Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 (GMF-00010)

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Easy Glide on Most Surfaces! -- On the Go with the Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse

Aug 7, 2010
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Pros:works effortlessly on a variety of surfaces, one AA battery, on/off switch, programmable buttons

Cons:no automatic power-down or power-saving features

The Bottom Line: This Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse has a lot of positive features going for it.  We love it.

My older Logitech mouse was on the fritz.  It's most frustrating when the mouse thinks that every single click is a double-click.  After some research I decided to purchase this Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse (model # 3500).  Being an avid Logitech fan, this was a big move for me.  But I don't regret it!


This is a notebook size mouse, measuring 3 3/4" long x 2 1/4" wide.  It is an elegant black and gray combination.  The mouse has the left and right click as well as a center scrolling wheel.  A function can also be assigned so that the wheel acts as a third button.  The sides of the mouse are rubberized as is the mouse wheel.  This mouse is designed for right- or left-handed use.

The mouse has "BlueTrack Technology".  The manufacturer says that BlueTrack allows the mouse to work on more surfaces than optical or laser technology provides.  The exact quote from their website is:  "Microsoft BlueTrack Technology combines the power of optical with the precision of laser..."  Note that the fine print states the mouse will not work on glass or mirrored surfaces.

Only one AA alkaline battery is needed, and it comes with a Duracell AA battery.  On the bottom of the mouse is an on/off switch, which comes in handy since this mouse does not automatically power down when not in use.  Microsoft states that battery life is up to eight months.

A Nano Transceiver plugs into a USB port on the computer.  Optional software can be downloaded from the Microsoft website.  (You will need to download the software for some extra wheel-button functionality.)

This mouse is designed to work with Windows 7, Vista, XP (excluding XP 64-bit), and will work on Mac OS X v10.4x - 10.6x.  For Windows systems, 100mb of space is required.  For Mac, 30mb of space is needed.

My Experiences

I was so impressed with this mouse that I recommended it to my parents, who are very happy they bought it!

The mouse is simple to install.  Mine is on a notebook computer that is running Windows Vista.  My parents are using theirs on a desktop computer that is running Windows 7.  Both mice work great without any install issues.  Essentially, remove the mouse from the packaging and insert the one AA battery.  There is a compartment on the underside of the mouse that is simple to open.  Next, insert the Nano Transceiver into a USB slot on the computer.  This transceiver is very small, so make sure you have a good grip on it.  I inserted the transceiver in a USB port on the left side of the notebook computer, and I use the mouse on the right side of the computer.  For my parents, I installed the transceiver in a USB port on the back of their tower.  Both mice work fine in relation to the transceiver location.  At this point, the mouse will work.  However, if you want additional clicking options for the wheel button, you will need to download software from the Microsoft website.

Downloading and installing the software took a few minutes.  The website asks basic questions such as what model mouse is being installed and what operating system is being used.  Once the software is installed, an icon is placed on the desktop.  From here it is easy to change button assignments.

One of the features I love about this mouse (and what sold my parents on it) is that the center wheel button can be used as a Magnifier.  If you've run into the same problem we have, some websites use tiny print.  Sometimes the print can be enlarged by changing computer resolution or text options.  However, we have found those options don't solve all viewing problems when it comes to websites and smaller print.  The Magnifier solved that issue.  Choose the Magnifier option, and press down on the scroll wheel.  On Windows Vista, a portion of the viewing area is magnified in a rectangular box that can be moved around the screen.  Click the wheel-button to exit the Magnifier and return to the regular screen.  Using Windows 7, an image of a magnifying glass appears with a default enlargement of 200% (which can be increased in lots of 100 magnification ... at one point I had it up to 1100%).  The magnifying glass icon is attached to a floating toolbar, where the percentage can be adjusted.  On Windows 7, the entire viewing area is magnified (rather than a rectangular area as in Windows Vista).  Click on the toolbar's red X to exit the magnifying feature.

For example, my mother and I enjoy playing games on Pogo.  Several of the card games have small playing cards that are very difficult to see.  They eyes quickly tire from visual concentration.  This mouse Magnifier enlarges the game screen so that the cards are easy to view.

This Microsoft mouse has good clicking action.  You can hear the mouse click in case you are wondering.  The wheel is easy to move (scrolling the window), but it does not have a lot of play in it.  I like the action very much.

Also, this mouse is ergonomically friendly for my hand.  The mouse rises up a bit at the back so that it fits well in my palm.  My parents find it comfortable, too.  The rubberized sides keep my fingers in place; easy gripping.

I like that the mouse has an on/off button on the bottom.  Since the mouse doesn't automatically power down, I make sure to click the off button when I am done using it.  I have a special area where I store the mouse when it is not in use, so it is easy for me to remember to switch the mouse off when I move it away from the computer.  My parents have opted to leave their mouse on all the time.  Battery life seems good so far.  I'll post an update should that change.

Another excellent point is that this mouse tracks well on a variety of surfaces.  I usually sit in an armchair or on the sofa when using my notebook computer.  This mouse has no problem moving along those upholstered surfaces.  My parents use a traditional mouse pad.  In all instances, this mouse cursor moves effortlessly across the screen.  No lag time or jagged movement.  The clicking action is true and accurate.  Plus, the scrolling works very well.


I bought this mouse at Staples.  It regularly retails for $29.99, but sometimes can be found on sale for $19.99.  I was lucky that I had my Staples reward money, a gift card, plus a $10.00 OfficeMax coupon.  Yes, an OfficeMax coupon!  My local Staples store accepts the OfficeMax coupons, so this mouse cost me nothing.


This Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse worked so well for me that I recommended it to my parents.  They are now using one, too, and like it.  The only downside to the mouse from my viewpoint is that it doesn't automatically power-down when not in use.  However, it does have an on/off switch.  I also like that it only uses one AA alkaline battery.  All the buttons are customizable, plus the scroll wheel works great.  This one is a winner for us.

I hope you found this review useful.

Enjoy your day,

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Copyright 2010 Dawn L. Stewart

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