Lowepro Geneva 10, Ultra-Compact Point-and-Shoot Camera Pouch, Black (LP361540EU) Reviews

Lowepro Geneva 10, Ultra-Compact Point-and-Shoot Camera Pouch, Black (LP361540EU)

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Lowepro Geneva 10, Ultra-Compact Point-and-Shoot Camera Pouch, Black

Feb 4, 2012 (Updated Feb 7, 2012)
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Pros:Well padded and durable, easy to take on/off, will not slip off belt easily.

Cons:Not custom made for my camera, (but not a problem).

The Bottom Line:

This is a very well made and durable belt holster to hold your compact digital camera. It is lightweight and anyone can easily use it.

This is a well made belt pouch designed for small digital cameras. It is durable and a very comfortable camera case. It can be easily taken on and off without removing the belt. And because it has 2 Velcro attachment sites, it is very securely attached on your belt. It in nearly impossible to rip off of my belt.

I love belt pouches because they don’t weight you down as much as when a digital camera is in your pocket, purse, or backpack. The belt pouches are also easily accessible. This pouch is very much like a belt holster for your phone but I find it to be more comfortable. This pouch is even more secure than my phone case. In fact for my next phone, I will probably buy something like this to hold my phone in addition to one like the one I currently own for my Droid X I have a belt attached pouch for my Panasonic Camcorder and 2 for my two SLR lens that are also of a similar attachment design. The first one I bought was a Mountain Smith pouch for my Camcorder . I instantly fell in love with this belt attachment design to carry my electronics. I have no desire to buy another design. This is the best belt pouch design I have seen. I don't recommend the sealed belt loop design unless you are paranoid about the pouch falling off. But if that is your mind set then you better make sure the stitching is solid and at least double layered.

Keep in mind that this pouch will not fit in a formal look. They will also get in the way of a backpacking backpack belt. So keep that in mind.

The look is utilitarian. It is not flashy. It does not stand out. Black objects tend to do that. You may not even be able to see the brand name unless you look closely enough. The brand name is there on the front but is very small. And I like utilitarian designs, I am not out there to impress anybody. But the design will not embarrass anyone either.

I bought this with a Christmas gift care for my new Sony WX9 at BestBuy. There were several options but I choose this because it can be detached from the belt without taking off the belt itself. There are two straps that work together that make a very secure attachment. The short on is on the bottom and has on velcro patch on the inside. That velcro patch connects to the long upper strap. To put on you slide the long upper strap down and behind the belt. The put the two velcro patches together, the one on the body and the one on the bottom inside of the long upper strap. Then you take the lower shorter strap flip it up so the two velcro patch attach. In the second attachment the patch on the short strap (now outer) folds over the long top strap. The longer strap has two velcro patch on both side of the long strap. It will not disconnect from your belt without a lot of force. And it is made from a very durable material, much like the rest of this pouch. I just don't see this material failing me any time soon.

The first thing you want to look at when buying a pouch is the belt connection strap. It needs to be moderately wide. This strap is an inch and a half wide which is perfect. This means that the weight is distributed across a wider area so you don’t feel the weight of the pouch as much as you would with a thinner strap. This wider strap makes it very comfortable to carry. This case is barely felt when I wear it.

The second thing you need to look at is the padding on the back side. You need to have a fair amount of padding between you and the object (in this case my digital camera) so it does not rub against you the wrong way. The corners of the my camera nor the body of my camera bothers me at all when I am wearing this pouch Uncompressed, the padding is around a quarter of an inch. This padding is perfect.

Another thing I like is that the zipper has two zipper sliders. This means I can wear it on either side of my body and zip it from either side of the pouch.

You also want to consider an outer flap. The only thing securing the camera is the zipper. There is no flap that goes over the unit and nothing that protects the exposed zippers. This means that the only option you have is to zip and unzip to gain access to the pouch. While more secure than a Velcro flap, it is more of a hassle than a Velcro flap. My camcorder case has both a flap and zipper which means it has the best of both worlds with very little extra weight. Depending on the location/attraction, I will use one or the other method of closure.

I like small outside and inside pouches for an extra memory cards, batteries, or meds. This pouch does not have an external pouch but it has an inner pouch. It is more than big enough to hold 2 memory cards, a card reader, and an extra battery (actually 2 batteries for my WX-9.) It would only hold 2 AA batteries if that is what your camera uses. The inner pouch does not close. It does not have Velcro or a zipper. So small things can bounce out into the main pouch if you are very active (or on an awesome roller coaster.) But you could put a small glued Velcro (or sown in) patch if you wanted.

The pouch is also large enough to hold a compact 2AA digital camera. AA digital cameras are larger then their 3.6 volt cousins. The pouch has more than enough room for my small WX-9, my AA powered Sony or my dad’s Sony W510
This pouch can also hold 2 of the ultra slim camera out there. But the fit would be tight and the cameras have to be ULTRA slim.

The pouch has padding on both the front and back. The front (exterior side) is around 1/2 an inch. This protects it from the environment. Branches, seat belts, walls, people, etc. It won’t protect it if you fall directly on the pouch, but it will protect it from most other situations. The foam bounces back when pushed. I've seen no damage with the foam.

The curves of the outside are rounded so it doesn't feel uncomfortable when you hit it.

There is a small loop that can fit a carabineer or key chain. It is on the top back.

I has a small pouch inside that you could fit an extra battery, couple of memory cards, or a handful of ibuprofen.

The material is very durable. It is well made and well stitched. I cannot imagine my digital camera outlasting this case. I predict 5 years.

The inside is a soft material that has not damaged or scratched my camera.

Weight and dimensions
Weight: 3/8 ounce
Length(depth): approximately 1 3/4 inches
Width: 3 3/8 inches
Height: 4 7/8 inches

I really like this pouch. It is easy to put on and off, but will not slip off easily. The camera is protected by padding. The camera is very secure. The material it is made of is strong and sown well.
I love the convenient placement on my body. It is easy to get the camera out. It does not unbalance me nor does it feel heavy. A very worth while accessory for your electronic equipment.

©Alan Lake's Kitchen 2012

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