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Lucky the Incredible Wonder Pup

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My Son has a Friend in Lucky The Incredible Wonder Pup

Aug 7, 2008 (Updated Aug 7, 2008)
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Pros:Interactive, adorable, engaging

Cons:Expensive, can be a bit hard to find.

The Bottom Line: A fun interactive puppy - kids and parents will enjoy it.

We did not need another electronic pet, let alone - a dog. So when my mother showed up with Lucky The Incredible Wonder Pup a few months ago for my 7 year old son, I was less excited than she had hoped. You see, my 3 year old daughter has gobs and gobs of electronic pets - especially dogs. I thought that it was a knock-off of the Puppy Grows and Knows Your Name and actually hid the box behind the couch thinking it would be out of site and out of mind (who was I fooling?). Now, my mother - who happens to be a special education counselor for children with Autism and other needs - raved about Lucky and insisted that he would be a very special toy for my son, who has Autism. I nodded and humored her, this is after all 'just another electronic dog'. Lucky remained safe, sound, and batteryless behind my couch.

Until, then several weeks later the kids found the box hidden behind the sofa and pulled it out. I decided it was harmless to give Lucky a try. So here I sit, eating my words about how Lucky is 'just another electronic dog'. Darn it all, but wouldn't you know...My mother was right. Lucky really is something special.

Who is Lucky the Incredible Wonder Pup

From Zizzle this is an interactive dog that responds to voice commands and can 'perform' as requested. Lucky is a little brown doggy, a LabraDoodle to be exact. He has tan slightly curly 'fur' with a dark brown spot, tail, and ears, and a cream colored muzzle and tummy...very cute. Like many interactive toys he has a plush exterior but his innards are electronic (and plastic), giving him a bit of a hard feel but thankfully not making him too heavy. To give you an idea of his size, he stands about 10 inches high and is about a foot long from tip to tail.

Lucky requires 4 AA batteries in order to be interactive, they are not included so be prepared. The battery hatch is located on Lucky's belly and is accessable under a velcro closure. Here, you will also find an on/off switch and reset(rename) button. The dog comes pre-programmed to respond to the name "Lucky" though you can change his name rather simply by holding down this button and following a sequence of actions. Likewise you can also set the dogs name back to Lucky using this same button. I do appreciate that you can change Lucky's name to one of your liking - however, I question the logic of placing this crutial button in such a place where young children can access it. Lucky is suggested for children ages 5-9. My children are 3 and 7 and enjoy Lucky - younger children will simply require more assistance with interacting with him.

Playing with Lucky is pretty simple but does require some learning. Lucky is programmed to respond to 15 different commands but the commands must be issued the same way each time. First, you say Lucky's name to engage him. Once you say "Lucky" (or whatever name you give him) he will then respond to you with 2 barks. After he goes ruff-ruff, then you can tell him what to do. The commands are as follows:

Speak to Me - he will sit or stand & bark
Come Here - he will run forward and back
Pounce - he will crouch and pounce excitedly
Lay down - he will lay down on his tummy
Sit - he sits
Want a Treat? - he stands and barks (begs)
On your head - He does a headstand
Go to sleep - lays down, snores and enters sleep mode
Sing a song - he'll bark one of 2 songs
Good Dog - acts excited by shuffling his feet
Bad Dog - he crouches down
Put 'em up - he'll stand up on his hind legs. Then when you say "bang bang" he plays falls down and plays dead.
Tug of War - he opens his mouth for you to put in his leash, he closes his mouth and tugs a little

Lucky also comes with a "sleep" mode and automatically shuts off after not being played with for 3 minutes.

Playing with Lucky is pretty simple, you command and Lucky performs. Well, Lucky performs most of the time. You need to be sure that he has your attention (barking twice) first before issuing the command. A few of the tricks are a bit more complicated - Put 'em up & Tug of War but the rest are very straight forward. I do notice that both my husband and I had the tendency to want to 'yell' or raise our voices when commanding Lucky - but that isn't necessary.

Why we love Lucky, so

First, let me share with you a bit about my son, Lucky's owner. My 7 year old son has Autism. He has a really hard time making friends, playing with others, and generally engaging. One thing is for certain though, he loves animals and relates to them. This is all well and good, but our pets really have had it up to their ears with his big ideas on how the cat needs to be carried or pretend fed with a fake ice cream cone play-food. Lucky, however, plays along. Unlike a plush toy that just sits there, he can be engaged and he responds. Because of this my son is uplifted, amused, proud of himself, and encouraged to keep engaging Lucky to play more. This makes me smile because Lucky really animates him and I just love to see my little boy smiling and having fun. An added bonus is that my 3 year old daughter finds Lucky to be equally entertaining. Both kids like when Lucky does his headstand the best and also the "tug of war" (even if they have a tricky time with the leash-strap). Because my 3 year old needs help playing with Lucky she has to call upon her big brother to help her. Instead of fighting over Lucky - they are playing with him together - an equally pleasant sight for me to see.

Ok, now my true confession. I like to play with Lucky too. He isn't the most complicated of 'robots' but he is entirely too cute for words and he is a dog that doesn't poop or have bad breath!

Do I recommend purchasing Lucky? Yes, absolutely. I suggest you seriously shop around though and find the best price. I believe my mother said she spent around $40 and she bought him off of TV (Home Shopping Network).

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): gift
Type of Toy: Stuffed Toy
Age Range of Child: 6 to 8 Years

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