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Why do my lips feel so heavy?

Feb 13, 2003
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Pros:Long-lasting and super shine.

Cons:Thick and heavy

The Bottom Line: If thick lipglosses don't bother you, you will be satisfied with this lipgloss.

Lip gloss is a must in my beauty routine. It’s gotten to the point where I almost feel naked if I don’t have it on. As one of the most important items in my routine, I have tried a variety of glosses. Fortunately, I have found the gloss ( Mary Kay’s Signature Lip Gloss)that I will use for the rest of my life (or until I become convinced that there is something better). However, until I found that gloss, I had experimented with a variety of other brands. One of those was MAC’s Lipglass.

Why did I choose to buy this?

The only reason I purchased this is because I heard so many people raving about how great it was and how it was the best lipgloss. Not one to like being left out, I went to Gloss.com and purchased two tubes.

Product Claims

I purchased two tubes, one clear and the other, beta brown, a lipglass stain. The clear lipglass promises to:

- create a high gloss, glass-like finish or a subtle sheen.

The lipglass stain promises to:

- combine the color of a lipstick with the sheen of lip gloss.
- create a full color, high gloss, glass-like finish or subtle sheen.

Appearance, Price, Shades

Both clear and lipglass stains come in plastic “squeezable” .5 oz tubes that are clear so you can see the color of the lipgloss. Personally I prefer glosses that have the wand because it offers better control and less steps instead of MAC’s tube where you have to squeeze it out and either apply it straight from the tube, use a lip brush, or your finger.

You can purchase the clear lipglass for $11.50 and the lipglass stains for $13.00.

The clear lipglass comes in one color, of course…..clear. The lipglass stains come in the following:

Peach Complement
Briefly Pink
Hi-Resin Rose
Electron Pink
Red Scheme
Vivid-Tone Violet
Grape en Drape
Incandescent Gold
Filtered Yellow
Untempered Gold
Chroma Camel
Beta Brown
Spectra Peach
Restrained Rust
Lowlight Silver
Infrared Wood

MAC also offers a “tinted” lipglass with over twenty-five different shades.

Do I like it?

Not really. I was very disappointed and I felt betrayed by all those people who tried to convince me how great this gloss was. It definitely gives you a high gloss shine and the clear lipglass does give your lips a glasslike appearance. It also lasts for a decent amount of time (over 2 hours). So, in that aspect, this product is great. But it all comes at a cost. This gloss is super-thick. I can feel it on my lips and it is a distraction. When I part my lips, I can feel the gloss separate with my lips. It’s not a good feeling.

I noticed that whenever I wore this lipgloss, it would end up leaving a sticky film on my cups or soda cans. Even with leaving it on those items, enough still stayed on my lips to give me that shine and that thick, heavy feeling. Whenever, I would remove it from lips, it left them with a sticky feeling.


1. Lasts a long time compared to other glosses.
2. Gives your lips a glasslike appearance and super shine.


1. Thick
2. Heavy
3. Sticky


I really like the look that Lipglass gives you, but I can’t deal with the heavy feeling on my lips. When I wear a lip product, I don’t like being able to FEEL it on my lips. I still kept my tubes and I occasionally wear the clear lipglass when I’m going out for a short period of time and want to look a little “extra”, as my friend says. I can only stand it being on my lips for 30-45 minutes top.

hydrogenated polyisobutene, buxus chinesis (jojoba) oil, tocopheryl acetate, isopropylparaben, butylparaben.

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