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Overpriced and mediocre

Apr 16, 2012
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Pros:Design, Connectivity, compact size, Apperance

Cons:Performance (sound quality)

The Bottom Line: Well designed but lacking the big booms and the clarity in speech

I bought this pair of these speakers about a year ago from Amazon for about $60.  These speakers has been a mixed bag for me.   This review has two sections: Design/Connectivity, and Performance.

These speakers come in a rather compact box.  The satellites are made of sturdy, shiny, cheap plastic.  The dimensions are roughly 3.5"x4"x8", about average size for computer speakers but very lightweight.  Unlike other speakers, there are two 2" inch drivers on each of the satellites' front and back.  They advertise it as a complete "360-degree" sound.  The connection cords for the satellites are about 5 feet long.  The right satellite has the volume knob, stereo in, headphone out, and a separate 3.5mm stereo cord you can plug into your computer.

The subwoofer measures about 5.5"x8"x8" and has a solid wood enclosure.  It is relatively lightweight.  It has a down-firing 4" woofer and on the back panel it has the bass control knob, 2 rca ins, and a power cord.

The speakers in general are well designed and I love the design of a front and back driver on the satellites.  It does sound really balanced when you're walking around the room.  The cord lengths are just right and there are tons of connection options.  The volume knob is convenient (but not the bass because it's on the back of the subwoofer...).  My only complaint is that they could make their satellites also with wood (which would make it sound better) and their driver configurations, which is related to the performance of the speakers.

The speakers, like mentioned, have 2 inch drivers and a 4 inch woofer.  This is very poor compared to other brands.  Ideal computer speakers have 5-6 inch subwoofers, a tweeter (for high sounds, like dialogue) that is .5 to 1 inch, and a midrange that is 2-3 inches.  The Logitechs lack a tweeter and a bigger subwoofer, thus their lack in rich sound.  It is hard to hear dialogue with movies even with the slightest background noise because the lack of a tweeter.  Lyrics of songs do not come out cleanly and audible.  It sounds as if they were coming from a pair of tin cans.  Lowering the bass doesn't help either.  The subwoofer is also disappointing in that during bass-heavy music, it turns into more of a midrange speaker in that you can tell the unit cannot reach down low enough.  Bass from any subwoofer should be omni-directional and that you cannot tell the direction from where the sound is coming from, but that is quite the opposite when it come to these speakers.

The reason behind all these pitfalls is their lack of good driver configuration.  They could also make their satellites out of wood, which may be an improvement in sound.  I'm not saying they sound bad, just mediocre. 

After I sell these, I will be ordering this:

Eagle Tech ET-AR504LR-BK
You can search it up on Amazon

As you can see, these are full-range wooden speakers (tweeter, midrange, and subwoofer) and I hope these will sound much better than the Logitechs, mainly because they have a tweeter and a bigger subwoofer. 

Logitech would've had the spotlight if they chose their driver sizes more wisely, but they did a very good job designing it and putting many connection options.  I feel that it is a little overpriced.  I'm giving 3 stars because I have mercy for computer speakers (not like home theater systems), and I love the idea of a front and back driver on satellites.  Other companies should try to do the same.    

daquan who wrote the 5 star review on this same product said it sounded like his mini- home theater system.  That's stretching it too far, and he's probably mentioning his tv speakers....lol.

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