Love 'N Care Kelly Doll

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My daughter is lovin' her Love 'N Care Kelly!

Nov 6, 2001
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Pros:Great doll with lots of accessories.

Cons:The chicken pox didn't last long in this house!

The Bottom Line: Complete with her own thermometer and bowl of chicken soup, Love 'N Care Kelly is lots of fun to play with!

Last December my daughter, then five years old, came down with the case of the chicken pox. We discovered this only after we had gone to church, out to lunch, purchased some new Christmas decorations, and then … (finally) went to a movie. Yes, I’m quite certain that we infected quite a few children that Sunday morning/afternoon.

While her case only lasted a few days (thanks to the vaccine), she did have a few days spent at home in her bed. Well, this Mommy had already made a Kelly purchase for my daughter that was going to go under the Christmas tree. But … when I saw how disappointed my daughter was when she learned she had the chicken pox, and … couldn’t go to school, I just knew I needed to go into my magic closet! Yes! Love ‘N Care Kelly was just the perfect gift that my daughter needed right then to brighten her evening. Why? Because, Love ‘N Care Kelly had the chicken pox too!

~ Tell us more about this Kelly doll! ~

If you have read any of my past reviews then you are very well aware of how much my daughter loves her Barbie dolls. Why, she loves anything that goes with a Barbie! So, when I saw this Love ‘N Care Kelly at Toys’ R Us while on a Christmas shopping trip, I knew that it would be a hit. Little did I know that I had purchased a very timely gift for my daughter! And, as far as Kelly dolls go, I was very impressed with the items included in this set.

~ Kelly ~ With her long blonde hair (with a few strands pulled back by pink pony tail holders in the front) flowing down past her bottom, this Kelly is a cutie! She is wearing her nightgown (a big hit with my daughter!) and is looking quite comfy in her bed. And that nightgown of hers looks just like something my own daughter would wear! While the majority of her nightgown is pink, she has a yellow bow on the front, and the bottom of her nightgown has a ruffle. This striped ruffle (pink, teal, yellow, hot pink stripes on white fabric) matches the pillow on her bed. Definitely something my daughter thought was neat!

~ bed ~ I knew that this accessory would be a hit with my daughter. While the headboard and footboard of this bed is yellow, the remainder of the bed is pink. Made out of a durable plastic, the top of the bed looks like a quilted mattress. Underneath this mattress is a drawer that pulls out which allows you to store Kelly’s accessories.

~ comforter ~ Some may consider this a blanket, but here in our house we refer to it as Kelly’s comforter. It is made of a thin material that has a light blue background. Running throughout this material is a pattern of small rainbows with a white puffy cloud on the bottom of each end of the rainbow. There are also brightly colored dots running throughout this pattern. Around three of the corners is a ruffle made out of the same material as Kelly’s pillow. It is definitely bright and cheerful!

~ pillow ~ Her fluffy pillow fits perfectly onto her bed. And, as I have mentioned above, the material of this pillow is white, with stripes of yellow, pink, teal, hot pink running throughout.

~ rug ~ While this rug isn’t made of a soft fluffy material (it is a cardboard cutout), it is still a cute accessory. It is light blue in color with a border of rainbows and small white clouds. Yes, it also matches the comforter! What else would you expect from Mattel?

~ dress ~ For when Kelly is feeling better, she has a pretty dress to put on. With the teal shoulder straps and teal ribbon around the waist of this dress, the top of the dress is yellow while the lower portion is pink. I wouldn’t purchase this dress for my own daughter, but on Kelly, it seems to fit just perfectly!

~ shoes ~ There is a pair of light purple jelly shoes for when she feels like getting dressed again! Why they are purple? I haven’t a clue!

~ box of crayons ~ Well, it’s not a real box of crayons, but this cutout box is the perfect size for Kelly. And yes, just another small accessory to keep track of!

~ thermometer ~ This purple plastic thermometer was a big hit with my daughter! She just loves being able to take Kelly’s temperature.

~ cup ~ Kelly is going to need a drink, right? That will be no problem with her little purple cup. And you’ll never guess what else …

~ straw ~ Yes! A yellow straw that fits perfectly into the cup! If you hate small Barbie accessories, then you are really going to hate this set!

~ bowl ~ When your child is sick, what do you make them? A bowl of chicken soup! And that is exactly what this Kelly is going to have. With her purple bowl full of soup (yellow plastic that does not come unattached), this was another plus in my daughters eyes!

~ soupspoon ~ Can’t have your soup without your spoon, right? Never fear, this small plastic purple spoon is just the right size for Kelly.

~ tray ~ How else would Kelly eat her soup while sitting in her bed? This yellow plastic tray is the perfect size for her bowl and cup to fit on making it much easier for Kelly to eat her soup.

~ teddy bear ~ What little girl doesn’t have a teddy bear? Not this Kelly! Her teddy is made of a durable plastic that is light pink in color, with a bright pink bow.

~ books ~ Made out of cardboard like the crayon box, these two books (coloring books) are just another accessory with this kit.

~ chest of drawers ~ Also made out of cardboard, while you can’t open any drawers, it does look cute sitting next to the bed.

~ sponge ~ Blue on one side, pink on the other, there is a special reason there is a sponge included in this set. But you are going to have to read on to find out why!

~ What was this about Kelly having the chicken pox? ~

As I mentioned earlier, this Kelly doll has the chicken pox? Really? Well … I’ll give you my opinion on that in just a minute. First, let me give you the details…

Remember the sponge that is included with this set? It is now time to put it to use.

~ Dip the blue end of the sponge into cold water. Then dab the sponge onto Kelly’s face. This will make Kelly’s chicken pox appear.

~ Want those pox to disappear? Then dip the pink end of the sponge into warm water and then dab onto Kelly’s face.

It sounds simple, right? Well … we just could not get this to work well. We could get a few spots to appear, but then they would disappear very quickly. I tried water with ice, just really cold refrigerator water, and still … could not get this to completely work. Did this discourage my daughter? At first, but then she went off on her happy way to take Kelly’s temperature and then feed her a good bowl of chicken soup!

~ Any final thoughts? ~

While I would like to give this Kelly doll a big thumbs down because we couldn’t get her chicken pox to work correctly, I can not. Why? Because my daughter has had way too much fun with this doll! Love ‘N Care Kelly comes with many fun (and very small) accessories that my daughter has had great fun playing with her! For the price of $9.99, I have found this to be a great buy. If your daughter likes Kelly dolls and Kelly accessories, then this set will be a real treat for her!

Why not just pick up a Love ‘N Care Kelly and hold onto it for a sick day? Imagine the smile you’ll receive from your child when you bring out Kelly laying in bed sick, just like her! It brought a huge smile from my daughter face!

Mattel, Inc.
333 Continental Blvd.
El Segundo, CA 90245-5012

1-800-524-TOYS (toll free number) Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Eastern time

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