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A cheap 5.1 home theater

May 24, 2006
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Pros:PRICE,good sound for the size,feel well made

Cons:cable length,need to have some treble and bass controls,orientation of some connnections

The Bottom Line: just make sure if hooking up to TV the wire length is not a problem...for computers THIS SETUP WILL ROCK.

Well just recently I reviewed the Logitech x-230 speakers (http://www.epinions.com/content_232107314820) and in the review stated I was going to get the x-530 speakers...well I did.
I apologize if this review seems somewhat short or not in much detail but, these speakers are the same as the x-230 setup just you get more of them so, please refer to that review to get more info on top of what I have to say in the review (I sometimes ramble on so length might not suffer:)

So I bought these to hook up to my 27" Sony TV (has audio out)a sort of poor mans home theater.I have been looking at home theaters in a box but SO many of them come with dvd players included BUT I just wanted a reciever and speakers at a low cost.When shopping for computer speakers I came across these and decided to give them whirl after being impressed with the Logitech x-230s (2.1)

FIRST OFF I searched high and low and could NOT find (even contacted logitech..refered me to another email..said forget it) the LENGTH of the cables.This is an important factor if you are buying them to hook up to a TV.So without further wait here are the wire lengths (within 1-3" of actually length...hard to measure out of box not perfectly straight,keep curling back) of all the speakers in the Logitech X-530 5.1 speaker setup:

**little bit about the connections- all speakers in this system connect back to the sub, the front right speaker has 2 sets of wires, 1 wire is heavy duty looking one that connects to the sub the other set of 3 (3.5mm green,black,& orange) connect to the computer (or adapter in my case)

*Rear Right speaker - black plug - 14.5ft

*Front Right speaker - to the d-sub - 6ft
- green,black & orange plugs - 5.6ft

*Front Center speaker - red plug - 7.4ft

*Rear Left speaker - yellow plug - 14.5ft

*Front Left speaker - white plug - 5.6ft

Another thing that I want to point out is when I contacted Logitech about the wire length I also asked if the x-box/ps2/game adapter was included, they said NO and I ordered it along with the speakers but,guess what IT IS included so, 6 bucks down the drain for me (might as well keep the extra one more trouble to send it back)

If you are not familiar with the game adapter it is a little chunk of plastic that accepts the wires from the front right speaker (green,black & orange plugs) and turns them into standard RCA - red/right channel and white/left channel inputs.My TV has AUDIO OUT jacks so that Is what I used to connect them.

I am having issues with wire length but if/or when I get it correctd I will mount them on the wall.The built in stands rotate to turn into wall brackets with a notch in the back...put a screw into the wall and hang...simple.

NOW the wires may seem long but when putting them around the room they are not.I will have to go out and buy some adapters so I can lengthin the rear speakers and my living room is VERY small.That sucks.Also I wish that the plugs that connect to the PC/game adapter were located on the sub NOT the front right speaker and the the front right speaker did have to plug into the sub with the one thick wire.
I don't know how I will fix the problem of shortness with the front right spkr to sub porblem (as I have my sub on the left of tv entertainment unit which makes sense if you look at the design of the sub..mesh grill on sub is located on the LEFT...poor layout of wires).

Now mind ya I complain about wire lengths but in all fairness to Logitech these speakers were designed for the computer not as a home theater system.

The sound is as good or if not better then the X-230s.Little too much bass but, I think they sound good.I wish they has installed a simple treble/bass control on the speakers.

Also one more quick note, I looked at my Sony TV manual and it stated that when using AUDIO OUT jacks I could not use the speakers built in the TV..well you know what I can use the Logitech speakers AND my TV speakers to output sound at the same time.NO problems there.

Well that about wraps it up.I don't know if I would buy this again for one reason and one reason alone...the wire length issue.If you have a really small area with a TV in it these things are excellent.If i can't work out my issues I will left with a really nice set of computer speakers which is also fine with me,these things are not junk and very good quality.

Hope you guys got something from this review (if anything guessing the wire length question) and you enjoyed reading it.

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