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Logitech V470 Wireless Laser Mouse

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Inexpensive Travel-Sized Bluetooth Mouse

Nov 25, 2009
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Pros:Low price, solid feel, easy to set up

Cons:No forward/back buttons, pointer is a bit fast by default.

The Bottom Line: You can't go wrong with this mouse and at this price.

Bluetooth mice used to be expensive, but just a week ago, I purchased a Logitech V470 Bluetooth mouse for only $20 at Fry's Electronics.  I was surprised that a brand-name Bluetooth mouse was so inexpensive!  Of course, what really surprised me next was that I found out it was a laser mouse!  Laser mice do cost a fair bit as well, since it's a newer technology that is more accurate and tracks better than the old LED optical technology.

So whats the verdict?

Logitech V470 Bluetooth Mouse
Packaged in a plastic blister pack, the V470 didn't stand out too much from the others.  However, it is distinctively Logitech due to the heavy use of their corporate colors.  I found it easier to unpackage unlike most blister packs, since it was thoughtfully preforrated in the back.  If you know me, you know I normally hate blister packs!

Inside, you get the dark glossy blue mouse itself, a pair of Duracell AA batteries, the Logitech SetPoint software on CD, a nylon carry bag, and a quick install guide that's folded like a map.  A Bluetooth transceiver is not included, but can be found for around $10 nowadays.  Logitech is obviously marketing the V470 mouse for laptops with Bluetooth already built-in.

I normally hate Bluetooth because they are so difficult to set up, but I was surprised to find myself working with the mouse after inserting the batteries!

Okay, not that easy, but at least the pairing process isn't convoluted like other devices.  With Windows 7, I was able to turn on the Bluetooth radio on my laptop, turn on the mouse using the switch on the bottom, then hit the "connect" button.  Windows found the mouse instantly and asked if it required a passcode.  Just say no, and it's done.

I also installed the included Logitech SetPoint software that came with the CD, and found that it made setting up even easier if you never used a Bluetooth device.  However, it did try to install Logitech Desktop, which checks for updates as well as advertises a bit for Logitech (new offers, etc), as well as the Yahoo toolbar, which sits pretty (or not so pretty) on your Internet Explorer.  I did not install either, and you shouldn't either.  I really hate it when software defaults to installing crapware, but at least it offers the user to say no.  Just don't keep clicking next!

Once installed, SetPoint will ask you to make sure your laptop's Bluetooth radio is on, and will ask you to turn on your mouse then hit the connect button.  After a few seconds, it will detect the mouse and install the driver.  Another few seconds later, it will ask you to move the mouse to a picture of a broken chain link and click it to fix it.  This confirms that your mouse is paried up and working properly.

Logitech SetPoint
Honestly, no one really needs SetPoint at all.  However, it does give you a few more options.  Once installed, it runs in the background as a small icon in your system tray (next to the clock on the bottom right-hand corner).

While most settings can be done in Wndows own built-in applet, SetPoint lets you do just a bit more.  You can swap mouse buttons, set the wheel for how many lines to move, or even use it for something else entirely.

I did find that the mouse pointer moves a bit too fast for me, but was able to set it in SetPoint.  The Pointer Acceleration was enabled (set to Low).  After turning this off, the pointer seem to move more naturally for me.  What was nice was that it did not affect the touchpad's pointer speed.

You can also use it to connect other Bluetooth devices, replacing the need to use the built-in Windows Bluetooth applet.

Lastly, SetPoint lets you know if your Bluetooth Logitech devices' batteries are low.  This mean if you are using a Logitech Bluetooth keyboard, it will let you know as well.  In fact, SetPoint was made for their Bluetooth input devices, not just for the V470 mouse.

Whether it is worth installing is up to you, but for me, I'll leave it off the next time I reinstall Windows.

What's there to hate about a mouse?  Not much, but I must admit, I really miss the fact that the V470 does not have any forward/back buttons.  I relied on them too much on my other mice for navigating web pages.  Other than that, I found the mouse to be a tad sensitive with the default settings (mouse pointer moves a bit too fast).  Nothing you can't remedy with a bit of software tweaking.

The Verdict
$20 for a big-name Bluetooth mouse is a great price, even if it didn't come with a transciever or forward/back buttons.  The small size is great for taking with you in your laptop bag, but yet it is large enough to feel comfortable to use.  I find that the odd shape (looks tall) was needed to give your hand support like a full-size mouse.

I'm not sure how long the battery life is, since I only had it for about a week.  I will update the review when I change the batteries, but after reading other reviews, it seem that the overall feel is possitive.

Again, I just can't help but repeat that $20 for a Logitech Bluetooth LASER mouse makes it hard to NOT recommmend.

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 20

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