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Logitech Z323 Computer Speakers

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Wow!! Makes Your Computer's Audio Sound Come Alive With 360-Degree Stereo Sound!!

Jan 7, 2010 (Updated Jan 7, 2010)
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Pros: Fully enhances and powers up the audio from your laptop computer!

Cons:None to date.

The Bottom Line: I highly recommend it! Great sound, great design, and is very attractive and elegant!!


First, let me say that for a couple of years now, I've been receiving audio sound only from my laptop computer's speakers. But at times when I go to websites like YouTube.com and others, the computer's speakers can sound so low that at times, that I can hardly hear it! Even with the pc's volume level turned all the way up as high as it will go, it was still hard to hear it!

I'd have to strain my ears trying to listen to music or what is being said in a video or a movie. Even went so far as to put my ears as close as I could to hear things! This had went on for so long, it seems for eons!

Then, I decided that the only way to combat this annoying problem was to get a set of external speakers to compensate for the sometimes low volume levels of the computer's own internal speakers.


So, while I was at an OfficeMax store the other day looking for a stapler, I also decided to look and see what brand and type of external speaker systems they had for computers. I saw at least about three different speaker systems there.

One of them was an Altec speaker set, the other one was a Phillips speaker set and the third one was the Logitech Z323 Speaker System . I looked at them all very carefully to see which set was the right one for me, and had chose the Logitech Z323 Speaker Set because I felt that it was the best one out of the three. Something in my mind had told me to go with this brand. It seemed like the right thing to do.


So, I bought the Logitech Z323 Speaker System, took it home and set it up according to the instruction manual, while making sure that everything was being done properly and carefully. It didn't take long, just a few connections to make and placement of the speakers. After getting everything set up, I then turned on the set and then I turned on the computer.  

And when I did, Boy, what a surprise it was! The audio coming from this speaker system is so fantastic and unbelievable!! Almost like a
3-dimensional stereo system! I really couldn't believe how powerful this system is! This speaker system is sort of like a miniature version, if you will, of my Home Theater System!!

It's a whole lot better than any speaker system that I've ever used for a computer. Makes the entire audio spectrum deliver unheard-of pure rich full-bodied sound. This speaker system really packs a powerful punch! I never thought that I could get such good stereo sound this deep and powerful from such a small speaker system.


All you do is plug in the neccesary left & right speaker cables at the back panel of the subwoofer. Plug the light green end of the cable leading from the right speaker into the headphone jack on your laptop (notebook) computer. Plug in the power cord that leads from the subwoofer.

Turn on your notebook pc, turn on the speaker system's main control which is on the front of the right speaker, and you're good to go!!
Adjust the bass control on the back of the subwoofer to your liking.
Listen to life-like sound from your computer that you never thought would be possible!! 


1. Two left & right Small ported satelite speaker enclosures.

2. One Subwoofer. Has left & right auxhillary jacks in back, as well as left and right speaker jacks and bass level control.

3. Set includes cables - a power cable and color coded audio cables.

4. 360-degree sound. Helps project audio evenly in all directions! So that you can get a great listening experience throughout the room.

5. Ported downward-firing subwoofer delivers rich deep bass that brings music, movies and games to life.

6. One dual RCA jack and 3.5 mm jack on rear panel of subwoofer.

Make it easy to connect your Logitech Squeezebox network music player, gaming console, DVD player or iPod.

7. 30-watts of power to fill the room with big, bold sound.

8. Integrated headphone jack lets yo listen in private whenever you want. No need to unplug audio cable from computer!

9. Right speaker has front-mounted off / on volume level control, small yellow indicator light, side-mounted auxhillary music and headphone jacks.

10. Full two-year warranty on parts and labor.

11. Satelite speakers are placed on desktop, subwoofer on floor.

12. Satelite speaker cabinets are made of an attractive and elegant dark gray high-impact plastic material with elegant glossy front panels. Ports and rings around front speakers have an accented attractive light grey color.
13. Subwoofer's cabinet is made of an onyx black laminate coated wood.


1. 30 watts total output power (RMS).

2. Frequency response: 55 Hz - 20 kHz.

3. Dimensions (H x W x D):

Satelite enclosures:8" x 3.4" x 5.3".

Subwoofer enclosure: 8.7" x 6" x 7.2".

Drivers (total speakers in system):

One 4" subwoofer.

One 2-1/4" and one 1-1/4" driver in each small satelite enclosure. Smaller 1-1/4" drivers are mounted in top rear of satelite cabinets.


Works with:

1. Computer soundcards or audio sources that include a 3.5 mm jack.

2. Any major operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux.


None to date.


So far, I really like this speaker set! It sounds great and brings a totally new listening experience from the audio of the computer.

I love that it has rich and enhanced stereo sound and a very attractive and elegant color sceme design! It's sort of like a mini surround sound system where you are wrapped in wonderful audio sound while you sit at your computer desk and you are totally flabbergasted as you listen to this incredible speaker sound system in awe!! 


I just can't seem to say enough about the Logitech Z323 Speaker System! I'm just glad that I made the right choice. It's almost as though my computer's audio sound just got pumped up on steroids! Also, it really makes a great fashion plate statement for your computer! 


Yes! If you're as sick & tired as I am of trying to listen to annoying low-volume levels coming from your laptop computer, even though the volume level is up as high as it will go, and you want to take that final step to high-tech pure stereo sound, then the Logitech Z323 Speaker System is the one to get! You won't go wrong.


I bought this amazing speaker system at OfficeMax. But you can also get it at places like Staples, Office Depot, Best Buy, Dell and Amazon.com.

Thank you for reading this review.


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