and station information).

Overall, this is a very nice radio.  For such a small device, it produces very good sound (and bass).  The sound is a notch better if you get the "boom", but the "Radio" wins over if your main criteria is portability.  Both the "boom" and the smaller "radio" are compact, but the "radio" is easier to grab and go...say to to set up if you are working outside.  There's ~$50 difference between "Boom" and "Radio" ("Radio" being less expensive)..."Boom" offers better sound although both sound great.  "Radio" is proportionately expensive probably because of the color LCD display.

The design is nice and compact and works well as a clock radio for a kitchen or a bedroom nightstand.  The buttons and knobs are arranged intuitively and have a nice light guide for seeing them in the dark.  The LCD color display is bright but also configurable.  The display is used to show station and song information, and album cover art when music is playing (by default...you can also configure it for visualizers or screensavers.)  This is NOT a touchscreen.
There is a hidden sensor which will detect ambient light so that it will auto-dim when you turn your lights off.
Unlike the squeezebox boom, the line in and out ports are easily accessible from the side of the unit.  (The "Boom" has them in the bottom rear.)  The line-in can be used to connect a mp3 player like an iPod.  Connection to your LAN can be done via wi-fi or wired LAN cable.

Like its other models, Logitech's menu design is intuitive to use without needing to consult the manual.  Most of the navigation is done by the main knob (turn to navigate, push to select.)  Configuration is probably easier if done from the web interface.

Physical setup:
All you need to do is plug in the power cord if you have a wireless router setup; otherwise you will also need to connect an ethernet cable. 

Network setup:
If you are already comfortable with setting up network devices, it is an easy setup.  If you are new to setting up network devices, the documentation will walk you through it.  The unit will find your server/network as long as it is broadcasting. 

This device works great with applications such as Pandora.  The thumbs-up/down function is covered by the main knob.  It also works with Rhapsody and Slacker, but I have not tried those services.

The documentation covers just enough to get you started, but will not be detailed enough to tell you about the individual applications.  You will need to go online to get the details (or in worst case, search through a forum or FAQ.)

Other mentionables:

Infrared Remote - the remote is tiny and simple...and it sticks to your refridgerator via a magnet!

Synchronize - if you have more than one squeezebox (boom or radio or other), you can synchronize the units together to 'fill' your home with music.

Web remote - you can configure and control your individual squeezeboxes from a website.

Note: There might be an error with the title "FM"...I have not found FM service on this radio; I cannot confirm if there is an FM version of the Squeezebox Radio.

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